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BBQigniter 28. okt 2012 kl. 13:29
playing around with GOF game-files
after i finished the storyline of GOF i was curious. I especially had a look at the systems.bin file with a hex-editor in the data/bin-folder of the game and for my surprise there are already some systems configured (same in stations.bin - there is a hint for the very interesting Shima station - Kaamo Club) that you can not jump to. They are part of some add-on. If you have a look at the map you will see a few stars that are not active AFAIK. Or did i miss something and the system are unlockable in some way after the storyline-ending?

In the systems.bin you can find the names and other stuff for the systems. I already figured out how to change the faction, star-type (green, yellow,...), the coordinates where they are placed on the map and the security status. but no way at the moment how to unlock them for the player.

stuff i found already for example the wolf-reiser system (a little bit formated):

Wolf-Reiser 0000 0003 - security status 0=dangerous, 1=risky, 2=average, 3=secure 0000 0000 - dont know/not sure - seems to be value if system is hidden at the beginning - couldn't verify this yet. changing it and loading a save-game has no effect. 0000 0000 - faction 0=terran, 1=vossk, ... 0000 004B - coordinate 0000 0014 - coordinate ---- where system is on map 0000 0023 - coordinate 0000 000A - not sure - systems without any gate have FFFF FFFF here 0000 0000 - star color 0=green, 7=yellow, 3=violet 0000 0003 - ? for every system there is the same value 0000 - cannot figure out what those values stand for 0004 0000 0000 0000 0028 0000 0001 0000 000A 0000 0001 0000 0007 0000 - cannot figure out what those values stand for but every system has those 0003 - values at the end 0000 0000 0000 0001 0000 0002

did anyone have a look at the systems.bin file with a hex-editor too? i wonder how the systems are connected to each other and especially if you can unlock them from beginning :o)
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Subotai 19. nov 2012 kl. 16:35 
The Kaamo Club-Shima as well as several other systems are a part of two other DLC's. I own GOF 1 & 2 for my iPhone, loved them both. GOF 2 has 2 major addons, "Valkryie" and "Supernova". Both add Storylines, features, weapons, ships, and systems. The Kaamo Club/Shima system was part of the "Kaamo Club" addon, which initialy just gave you a space station to store stuff as well as extra ships, but as of the "Supernova" expansion, it has vendors in the bar that sell ships, ship upgrades, and random high end weapons. Whether or not you can unlock all or any of this content would be interesting, but unless all of the content for the addons came already built in, I doubt it. The storyline picks up in "Valkryie" and then in "Supernova" full voice acting and everything. I really hope they release these expansions as it not only adds hours of storyline gameplay, but very much improves on a already great game.
BorB 22. dec 2014 kl. 8:13 
I opened stations.bin with hexeditor and copypasted the bytes from Kaamo over another station. Now Kaamo is the onliest place in the galaxy. XD
Dudebro 3. apr 2015 kl. 10:32 
How did you do that? when i open stuff with a Hex Editor erverything i see is some random combinations of 1-10 and a-f.
BorB 4. apr 2015 kl. 1:16 
That´s hex. ;)
At the right site you should see the bytes in text.

Maybe your hex editor has an option somewhere to show this.
Dudebro 4. apr 2015 kl. 6:13 
I cant see tex just some combination of weird symbols...
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BorB 4. apr 2015 kl. 7:07 
Welchen Hex Editor benutzt du denn?
Dudebro 4. apr 2015 kl. 11:33 
Hex Editor MX.
BorB 4. apr 2015 kl. 11:43 
Einfach mal runterscrollen. Irgendwann kommen auch die Namen. Oder du benutzt die Suchfunktion und suchst damit nach den Namen.

Aber ich habe es aufgegeben das Addon damit "freizuschalten" Da noch wichtige Daten fehlen.
DorHans 17. aug 2015 kl. 8:45 
I took a look at the ships.bin. Each ship is made up of 9 UInt32, being ID, Armor, Cargo, Price, PrimaryWeaponSlots, SecondaryWeaponSlots, TurretSlots, EquipmentSlots and Handling.
It's save to change armor, cargo, price and handling, but don't change the number of slots. Best result is, your game crashes.

For the mapping of ID to name and description, you have to take a look at your language file (de.lang, gb.lang etc.). Search for "Betty", which is the first ship with ID=0. First you have all names, than all descriptions.
The ships.bin only holds 43 ships, while the language file knows 60. Just think of the DLCs.

Anyone interested in save game format? (Only have money and ship ID at the moment, couldn't figure out how inventory or equipped weapons work.)
wobatt 28. okt 2017 kl. 5:48 
I've been playing around in the data files, and learned a few things, so I thought I would write them up in case anyone else is interested in them.

