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Good base game, several bugs
I like the idea of the game, but I have run into several annoying glitches.

-Slick top-down angled shooter at heart
-Really enjoy the upgrade system (don't get too many weapons at once though! Upgrade something first or you WILL be under-powered!)
-Online Co-Op. I mean, what better way to play than with friends?
-No mini map, but it works! Well laid-out maps but also a 'find your way' mentality work well here. And in co-op next to each friend's name is an arrow to their direction so an absent mini map actually adds to the game.

-One, in particular, is when I'm shooting and let go of the mouse 1 button, it just keeps shooting until I click the mouse button again.
-Sync issues in co-op. Was playing with someone who could see no one at times and other times we were not actually where he saw we were.
-enemies pass thru walls. This may be more of a game decision, but it's sloppy. Doors you have to blow up, open, etc, enemies can warp right thru them.
-Odd boss fight/climax areas. Usually in a game you would expect a slow-opening door to call a hoarde/start an attack. But in stead, when you get into that type of area, once you come next to the "press 'F' to open", yo uactually activate the scenario. You need to clear it first then have to activate the door (or w/e it is) which then opens super-slowly for no real good game-related reason because everything is dead.
-Camera zoom-in in scenarios like the above can be annoying. You hit a critical area, it zooms in on you for whatever reason, but then as you run around having to fight, you cannot get rid of the camera zoom, thus are forced to fight things you cannot see.
-Some collision and stuck in the surroundings issues - Got completely jammed after climbing and falling on Prison near where the firetruck shoots its water. Walked up something that looked like a ramp, but fell down in-between a box and a wall below it. Had to die to get out. Other odd collisions with normal doors just acting funny, plus things in the environment seem to get stuck on you at times then fly around as if they were hit by a mortar.

A fair game for $5, but the full price of $10? Not so sure about that. Maybe if they clean up some of these bugs, especially the stuck firing one (ammo is pretty important) and the online sync.
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I grabbed this during the Halloween sale. Actually, I'm rather enjoying it despite some of the glitches and shortcomings. It reminds me a lot of the Alien Breed & Alien Swarm games.

Overall I've been having fun with it. I like the atmosphere of the game and the graphics seem decent for this type of game. If you like isometric top-down-view shoot-em-up type of games, then I think it's worth getting this while it's on sale.

PS: The melee seems almost useless and you can die really easy if you run out of ammo, so, be sure you keep stocked up on plenty of ammo every time you find a little store-booth.
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