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Favorite Ships
So guys, what are your favorite ships you used so far?

For me I started with the Inflict because it had 2 primary weapons mounted and 45 cargo hold, pretty good for a 30k ship if you ask me.

Then I kept using it till I saved enough money to get myself a Nuyang II which is around 900k and definitly worth it. It has 105 cargo space, place for 4 primary weapons (meaning loads of damage) and 9 equipment slots, meaning you can put all important equipement on this baby!

After that I got the Veteran (or Mantis which is also a good choise (more weapons, less cargo tho) and used that till I could collect myself around 9 million credits to get the final ship in this game... which I will keep a secret which one that is... 1 hint, collect all gold badges and you'll find out :P
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A3ex 31. Aug. 2012 um 23:34 Uhr 
I like Groza design. It has 130 cargo space, 3 slots for weapons and 8 for equipment.
Mantis: 4 slot para armas, 12 para equipos,75 carga (Autopacker 2 40% mas, aunque me compre los planos de "agujero..." con el que llegas a tener el doble, 100% mas)

Mantis: 4 slot weapons, 12 for equipment, 75 load (Autopacker 2 40% more, but I bought the plans for "hole ..." with which you run into twice, 100% more)
VoidX and Aegir.
BrianRubin 4. Sep. 2012 um 22:04 Uhr 
So far I am LOVING the Hatsuyuki, both in design and in execution. Such a wonderful little ship.
Zuletzt bearbeitet von BrianRubin; 4. Sep. 2012 um 22:04 Uhr
I started with the Inflict to, changed to the Gorza and stayed with it till I could afford the Nuyang II. After I got enough money I bought the Mantis, with 3 Rhoda Wormholes it has a nice cargo of 300 :) The Veteran has just to less primary weapons to be of interest and the VoidX will afford to much grinding and has to less Cargo anyway ^^ I would need base cargo + Rhoda Wormhole just to have enough space for a nice load of energy cells o.o

And even with the 3 additional equipment slots used for Rhoda wormholes you will have only 210 cargo, I don't think that makes up for the 210 Armor more and 155 handling is to much anyway, hard to keep the ship under control xD

Anyway the shark design of the Mantis fits very well my pirate hunting :D
Zuletzt bearbeitet von =AJSA= Big Mad Wolf; 5. Sep. 2012 um 2:53 Uhr
Visually I love the terran ships with their old fighter plane style. I tend to stick to mass driver style weapons like the Scram Cannon, when in one for the machine gun feel.

Of them I really have a soft spot for the look of the Taipan, but the Groza is a close second and has far more firepower so spent much more time in that ship.

Currently testing out the Pirate Phantom. Feels/Looks like flying a Viper from Battlestar. Quite a bit more agile than the Groza, but I do lose some firepower and cargo.
I switched ships whever possible. I was selective about what jobs I did and earned money swiftly. I have owned the Vetran longest. I can not wait to put an auto turret on her she is an awsome ship. I named her Big Sarah ♥♥♥♥ yourself when I shoot at you. lol I just made that up. The nivelian flag ship is a close favorite but I did not have her long.
Nivelian ships are definitely my favorite. the Wraith i had the longest, till i bought the voidX. now i need kaamo station to start my collection up again. ;)
Hairy Goober 13. Sep. 2012 um 14:34 Uhr 
Have spent the majority of my time with a Taipan. Just love the look of it, and it has so far stood up well in decent sized fights. Gonna just save up for a while and buy something way better a little later on. :D
WWWorm 17. Sep. 2012 um 3:01 Uhr 
H'soc i love the design
RogueMason 18. Sep. 2012 um 13:43 Uhr 
The ship I'm using at the moment is the Anaan, and I'd been hunting one down for a while. It's a nice looking ship with decent statistics, and when appropriately equipped, it is a really good choice for anything, although it's only letdown is the number of equipment slots, BUT there are still a decent number of them.
I did have a Sevehn, but that was just to replace the Betty in a mission that the little starter vessel didn't stand a chance in. I just didn't like the 'rollbar' on the Nivelian ship though.
flamedance58 3. Nov. 2012 um 20:54 Uhr 
Could you guys tell me when do you get your first ship after the original? I love it all the same but it kinda sucks :P

Also do you recommend just doing missions to get X ammount for the first ship? or just mine till my brain melts?
Missions, get weapons and better shield first so u are tougher
flamedance58 4. Nov. 2012 um 20:41 Uhr 
Nevermind, after a story mission or so I found the stations that sell ships. Been lucky though since some guy sold me the Green Booster that has 200% boost for like $23k.
Mattiator 9. Nov. 2012 um 1:14 Uhr 
For me, nothing beats a Velasco. Pretty cheap, mounts a trio of primary weapons as well as a turret. Maneuverable and has a good cargo space once you throw in a Shrinker or Blackhole. Not much equipment space, but if you're just ripping off guys who challenge you to hunt pirates and hauling Vossk Organs it's a great little ship.
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