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ST_Team Sep 23, 2013 @ 6:45am
Star Conflict F.A.Q. - English version.
1. What engine is Star Conflict built on?
The project is built by Star Gem Inc.[] on the basis of the studio's in-house Hammer Engine.

2. Is this a browser-based or a client-based game? Is it going to be available on Mac?
The game has a client application. It’s already available on Mac!

3. What is the game's payment model?
Star Conflict is a Free-2-Play MMO Action.

4. What is the game's genre?
This is mainly an MMO Action, where players control their own spaceships.

5. What kind of players is Star Conflict focused on: casual or hardcore gamers?
We believe that the game is open for quite a wide audience. Balance is observed between deep combat mechanics and gameplay accessibility, it is interesting for ordinary players. There is something to think about and to configure the ship, and in refining the flight maneuvers.

6. How large is the game world?
The game currently uses instanced battles, with struggle for dominance in space sectors. Interstellar travel is planned later.

7. How many game modes are there?
The game is based on Player versus Player battles between two teams. There are various PvP game modes. There are also PvE missions, where players can group together to fight against AI-controlled enemies. Finally, there's a «Custom Battle» mode which provides players with tremendous opportunities for choosing the type of gameplay that suits them best.

8. How is the game different between players who buy or do not buy premium licenses, or otherwise spend real money in the game?
Users who prefer not to use micro-transactions will take a bit longer to progress and are likely to experience slightly more difficulties while experimenting with ship configurations.

9. Can players trade with each other?
Currently, trading between players is not planned.

10. How is the pilot progressing?
You start as a mercenary working for one of the sides of conflict. But there are many pilots like you and breaking into the elite is not going to be easy. Buying a fancy ship is not enough — you also have to find a ship role you're good at and equip it with the best modules. You have to earn faction loyalty by fulfilling various contracts. Pilots with high levels of loyalty get access to the best samples of weapons and modules. And of course, participating in many battles will hone your skills, allowing you to win against even better-equipped opponents.

11. What are the game factions?
The game has 3 sides of conflict: the Empire, Federation and Jericho. Each side is divided into two factions, so the game has a total of six factions. They are all descendants of humankind, separated into tightly-knit communities by bitter conflicts.

12. How are spaceships controlled? Keyboard + Mouse, Joystick or Gamepad?
Keyboard + mouse. Joysticks or gamepads are not currently supported.

13. What ship classes are present in the game?
The game has three ship classes: light and fast interceptors, powerful fighters and well-defended frigates. Each class can carry out a specific role — they can be fitted with various modules appropriate for the corresponding roles: recon, ECM, Gunships and other …  In addition, each role has a unique module that provides special abilities that make it easier for players to determine what course of action they want to choose on the battlefield.

14. Is it possible to look around the inside of your spaceship?
Due to the nature of controls the cockpit view would not allow to fully realize the potential of the ship. Therefore, the game only uses third-person view.

15. Is it possible to create clans? Can corporation leaders form clan alliances?
Players can form into communities, known as corporations. Corporations can be either independent or under the jurisdiction of one of the sides of conflict. Corporation alliances are still being discussed.

16. Is there some kind of war for territory in the game?
The first phase of wars for territory is currently in place: Sector Conquest. By taking part in battles, pilots help various sides of conflict gain or maintain control over individual space sectors.

17. Is there any in-game loot? If there is, how is it distributed between the players on the same team?
Loot is of course present in the game. It can consist of modules, weapons and other useful items. In case of victory, each pilot of the winning team gets an opportunity to make several attempts to search for trophies left on the battlefield.

18. Is it possible to simultaneously manage an entire fleet? What about flying your own frigate or dreadnought without a clan?
There is no simultaneous ship control in the game. Frigates are available to all players as one of the ship classes. But the heavier ships are reserved only for corporations.

19. Do players have to give orders to the crew, or do they pilot spaceships alone?
You alone control the whole ship. How successful it is depends on you and your skills.

20. Are there ships operated by the AI?
Yes, in PvE or custom battles.

21. Is space in this game — «liquid vacuum»?
The game employs «Newtonian» laws of physics, but we try to adapt and configure the behavior of ships so that players can focus on the combat process, instead fighting the ship controls. At the moment, every ship has engines used to compensate for inertial motion and rotation of the ship (although not rendered). We are experimenting with the possibility of turning them off for advanced players, but to be honest, in active combat with many players, the charms of «real» space physics are not as obvious as in a single player game.

22. Is there collision damage?
Yes, there is. It depends on the angle of impact and ship velocity.

23. Are there going to be battles on planet surfaces or inside large stations?
At the moment, combat takes place in orbit or in deep space. Fights inside stations are planned. Planet atmosphere or surface battles are not planned.

