Resonance > กระดานสนทนาทั่วไป > รายละเอียดกระทู้
First impressions
Resonance is probably the best executed adventure games i played.
Its less pixel hunting and more thinking and puzzle solving than other adventures.
A very ingenious (and novel for me) system gets rid of the need to take notes or to remember all details.
The story is good and its well told.
The puzzles are logical, i played almost 2hrs and never encountered the typical "how was i supposed to think of that" syndrome, never had to move around looking for a missed pixel i didnt click on.
It also seems fast paced, maybe because of the minimal pixel hunt and of the constant variation.
Resonance > กระดานสนทนาทั่วไป > รายละเอียดกระทู้