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Cole Brown Jan 6, 2013 @ 12:16pm
Cabin Fever Tips?
Been doing Cabin Fever with my friends a lot, and even thought we always clear it,I'm always the one dying most X_X. Anyone got tips for Cabin Fever? (Not dumb ones like "Pack a machine gun"! remember, im 1lt, been playing for a while.)
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Dreamlessly Jan 8, 2013 @ 6:54am 
Meh, I don't wanna explain.<3
The Desert Eagle Jan 27, 2013 @ 9:09pm 
dont go outta the house perio in less you have health packs
Expeia Nov 8, 2013 @ 2:26pm 
minigun / flamethrower >.< warlord >.< med kit >.< spec >.<
Kraeyq Nov 11, 2013 @ 10:18am 
Watch what your friends do or ask them.
Borarg Nov 22, 2013 @ 3:52pm 
What you are most likley suffering from is a distinct lack of team work and cooperation from your friends.

As you do not state the number of players I will describe tactics for 4 and 8

4 players - Have each friend hold a door and the fourth watches the radar and assists as needed you will start dieing when people leave their position to get a few more kills leaving every ones backs exposed in short "Hold the Line and Watch Your Field Of Fire" but fall back as needed remember the additional roving member should be already there to assist you as the hoard arrives but may be busy else where.

As the intensity increases collapse together in the alcove facing the door that opens around level 10 and support each other, deligate 2 players to target the larger zombies as they appear allowing the others to supress the hoard (more players the better here).

NOTE Grenades are your friend here for breaking the hoard up again designate the sequence of throwers to conserve this resourse and avoid friendly fire insidents (the grenades tend to weaken the zombies needing only one to three rounds to drop them thus saving every ones ammunition).

This next bit is realitivly easy with some team cooperation and that is simply dont blaze away as your accuracy decreases rapidly, short bursts of 1 to 3 rounds are required to conserve your ammo and maximise your kill potential (Learn to snap shoot the heads, good for elimination rounds and general play as well) this means that if 2 people target the same zombie and control their fire rates it goes down for about 6 bullets total as oppossed to 20 bullets (ammunition capacity, retention is increasingly important as the waves get above 10, below level 10 you really only need an AR and a shotgun this should be enough although you do often finish with your pistol).

Dont get hung up on who killed how many the aim is to surviive and those who hit multiple times but dont get the kill are no less worthy than those that do, again the aim of this scenario is to survive.

If you need ammo have your team cover the person grabbing it and then cover the next person (VOX communitication is great for this coordination).

If only a single player has VOX then they need to be the roving Guard and in command of the team to control the flow of battle and signal a fall back to the Rally Point as needed. Again all players need to follow this control as their responce affects every one for no other reason than you need their fire power even if its just a pistol.

8 Players is very similar except for the following, quarter and fight by two's a pair holds each door supporting each other and the other two act as roving fire support.

Doors are natural choke points if your fire team pulls back and both players target the door at head hight very little gets through and those that do are quickly eliminated by the rovers.

By holding designated position you maximise fire power and reduce everyones casulties.
when you collapse into a single group the same position as above is used, except that a member of each team kneels in front and the second stands back to the wall shooting over their heads thus maximising fire power and preventing friendly fire (try a few games after some practice with friendly fire on). This builds team work that will flow directly onto your other scenarios such as elimination (have you noted fire teams of 3 or 4 players sweep a game map repeatedly, they do this as each has a predetermined role within the group and they support each other complamenting their assault or defence, NOTE "Communication is a war winner get VOX's.")

In short the only hassels you will have is when people from outside your group start running around jumping in front of your line of fire or fragging the group or abandoning their position to get more kills or you get smashed from behind as the guys holding the door behind you have run away for no real reason (This is my biggest greif, especially when players cross my field of fire as I am engaging and when they get shot in the back abuse me and I have actually been kicked from games multiple times because idots move infront and then blame me for their stupidity......or am I missing something here?) .

The above tactic only fails when ammo runs out (your fault for not organising some players to go forward as the situation allows (make sure they move down a pre allocated wall so all players know where they are and can avoid them/support them) With controlled accuracy you can shoot very close to your collegues without any danger to them provided they keep to the script (You know they are heading to the nearest ammo the only reason to move forward!).

Weapons when you select weapons any zombie wave above 10 needs a few MG's picture 8 MGs firing controlled head hight bursts into a gathered hoard.......Nothing should get through

Extra Tactical Tips

#1 As players get injured rotate them to the back to avoid further damage.

#2 Try to get your friends to accept that not every one will get huge kill scores with the above methods but an average of 80 to 120 is quite realistic depending on their individual accuracy and game length.

#3 If you break and run not only do you weaken the teams defensive fire power but you leave your self deserve to be torn apart.

#4 If the defensive line fails have a secondary location for your group to reorganise before fighting on ......if possible. (best allocated at the start of play)

#5 If you are the last survivior than rapid movement and relocation is needed, who cares your on your own and can now do your own thing this is the only time individualism is encouraged in this scenario. If two are left fight back to back in a hallway mave as a team if needed to the next hallway.

#6 Medical kits placed on the ledge behind your team is well worth doing and a healthy player is an heroic player (will hold the line)

#7 NOTE Do not all start firering at once for no other reason than you will all be reloading about the same time( a good way to get swarmed) designate 2 players when in group defence or one if a pair to hold their fire until the first few zombies are down this means that different players will reload at a time thus avoiding the "we were all reloading scenario".... Reloading means no fire power.

#8 A personal note here - some games discard remaining rounds in half empty magerzines this one does not meaning that reloading as the battle lulls allows full magerziens but here is the problem if you have say 4 to 6 rounds remaining when you reload your last mag (normally as you are getting swamped) you often loose your situational awarness and fire these rounds only to suffer a "dead mans click" the only 2 ways to avoid this is to only reload when you are empty (can become dangerous for all) or when you reload assess your remaining ammo and if less than half a mag remains dont reload just change to your secondary weapon (those few rounds may just save you at the end and remember your side arm is very quick to draw and while not much good aginst the larger zombies is always good to drop one or two normals. As soon as you get a chance reload every thing and reassess your resources.

#9 When in the defensive group possision a well placed RPG or LAW rocket can be a crowd pleaser (Target the back wall or big guy just entering the room drop it short and you will not be popular).

#10 At the highest levels and difficulty Miniguns are always welcome again several in line with interlocking fields of fire always devestate the hoard with the remaining players acting to clean up those sneaky ones comming around the sides.

ABOVE ALL HAVE FUN and experiment but from expierience the only time you tend to die early is when other players run around trying to get a few extra kills as oppossed to just staying put and letting the hoarde come, This scenario is not really a game for individuals who will not support their collegues as they just make it harder than it needs to be.

PS did I mention ammunition conservation, head shots if possible (it can get hectic when that hoarde comes!) and interlocking supported fields of fire.

Even the newbies can hold their own if only their courage will hold!

Hope that helps I am sure there are a few other methods and tactics out there they are not wrong just different.

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