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Hollthulhu Feb 23, 2013 @ 12:53pm
Logitech Gamepad Support?
I bought this game, loaded it up with my controller plugged in and found that this game has my keybinds figured very strangely... I went into the options to change my keybinds.. and it won't recognize my directional pad... Ok, so I tried fixing the other buttons, leaving that alone.. but it has them mapped to the same buttons for direction pad with the 1-4 buttons. After a little groaning, I thought I had figured it out.. went into the tutorial and for the love of Yevon I could not get the door to open. :( Accept/Advance was working, but I couldn't open the door!

I might be reaching out into the darkness on this, but can someone help me, or can a dev maybe see this and do some tweaking to support my Logitech Rumblepad 2 (Yes I know it's old, but it works with everything else and I've not needed to upgrade to a newer model)? I really don't have the $$ to go buy a Xbox controller that I otherwise don't need..
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Hollthulhu Feb 23, 2013 @ 1:56pm 
Originally posted by Greenbikerdude:
has the rumblepad2 a xinput or dinput switch? it should be on xinput... i only have the model after the rumblepad2 so i do not know if there is a switch.... nonetheless a xbox gamepad emulator thingy will fix it nonetheless

It has no switch, so it is able to be re-programmed like normal. I think I used to have something that emulated Xbox.. think it was called 360ce or something.. I'll try to look for it.

EDIT: Found it, it's called x360ce.. however, I dropped the needed files into the folder and it won't hook the process or it gives an error and won't load.. ._.
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Hollthulhu Feb 23, 2013 @ 2:23pm 
Originally posted by Greenbikerdude:
glad you found the program i was mentioning... sadly i have never used it so cant help

Yeah, it doesn't work. I might try to fiddle with Logitech's built in profiler or Xpadder.. I tried before and the sensitivity of the joysticks was really high. Still hoping a dev will see this and fix it in-game, however. I don't think it'd be hard to do. It recognizes other buttons but just not the D-Pad (when editing controls).
zeroxxx Feb 23, 2013 @ 2:55pm 
I have the exact controller. Thanks for this topic - I'm not going to buy a game that can't support my controller.
Hollthulhu Feb 23, 2013 @ 3:01pm 
Could someone please post me the ALL the Xbox controller keybindings so I can set my controller up properly? Such as this..

D-Pad Left: (What it does)
D-Pad Right: " "
D-Pad Up: " "
D-Pad Down: " "
Left Joy-Stick: " "
Right Joy-Stick: " "
Left Joy-Stick BUTTON: " "
Right Joy-Stick BUTTON: " "
Back: " "
Start: " "
A: " "
B: " "
X: " "
Y: " "
Right Bumper: " "
Left Bumper: " "
Right Trigger: " "
Left Trigger: " "

No Face Feb 23, 2013 @ 7:47pm 
D-Pad Left: advance text, I think its e on the keyboard
D-Pad Right: Text saying "Let's go!"
D-Pad Up: Text saying "Soul Charge"
D-Pad Down: Text saying "I Need Help!"
Left Joy-Stick: movement
Right Joy-Stick: N/A
Left Joy-Stick BUTTON: N/A
Right Joy-Stick BUTTON: N/A
Back: Items
Start: Hotkeys
A: Down arrow
B: Right Arrow
X: Left Arrow
Y: Up Arrow
Right Bumper: Activate
Left Bumper: Esc
Right Trigger: N/A
Left Trigger: N/A
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