Galaxy on Fire 2™ Full HD

Galaxy on Fire 2™ Full HD

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When will we get the dlc? Suppernova just released.
Suppernova was just released and yet we still do not have valkyrie?! When do you think we will get the dlc if at all? Start your ships and procede with the gossip! Anyone here have any news on the dlc for us? Release dates, content anything share it.
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I guess, because of the preparations for the release of supernova they had no time to modify Valkyrie, perhaps now they will have the time. They have to tune up quite some stuff for PC-Version as far as I heard ^^

In the official forums they still have no informations about: if or if not, as far as i could see in the german part
That news sounds hopefull to me. I wonder if they can get the expansions to us by the Christmas sales.
I already made a post about the DLC, it all comes to people buying this game on PC... not sure what the counter is, maybe 5 copies, maybe 5 mill... but they have a counter of sales
Do you know what the counter is on how many have been sold? I am going to go do some googling.
um, "Supernova was just released"? i iam really sure not. no update... and plus this:

Status Update
By Galaxy on Fire (Official)
Hey guys, we know that you're all eagerly awaiting the release of Supernova. To fill you in on the latest happenings, here's a statement from our CEO. We're not happy with the delay either, but Supernova is Fishlabs' biggest and most important release of the year and the iPhone 5 is without question the hottest and most talked about smartphone on the market. And hence we simply cannot release a version of Supernova which doesn't fully support that device...

"The Full HD version of GOF2 Supernova had been rejected at first, because we used a restriction for the sandbox environment, which is no longer permitted in OSX applications. Since the dismissal of the Full HD version made it impossible for us to release Supernova as originally intended, we decided to re-submit the HD version as well and fully optimize it to the specifications and capabilities of the iPhone 5. Besides supporting the 1136 by 640 pixel resolution of Apple’s new smartphone’s 4” display, Galaxy on Fire 2 HD will henceforth also contain additional shaders from the Full HD version, which will cause the title to look even better than before! We know that quite a few of you guys will be disappointed by the delay, since you’ve been looking forward to play Supernova for months. Nevertheless, we hope you understand our decision. After all, Supernova is our most important release of the year and we really want to make sure that it looks and performs absolutely top-notch on all supported devices – including the new iPhone 5. Offering our fans a console-styled gaming experience in the best-possible quality has always been our first and foremost goal and hence we’d rather delay the new add-on a little than release it in a form that doesn’t fully support the hottest mobile device of the day."
I apologize if I am wrong my information is second hand minimum possibly 3erd or 4th
btw, ever find out how many copies were sold?
Re: Counter for Add-ons on Steam by SebastianG » 18. September 2012 15:55
! Quote
Hello Kalrakh,

Thank you very much for the feedback and a counter might be funny, but at all we as a developer will decide to offer the add-ons or not and therefore, we won't provide a counter.

Best regards,

So no counters for us pc users :(
yeah, no help to tell if or if not :/
I am going to buy 3 copies for xmas and give them to cousins and friends. If everyone buys some copies to gift people will think more of us and with 75% off the normal price it wont cost much. In that way we boost the sales to get the dlc and feal good about ourselves.
Supernova has been released on MAC and IPhone/IPod in SD HD and Full HD.
So now we are just waiting for the sales to go up. Like i said everyone buy a copy or 2 and send it to a steam friend. It will boost the sales and they will like you more and then they will become obsesed and possibly do the same thing.
beat 29 sept. 2012 à 13h27 
I cant play it on MY ♥♥♥♥ING OLD IPOD!!! AAAAR
beat 29 sept. 2012 à 13h27 
oh, there's a hearts :3 nice
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