24. Are there going to be space stations or city-ships?
We are confident that sooner or later they will be in the game, especially if there's interest from the players. In the end, it is one of the key objects of any space epic.

25. Is there any in-game alien technology and aliens at all?
We won't show you the enemies in the early days after release. But the alien technology is an important part of the game! In fact, everything revolves around the great heritage of the dead alien civilizations.

26. Is there a speed limit in the game?
Each ship has its own performance characteristics depending on its configuration and pilot development.

27. Is the difference in ship sizes between different classes significant?
The smallest and the biggest ships are very different in size.

28. Is it possible to sell ships?
Yes, you can sell your ships.

29. Is there a penalty for desertion from the battlefield?
Yes, deserters do not receive battle rewards.

30. Is the game available on Steam?
Yes, you can find it in the free games section.

31. Are there Steam cards?
Yes, there are. By collecting a set of cards you can get various icons, emoticons and backgrounds for your profile page on Steam!

32. Are there any sales or discounts in the game?
Yes, we often arrange all sorts of promos, including sales.

33. How are teams assigned in battle?
Each player has a special rating, depending on the level of ships and success in battle. Teams are selected so that the pilots are rated close to each other.

34. What kinds of weapons are present in the game?
The game has a lot of diverse weapons: kinetic, thermal and EM, as well as many different types of missiles and a variety of other ways to make life hard for your enemies.

35. DLC packs award loyalty bonuses. What happens with the bonus if you buy several DLC packs?
Buying two identical DLC packs is impossible. A bonus from various packs are put together.

36. What is the difference between conventional and premium ships?
Premium ships immediately have a maximum level of synergy, do not need repairs and simply bring greater rewards.

37. Is there a division between European, American and other servers?
The game was conceived so that one battle could hold players from all over the globe. However, each player can choose their preferred regional server and only play there.

38. Can you meet game developers in battle?
Most developers of the game proudly wear the title of «Developer» in front of their nicknames in combat. They also have special stickers. If you manage to bring down a developer or help him in battle (depending on the team you're in) — you get a special medal!

39. I am logging through Steam but the game asks me for login and password (while it was just a button before), what should I do?
This is a Steam-related matter, and to fix this situation you just need to re-launch Steam. After that you will be able to login just as usual.

40. I am experiencing sound problems with linux version of Star Conflict client, what should I do?
For correct auidio playback, try installing libasound2-plugins:i368 packa for Ubuntu-64 and SteamOS, or lib32-alsa-plugins on other versions.
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RedHeadTiger Sep 25, 2013 @ 7:02pm 
Thanks, for share.
B'Man [QuickChat] Sep 26, 2013 @ 3:01am 
what i this mmo you speak of? haven't seen it. ;)
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Timo2141 Sep 27, 2013 @ 1:31am 
anyone know what artifacts do?
ST_Team Oct 20, 2013 @ 7:01am 
They are used to either upgrade your ships' equipment or as a currency for corporation improvements.
n1c0o Oct 31, 2013 @ 1:25pm 
korea.leesm Nov 1, 2013 @ 3:59am 
Sakura Nov 19, 2013 @ 9:18pm 
Read #6, now go to forums and read Comments from people in the know, "The devs never have planned for interstellar travel" ,,, now wonder why this faq lies
Zojaji Nov 20, 2013 @ 9:43am 
Sakura Nov 20, 2013 @ 7:10pm 
Im very frustrated. When i first started to give this game money. I had decided to fund them SO that they would have the money to do the work to create open world type mechanics. At that TIME befor ship roles and such, Befor mixed teirs, Error 'in the know' mod on the forums was saying things like. We are hoping to see some kind of open world mechanics in the future if this game got support. 300+ of my dollars later, persent day, if u read the forums everyone says that this is not planned and has never been planned
Sakura Nov 20, 2013 @ 7:10pm 
Yet this old faq remains
ST_Team Nov 20, 2013 @ 7:56pm 
Our game has a developement plan which it follows, as soon as we fulfill all the ideas from the plan we will get down to all other ideas we and our pilots had over the beta test, you can find the plan here[]
Sakura Nov 21, 2013 @ 3:58pm 
Thank you for ur respones im just want to support this game that has alot of potintial. Right now it dosent seem to see a whole lot of fan fare vs the day it was released. I think just simply my analyses that it needs something to make it more than call of duty in space.
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Clanner Jake Nov 24, 2013 @ 1:58pm 
support would be nice, with base building maybe.
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