(FYI: when I say 'word', I mean a block of 8 hex characters)

This is the explanation of items.bin

The first block for each item is for the blueprint. The first word is how many ingredients there are, followed by that number if item IDs. Then there is another word of the number of ingredients, followed by the quantity of each to be used. Items without a blueprint just have 00000000 00000000. For example, this is the blueprint for the M6 A3 "Wolverine" (ID 0000000B):
00000006 6 ingredient IDs to follow 00000009 M6 A1 "Wolf" 0000009B Titanium 00000078 Plastics 0000007E Noble Gas 0000007A Energy Cells 00000081 Optics 00000006 6 ingredient quantities to follow 00000001 1 0000000A 10 0000000E 14 0000000A 10 00000005 5 00000005 5

The next block is the properties of the item. The first word states how many words long this block is.

The properties are listed as 2 word key/value pairs, with the first saying what the second is describing. Not all of the keys appear on each item, only when relevant.

These are the keys:
00000000 Unique ID for the item (see list below) 00000001 Inventory area (0=Primary weapons, 1=Secondary weapons, 2=Turrets, 3=Equipment, 4=Commodities) 00000002 Type (see list below) 00000003 Tech Level 00000004 Unknown 00000005 Unknown 00000006 Unknown 00000007 Base cost - lower range 00000008 Base cost - higher range 00000009 Weapon damage 0000000A Weapon EMP damage 0000000B Weapon refire rate (ms) 0000000C Weapon shot lifetime (ms) 0000000D Weapon shot speed (*250 is km/h) 0000000E Weapon blast magnitude (m) 0000000F Weapon steer - only set to yes for the Liberator nuke (0=No, 1=Yes) 00000010 Turret autofire (0=No, 1=Yes) 00000011 Turret handling 00000012 Shield capacity 00000013 Shield recharge time (ms) 00000014 Armour increase 00000016 Compress cargo (%) 00000017 Tractor auto (0=No, 1=180, 2=360) 00000018 Tractor lock time (ms) 00000019 Booster speed increase (%) 0000001A Booster recharge time (ms) 0000001B Booster duration (ms) 0000001C Thruster effect (%) 0000001D Scanner lock time (ms) 0000001E Scanner show class A asteroids (0=No, 1=Yes) 0000001F Scanner show cargo (0=No, 1=Yes) 00000020 Drill handling (%) 00000021 Drill yield (%) 00000022 Cabin size 00000023 Cloak duration (ms) 00000024 Cloak charge time (ms) 00000025 Khador charge time (ms) 00000026 Energy cell use 00000027 Weapon Mod fire rate or damage (%) 00000028 Weapon Mod fire rate or damage (%) 00000029 Emergency shield duration (ms) 0000002A Time vortex duration (ms) 0000002B Time vortex recharge (ms) 0000002C Sell in Vossk systems only (0=No, 1=Yes) 0000002D I think this is something to do with how the item is sold, but I'm not sure what the numbers mean

These are the item types (Key 00000002):
00000000 Primary: Lasers 00000001 Primary: Blasters 00000002 Primary: Auto-cannons 00000003 Primary: Thermal Fusion 00000004 Secondary: Rockets 00000005 Secondary: Missiles 00000006 Secondary: EMP Bombs 00000007 Secondary: Nukes 00000008 Turrets 00000009 Equipment: Shields 0000000A Equipment: Armours 0000000B Secondary: Mines 0000000C Equipment: Compressors 0000000D Equipment: Tractors 0000000E Equipment: Boosters 0000000F Equipment: Repair Bots 00000010 Equipment: Thrusters 00000011 Equipment: Scanners 00000012 Equipment: Khador Drive 00000013 Equipment: Drills 00000014 Equipment: Cabins 00000015 Equipment: Cloaks 00000016 Commodities: Trade Goods 00000017 Commodities: Ores 00000018 Commodities: Cores 00000019 Primary: Scatter 0000001A Equipment: Rhoda Vortex 0000001B Equipment: Emergency Shield 0000001C Equipment: Weapon Mods 0000001D Equipment: Signatures

