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Erq 13 Jan, 2013 às 12:33
a few words to the devs
Hey folks,
We (by that I mean me and two of my friends) purchased your game and after two days gave up in our attempts to play. It's not horrible, but it definitely needs some work.

First of all, the problem with in-game physics. Enemies can easily pass through closed doors. Items (and by that I mean big stuff, like wheelchairs or truck tires) can stick to the player and you end up dragging this stuff across the street. It certainly doesn't help when you're chased by a horde of enemies.

There's also the matter of rather buggy hit detection. Some enemies are able to hit the player from a few meter distance, even though they're just waving their arms or whatever they have. On the other hand, sometimes they won't hit you even if you hug them.

The most important thing: do something about the weapon balance. The existing upgrade system is riddiculous. Upgrading a shotgun will cause the enemy to die after 20 shots instead of 22. Spending horrendous amounts of money on non-extisting upgrades doesn't exactly bring joy to the players. And for the love of God, either make the purchasable weapons more powerful, or just raise their ammo caps. The minigun is just useless at this point. You spend a thousand bucks just to buy a gun that will a) slow you down while shooting b) do exactly diddly squat to the enemies. And don't get me started on the flamethrower, where you're better off hust hitting the mobs with it. Hell, in most cases you'll have to because you'll run out of ammo.

There are some strange bugs in the auto-saving mechanics, or maybe we just don't understand how autosaving works in this game. Purchased upgrades will randomly disappear after reloading the game. There are also some problems with mission mechanics - the host wasn't able to pick a mission he had the necessary points for (I believe the cost was 150k points, he had around 400k - still, no fun for him). One of the players is unable to throw grenades, no matter which key he binds to that action. It's kinda annoying.

And last but not least, we believe there might be some problems with network optimization in your game. Case in point: one of our players has to use an ancient 2 mbps connection (it's not the end of the world, but you can see it from where he lives). During the game his network usage skyrockets to the point where voice coms are getting distorted, and pings jump up considerably. We're not 100% sure it's an issue in Primal Fears, but he never had any problems of that kind in any other games, and we tend to play a lot of stuff. He's obviously not the host, and we can't imagine such a small game would be able to hog his whole broadband.

Until some of this stuff is fixed we're forced to play something else, cause at this point the gameplay is just annoying, not enjoyable. No hard feelings, we just want to help you make the game better.
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Peaceful Panda 18 Jan, 2013 às 0:57 
This is looking more and more like a cash grab. So many of these indie zombie shooters are.
Shmew699 18 Jan, 2013 às 15:26 
weapon damage is trash, what in the hell....are those plastic bullets devs lol?
Th3.Madjackal 19 Jan, 2013 às 8:58 
it is cash grab.
It's a ♥♥♥♥ game that should be removed of steam, same goes for the dev, should be kicked out of steam.
The game is more like dead hordes 1.5, nothing new
Same graphics, animation, HUD, weapon etc

By the way, the devs give no f*ck about what we can say, as long as they receive money from it, why bother fix it?
So now, when you see a game for DnS Development, do not bother buying it already got the stamp "Garbage game"
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