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ĞƦĘƑ Apr 24, 2013 @ 10:05pm
Pretty good game, WAY better than Alien Breed
The reason I'm comparing Primal Fears to Alien Breed is because they are both top down co-op shooters, and both were on sale recently. With that said, my friend and I bought Alien Breed on sale looking for a good co-op game. It has some upsides but they are drowned by serious issues.

In Alien Breed there is no difficulty settings in co-op, and the game is super difficult. You can not buy weapon upgrades because they cost a fortune and your progress is not saved inbetween levels at all. Most frustratingly in Alien Breed is that you and your partners views are shared and restricted by eachother.

Thankfully these major issues that plauged Alien Breed are not present in Primal Fears at all.
Some things I really enjoy about Primal Fears:
- 4 player co-op
- excellent dynamic lighting engine
- lots of fun toys like the distracting RC car and the turret guns
- Good physics engine that flings enemies when you blast them with explosives and shotguns

The game is worth the $5 for co-op I'd say.
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Primal Fears > General Discussions > Topic Details