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789 Oct 7, 2013 @ 10:14pm
This game still needs a lot of improvements
i don't know if the dev gonna read my post or not,

but from my early try, the game looks like it can be decent,

but its lacking a lot of things,

namely :
1. its poorly optimized, heck i can't even ran it above 20 fps, while my rig can ran Metro series @60 FPS @1680x1050

2. it needs a zoom in and zoom out, the camera is too far, its a pain in the a.s.s to look at things and aims.

3. it needs a better menu for options, and a reset button, because i accidentally remapped one of the keyboard button, but i can't recall what's the previous button it was in.

4. the ingame graphics option seems pointless, because every time i start a game, it set it self on what i choose at the launch options.

5. add a quick save or save anywhere functions, especially if each mission could last an hour or so.

6. add vibration to gamepad, because it losses immersion for not having it, the only reason sometimes i prefer gamepad is because of vibration.

7. aiming using gamepad needs improvement, because its hard to aim using gamepad.

8. The loading time is taking too long, its boring waiting for the game to load.

9. and at least add a reason for each mission, because i wanna know why should i go to hospital and other missions.

i think that's all i could think of for now, and if the dev can't even improve it, well, i guess this game gonna end in the junk/trash category on a lot of steam library (also on my library).

this is why i never buy games on full price, and always cautious on purchasing game, and since this game is on a bundle that i buy, i decided to try it, and it turned to be a huge disappointment.

being on a bundle =/= a free pass for being a junk/trash type of game.

as long as the dev improves it, i can see this game became at least a decent game, that i sometimes play to kill time.

for now its a solid 0/10.
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Ajay Oct 8, 2013 @ 10:57am 
creep can glitch through walls and doors, the hitboxes are badly designed, alot time the flamer doesnt hit.
The big guys give no points or multiplicator
The end is really bad, nothing special, looks like there will be a sequel.
More weapon upgrades pls its to less now.
The sprint , let the delay until it refreshes get away from this 2 sec to 1 sec its neccesarry to run often.
YouTube/Kire667 Oct 14, 2013 @ 5:42am 
Thanks for the heads up. Wasn't sure if this was the single player version of Dead Frontier I was searching for. But from the reviews of friends I know now not to buy in to it. Thanks for the forewarning.
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