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Hi, im trying to make some hats for TF2. the problem is i wanna add jigglebones and i dont know exactly how to do that. i already made the bones and parented certain parts of the model to the bones. the problem is i dont know what to type in the qc file.
im using the tf2 beta importer if this helps.
dont say i should post this on the tf2 forums, someone said he would help me if i posted it here and besides that nobody knows a thing about this on the tf2 forums.
thnx if anyone can help!
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Wazanator Mar 7, 2014 @ 10:54am 
Have you read the wiki article on it?
Astute Mar 7, 2014 @ 11:33am 
Thanks for posting here, now on to your question.

My knowledge of the jiggle-bone is a bit fuzzy, since the last time I messed with it would be over a year ago. I do remember reading the wiki about it, but ultimately I figured it out by decompiling existing jiggle models and studying how the parameters worked. Much of my knowledge of creating tf2 weapons comes from looking at how other people did it, and experimenting with the various parameters. I'd highly advise you look into doing the same, there is a wealth of knowledge in decompiling, not just for technical details, but art and optimization techniques as well. It helps to improve your submissions as a whole.

Sorry, back to the jiggle bone.

1. You need to rig your model as normal.

2. Find the bone that forms the first part of your jiggle sequence. In the case of the hat I made, it was the first bone that attached to the head piece, with the end of the sequence being the tip of the ears.(there is only 2 bones in that sequence, start and end). Name this bone something meaningful, you'll need to reference it in your QC.

3. In your qc, you'll need to reference this bone:

$jigglebone "hat_jiggle_left" {
is_flexible {
tip_mass 100
length 25
pitch_stiffness 50
pitch_damping 1
yaw_stiffness 50
yaw_damping 1
angle_constraint 20

The first line defines the jigglebone, and then references which bone will jiggle. In my case, that was "hat_jiggle_left". For completeness sake, the end of my sequence was "hat_left_tail".

The other parameters are largely optional. I tweaked them to give the optimal effect I wanted, but you may need something different. If you looking for a different kind of jiggle, you'll need to replace "is_flexible" with another property. The wiki should have all the information you need.
thanks for the answer but...
i actually already tried this in the beta importer.
i dont know if u used the beta importer too, but in the beta importer there's also a button called "edit qc". i actually put this script there (with the right bone name of course), but it didnt work. would be nice if u also used the beta importer, but if not, could u explain how u did the other part?
never mind it worked! thank you!
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