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Inoss🐙 26 stycznia 2013 o 3:44
Some critics
Greetings everyone .

My wife and I,like the new game from DnS : Primal fears

But in some ways ... we dislike it than Dead Horde .

_ For example, regardless of playing combo Keyboard + mouse or " Joypad ", we can't adjust the sensibility of AIM . And it's extra sensitive :( , too hard to AIM correctly sometimes .

_ For the camera, with joypad only this time, the camera is too slow and we can't adjust it too ( we didn't try with mouse )

_ Sometimes with joypad, the ... character moves alone without pressing anything ( we both use gamepad xbox 360 for PC )

_ As our advice, some ennemies has too much H.P ( their damage are ok ) but maybe we're too used to play Dead Horde and it's time to move on, we tried only at the moment combo M16 + Shotgun ( fully upgraded ) and we're on easy mod . Maybe with another weapons like minigun and Flamethrower, it's fair enough but it's easy mod or as i previously said, perhaps it's the habit of Dead Horde ( Combo M16 + Shotgun ) .

_ The melee weapons are not good and deal not enough damage, it's not a good deal when we see how many H.P we loose than the kills we have done with it ( and i still talk about easy ) that doesn't oneshot a very little bug ( with axe ) ...

_ Please add the sound of " Boomer " from Dead Horde to this one ....The loud sound of feets, we loved it, it was scary ^^

_ And about the " Jumper Zombie " , he is just ridiculous comparate this last in Dead Horde , too less agressive and now he jumps not enough often .

It was an advice from 6 hours of gameplay and we made every difficulties in Dead Horde. It was only the bad things but in an average advice, Primal Fears is a good game :)

Don't be rude please, it is our advice, not a universal one, perhaps we're wrong .

Cheers DnS and thanks about your 3 games we enjoyed so much : Booster Trooper + Dead Horde and now Primal Fears :)
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Valsept 26 stycznia 2013 o 3:47 
I'm ok with you :3

Héhé :)
Deity  [producent] 26 stycznia 2013 o 6:42 
Thanks for the feedback.
We have tweaked a lot of weapons since release, minigun, shotgun and M16 got a patch yesterday and should be stronger now.
But we will also tweak the health increase of creatures in co-op and melee weapons damage in the next patch.
Inoss🐙 26 stycznia 2013 o 7:15 
Thanks for the reply from us :) Well we will wait this update.
PRIVATE noEYES 26 stycznia 2013 o 17:26 
Agree with the above. Regarding aiming, laser guided aiming option should cure the problem. Please consider this for an update or even DLC with more monsters and blood.
Inoss🐙 4 lutego 2013 o 8:11 
So the update is on good way ? :)

Can we have some clues about his realease day ? Please.
Deity  [producent] 4 lutego 2013 o 9:34 
New Build should be live now.
We do not change settings too much, but you should clearly feel that melee weapons are stronger now and co-op is easier. Players should cause more damage with 2 or more palyers in game than before.

Początkowo opublikowane przez ♥ Inoss the Sun ♥:
So the update is on good way ? :)

Can we have some clues about his realease day ? Please.
Inoss🐙 4 lutego 2013 o 9:36 
Thank you very much :D Long life to DnS !
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