Check vs. Mate

Check vs. Mate

5$ sale for an OUTDATED BETA with LOCKED files.

this apparently was added to all BETA versions of the game before it went public.

ANYTHING in game features this monster overlay to block your visibility.

only one instance of this problem on the official forums.. stating its a beta install. and to email the dev support. sadly the thread is over a year old with no reply to the matter.
and it seems this is what we steam users are getting stuck with.

yes.. ive done the uninstall reinstall.. restart steam.. yadda yadda.

i got ripped hard out of 5$
20$ id have been calling up steam myself with a not so polite message to convey.
sad to say.. avoid. game is UNPLAYABLE.
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It's not because you got this mean all the on es who buy it will get the same.

I'm able to run it fine and never had problems.
Only 3-4 dudes had this errors in the full game. And anyway

Here's what i said on another topic you said the same thing.

You misunderstood the guy who tried to help you, he only said the only time he saw that was in beta, nothing said it CANNOT happen after.

There's a solution of this problem,but without specs we cannot determine EXACTLY what fix to apply.

Also this error isn't representative on how the game run as it's happen to not a lot of users.

TELL US you specs. Including OS and AV/AS USe multiple screens too?

I had a friend who had this and it was a simple file corruption caused by his anti-virus. ( No false detection, but the AV was just blocking a part of the install without giving any log.

This also can be caused also by drivers, mostly for unclean install, like just installing the drivers or just uninstall the old one and installing the new one without cleaning the registering or the remaining files.

TELL US you specs. Including OS and AV/AS USe multiple screens too?
DFStormbringer Dec 7, 2012 @ 8:16pm 
gpu Nvidia 550ti with current beta drivers clean install.
4 gigs of ram. soundblaster audigy sound card
windows 7 home edition.
cpu athalon 64 fx2

antivirus is avast.. ill try putting it on lockdown and trying another reinstall of the game.
DFStormbringer Dec 7, 2012 @ 8:24pm 
seems that was the problem.. shut down the AV and did anotehr absolute wipe and reinstall and its now working as intended.
thank you much for the heads help.
Avast do that a lot, not a surprise.

Also if you get a problem again in a game install or something, try installing non-beta drivers. If you get any bug it might be caused by beta drivers.
DFStormbringer Dec 8, 2012 @ 7:10am 
sadly.. the beta nvidia drivers are sort of required failing a flaw with the certified drivers in a few games including planetside that the beta fixes.
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