These are the item IDs (Key 00000000):
00000000 Nirai Impulse EX 1 00000001 Nirai Impulse EX 2 00000002 Nirai Charged Pulse 00000003 V'skorr 00000004 Sh'koom 00000005 Berger Focus I 00000006 Berger Focus II A1 00000007 Berger Retribution 00000008 Berger Converge IV 00000009 M6 A1 "Wolf" 0000000A M6 A2 "Cougar" 0000000B M6 A3 "Wolverine" 0000000C N'saan 0000000D K'booskk 0000000E Sh'gaal 0000000F H'nookk 00000010 Luna EMP Mk I 00000011 Sol EMP Mk II 00000012 Dia EMP Mk III 00000013 Gram Blaster 00000014 Ridil Blaster 00000015 Tyrfing Blaster 00000016 Micro Gun MK I 00000017 Micro Gun MKII 00000018 64MJ Railgun 00000019 128MJ Railgun 0000001A Scram Cannon 0000001B Mass Driver MD 10 0000001C Thermic o5 0000001D ReHeat o10 0000001E MaxHeat o20 0000001F G'liissk 00000020 Jet Rocket 00000021 Amour Rocket 00000022 EMP Rocket Mk I 00000023 EMP Rocket Mk II 00000024 Edo 00000025 Intelli Jet 00000026 S'koonn 00000027 Mamba EMP 00000028 Dephase EMP 00000029 EMP GL I 0000002A EMP GL II 0000002B EMP GL DX 0000002C AMR Tormentor 0000002D AMR Oppressor 0000002E AMR Extinctor 0000002F Hammerhead D1 00000030 Hammerhead D2A2 00000031 L'ksaar 00000032 Targe Shield 00000033 Riot Shield 00000034 H'Belam 00000035 Beamshield II 00000036 Fluxed Matter Shield 00000037 E2 Exoclad 00000038 E4 Ultra Lamina 00000039 E6 D-X Plating 0000003A D'iol 0000003B T'yol 0000003C AMR Saber 0000003D Neétha EMP 0000003E Ksann'k 0000003F ZMI Optistore 00000040 Autopacker 2 00000041 Ultracompact 00000042 Shrinker BT 00000043 Rhoda Blackhole 00000044 AB-1 "Retractor" 00000045 AB-2 "Glue Gun" 00000046 AB-3 "Kingfisher" 00000047 Linear Boost 00000048 Cyclotron Boost 00000049 Synchrotron Boost 0000004A Me'al 0000004B Ketar Repair Bot 0000004C Static Thrust 0000004D Pendular Thrust 0000004E D'ozzt Thrust 0000004F Mp'zzzm Thrust 00000050 Pulsed Plasma Thrust 00000051 Telta Quickscan 00000052 Telta Ecoscan 00000053 Hiroto Proscan 00000054 Hiroto Ultrascan 00000055 Khador Drive 00000056 IMT Extract 1.3 00000057 IMT Extract 2.7 00000058 K'yuul 00000059 IMT Extract 4.0X 0000005A Gunant's Drill 0000005B Small Cabin 0000005C Medium Cabin 0000005D Large Cabin 0000005E Sight Suppressor II 0000005F U'tool 00000060 Yin Co. Shadow Ninja 00000061 Drinking Water 00000062 Medical Supplies 00000063 Space Waste 00000064 Artifacts 00000065 Rare Animals 00000066 Rare Plants 00000067 Drugs 00000068 Luxury 00000069 Premium Food 0000006A Basic Food 0000006B Organs 0000006C Vossk Organs 0000006D Buskat 0000006E Collectible Figure 0000006F Digital Watch 00000070 Towels 00000071 Implants 00000072 Explosives 00000073 Documents 00000074 Secure Cabin/Container 00000075 Secure Cabin/Container 00000076 Electronics 00000077 Chemicals 00000078 Plastics 00000079 Nanotech 0000007A Energy Cells 0000007B Biowaste 0000007C Radioactive Goods 0000007D Mechanical Supplies 0000007E Noble Gas 0000007F Microchips 00000080 Com. Devices 00000081 Optics 00000082 Hydraulics 00000083 Alien Remains 00000084 Suteo Liqueur 00000085 Pan Whiskey 00000086 Behén Wine 00000087 V'ikka Moonshine 00000088 Eanya Tonic 00000089 S'kolptorr Rum 0000008A Wolf-Reiser Brandy 0000008B Aquila Cocktail 0000008C Buntta Apéritif 0000008D Weymire Punch 0000008E Y'mirr Schnapps 0000008F Union Draught 00000090 Oom'bak Gin 00000091 Vulpes Soup 00000092 Magnetar Juice 00000093 Mido Distillate 00000094 Prospero Flip 00000095 Nesla Brandy 00000096 Pescal Inartu Brew 00000097 Augmenta Fizz 00000098 K'ontrr Dishwater 00000099 Ni'mrrod Muck 0000009A Gold 0000009B Titanium 0000009C Iron 0000009D Orichalzine 0000009E Pyresium 0000009F Sodil 000000A0 Doxtrite 000000A1 Cesogen 000000A2 Perrius 000000A3 Hypanium 000000A4 Void Crystals 000000A5 Golden Core 000000A6 Titanium Core 000000A7 Iron Core 000000A8 Orichalzine Core 000000A9 Pyresium Core 000000AA Sodil Core 000000AB Doxtrite Core 000000AC Cesogen Core 000000AD Perrius Core 000000AE Hypanium Core 000000AF Void Essence 000000B0 Nirai .50AS 000000B1 Berger FlaK 9-9 000000B2 Icarus Heavy AS 000000B3 Liberator 000000B4 Berger AGT 20mm  000000B5 Skuld AT XR 000000B6 HH-AT "Archimedes" 000000B7 Disruptor Laser 000000B8 Rhoda Vortex 000000B9 Emergency System 000000BA Nirai Overdrive 000000BB Nirai Overcharge 000000BC Ketar Repair Bot II 000000BD Signature: Terran 000000BE Signature: Vossk 000000BF Signature: Nivelian 000000C0 Signature: Midorian 000000C1 SunFire o50 000000C2 AB-4 "Octopus" 000000C3 Polytron Boost
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