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jimbobslimbob Apr 30, 2015 @ 4:47am
Enhanced Controls - Tap to sprint and walk/crouch toggle
Anyone interested in Dark Messiah might like to know that I have done a simple "Enhanced Controls" config for it, which allows tap-to sprint and toggle walk/crouch, among other things...copy paste it into a cfg file and use "exec NAMEOFCONFIG" in console to use. More info and complete file here.[www.jimbobslimbob.com]

To run at startup you must add the line +exec NAMEOFCONFIG.cfg to your command-line arguments.

This simple configuration file alters some of the basic controls for Dark Messiah so that it is easier to play. It features:

- Tap to sprint. This makes it so that the sprint (SHIFT) key no longer needs to be held down for sprinting. Simply press/tap the button once and you will sprint for as long as you hold the forward (W) key down. When the W key is released, sprint will end. Simple, but effective. A lot of newer games feature this kind of sprinting, which gives your little finger a rest during periods of lots of sprinting.

- Toggle walk/crouch. This alteres both the crouch (CTRL) key and the walk (V) key so that they are toggle modes, rather than having to be held down. Press once to enter the mode and again to exit. Simple as that.

- Toggle HUD. Press the Y key to toggle the HUD on or off. Useful for taking screenshots.

If you wish to alter the bindings for any of the controls, I have included all the key bindings right at the top of the configuration file for easy editing.

Use: Place this file in the same folder as config.cfg ("mm\config" from your main Dark Messiah folder). You can then run it via the developer console (the tilde key, once enabled) by typing "exec enhancedcontrols". To run at startup add "+exec enhancedcontrols.cfg" to your command-line arguments. This is useful, since you will need to perform it every time you start the game for the WSAD keys and all other functions to work.
//Jim's Dark Messiah Extended Config File //v1.0 //Jimbobslimbob 2015 //Setup echo Jim's Config Loading... sv_cheats 1 //Key Bindings - Change these to whatever you wish bind w +ForwardSprint bind s +BackwardSprint bind a +MoveLeftSprint bind d +MoveRightSprint bind v ToggleWalk bind ctrl ToggleCrouch bind shift SprintOn bind y ToggleHUD //Walk Toggle Button alias ToggleWalk "WalkOn" alias WalkOn "+speed; alias ToggleWalk WalkOff" alias WalkOff "-speed; alias ToggleWalk WalkOn" //Crouch Toggle Button alias ToggleCrouch "CrouchOn" alias CrouchOn "+duck; alias ToggleCrouch CrouchOff" alias CrouchOff "-duck; alias ToggleCrouch CrouchOn" //HUD Toggle alias ToggleHUD "HUDOff" alias HUDOff "cl_drawhud 0; alias ToggleHUD HUDOn" alias HUDOn "cl_drawhud 1; alias ToggleHUD HUDOff" //Sprint Tap //The idea behind this is that you only have to press sprint //(and can then let go) for sprinting to function. As soon //as you release a movement key it will return to normal speed alias SprintOn "+sprint" alias +ForwardSprint "+forward" alias -ForwardSprint "-forward; -sprint" alias +BackwardSprint "+back" alias -BackwardSprint "-back;" alias +MoveLeftSprint "+moveleft" alias -MoveLeftSprint "-moveleft;" alias +MoveRightSprint "+moveright" alias -MoveRightSprint "-moveright;" echo Jim's Config Loaded!
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This is superb. Thank you!
jimbobslimbob May 18, 2016 @ 2:01am 
You are welcome! I hope it's of use.
TurmoilTom Nov 5, 2017 @ 7:45pm 
I just started using this and it works perfectly. Very easy to implement, too. Thanks a ton.
Space General Nov 17, 2017 @ 12:42pm 
Fantastic! I was dying for a crouch toggle, thanks for showing me how!
jimbobslimbob Nov 17, 2017 @ 1:22pm 
Thanks for all the appreciation, hope it's useful to you all!
ND | Hexthrill Feb 16, 2018 @ 8:00pm 
"To run at startup you must add the line +exec NAMEOFCONFIG.cfg to your command-line arguments."
Command line arguments?
Kill Switch Feb 16, 2018 @ 10:04pm 
Thanks for the config, Jimbob!

Originally posted by ND | Hexthrill:
"Command line arguments?

What, you've never seen command lines bickering before? :)

But seriously, right-click the game in Steam, select Properties, then Set Launch Options. You can type the command line parameters there.
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Can anyone explain to me in "dumb mode" how to do this? There's no config file that downloads. If I'm supposed to copy the config text, how do i create a config folder? Because i can't open the config file that's in the games folder.

Other than that, I think i understand where launch options is and what to do there.
Originally posted by 3:
Can anyone explain to me in "dumb mode" how to do this? There's no config file that downloads.

If you click the link in the OP, there's a button to download the file there.

If you want to create it manually, right click in the folder where the game's config file is stored, select "New / Text Document", and name the file "enhancedcontrols.cfg" (or whatever). You can open the file by right-clicking and selecting "Open with / Notepad". Paste the text from the OP into it and save.

I'd be happy to help if you need any further explanation.
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