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Zensho 2013년 3월 18일 오전 7시 57분
Help me fix this error thing
when i launch the game i get this error about that my pc is not good enough to play mabinogi Photo:
but that is a bit wierd i think becouse my laptop have some good specs
Intel Core i7-3610QM Cpu 2.30GHz
Nvidia Geforce 630M 2GB
8 GB Ram
750 GB Harddisk
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Aquasol 2013년 3월 18일 오전 11시 19분 
Just click "Yes" anyways, it'll run. If it doesn't, reboot, then launch it again, and click "Yes".

I get the same notification with my graphics card, but runs just fine. You don't have Intel for graphics, so there shouldn't be a need to tweak any graphical settings beyond personal preferences.
ROK-Lonewolf 2013년 3월 18일 오후 12시 34분 
As Aquasol said, just click 'Yes' and with high percentage it will run the game just fine. This error thing comes up because Mabigoni fails to recognize your graphic card correctly.
Zensho 2013년 3월 18일 오후 1시 22분 
that is just the wierd thing becouse the game runs like♥♥♥♥♥♥so..
Merilow 2013년 3월 18일 오후 4시 14분 
It tells me the same message, but the cursor doesn't appear when I boot it up, so I haven't gotten to start yet...
Aquasol 2013년 3월 19일 오전 1시 10분 
Und_Undead님이 먼저 게시:
that is just the wierd thing becouse the game runs like♥♥♥♥♥♥so..

Define "like♥♥♥♥♥♥. You oughta be hitting 60fps+ unless you somehow have an incredibly weak CPU, haven't de-nagled, vertically stretched the screen in windowed mode, have a crap net connection, or somehow your graphics card isn't being recognized.
Zensho 2013년 3월 19일 오전 11시 34분 
i recorded a little in mabinogi so u can see what im talking about just so u know the game does not get the lag spikes becouse im recording i get them also when im not recording
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Quivermonky 2013년 3월 21일 오후 4시 14분 
from your description, vid, and specs I'd say that you have a weak internet connection, also It may help to open options and turn off "quest markers", that feature can cause the slight lag that you are experiencing (from what i saw in the video). If it is a skill loading sort of lag than look up how to disable nagles algorythm on mabiwiki. I do agree that you should not have that type of lag with your specs
Zensho 2013년 3월 22일 오전 5시 03분 
is there any server that would be recommended for eu players or where u have better connection and dont get these lags?
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