War of the Immortals

War of the Immortals

Worth to play with it?
Is this game worth to play with it? exp rate fast?
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You level up pretty fast even if you choose not to pay for anything at all. It's fun though much similar to other f2p games (world and graphics). If you're looking for a fun casual MMORPG you should give it a try :)
meh, i decided after like.. 2 minutes of playing that i didnt like this game at all. the graphics look akin to games from a decade ago, the controls feel pretty awkward (you pretty much left click a bit, left click to auto attack something, click on something's name in your quest log to automatically walk to it because the camera controls would make it more annoying to walk there yourself..etc..)

all in all i would not recommend this game but some people apparently like it, so idk if you'd share my opinion of it. as i said i played for only a couple minutes, maybe 5-10 minutes in all, so I cant really say what the exp rate will be later on but in that time I did play I got to lvl 5 or 6 so it was pretty fast at low levels.
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what you saying its awesome dont tell me you another noob who care only about graphics
given that i already said i only played the game for a total of 10 minutes before deciding i was wasting my time with it.. it should be rather obvious that yes i am indeed a "noob".. duh.

and yes the terrible graphics were part of my problem with the game, but the horrible gameplay were the other part. it's an annoying but mostly boring click here, click there, click to auto-attack game, and most of my "gameplay" in the time i spent "playing" it consisted of clicking some quest-giver's name so the game would automatically walk me to them. this was better than actually walking there myself though as the horrible camera controls made moving from one place to another dull and somewhat awkward. (The camera is naturally stationary in one view over your character and you have to manually adjust it for whatever movement you want to make).

if you like that sort of thing, knock yourself out. personally, i expect better overall quality from a browser-based flash game than what this game seemed to offer.
Автор останньої редакції: Reoden; 22 кві 2013 о 15:52
also, sorry to burst your bubble but no, this is not "similar to other F2P games" at least not in terms of gameplay and definitely not in terms of graphics (I didnt spend enough time playing it to comment on the world). Vindictus is also F2P and the graphics are miles ahead of this game, and Vindictus is nothing special in terms of graphics. The gameplay is also better in my opinion, at least it requires you to do specific click combinations for certain auto-attack combos. Not a huge fan of Vindictus either, it's just way better than this pos game in my humble opinion. I cant really name something much better though in the RPG genre, as I'm currently still looking for something else myself.
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Is this game worth to play with it? exp rate fast?
Level 65 in about 10 hours, i would call that fast ;). Kinda boring tho.
It's fun but yeah, can get boring...just play in like 3-4 hour spurts and you won't burn out on it
ohh pls ... when you reach lvl 95 + the exp rate is very slow i am lvl 106 and it takes me 4 days to lvl up...
Great game but a little bit boring within the first level, but if you're not a geek , try it , it is a great game
Great game and its so easy to level up. i leved 70 in like 2 days even i played only 6or7 houres yet you should chek it out
I wasn't excited with it at the beggining, but i gave it a chance and it turned out fun. Don't judge the game by its graphics because that is not what this game stars in, this game stars in group combat or solo combat. I can't wait to play more, see ya ingame!
I've played this game for 3 years (i was part of the beta) but im only lvl103 because its a casual game, i play it once a months and can get boring. But unless youve tried a territory battle, your statements are invalid. The only reason why i play is because every week or so, there would be a huge ongoing war for territories for the game. It's the most online fun i have ever had in an MMO so unless your willing to grind up to lvl100 which deosn't take long AT ALL, you can't truly enjoy the game. Unless you try the boss battles in the overworld were there are mini faction battles over bosses and loot that can really raise up in scale because different factions call up there allianced factions and it goes from 3v3 boss steal battle to a 25v25 clan war in the game (not to metion tons of verbal hate and tension going around).
Well it's fun, give it a try, if you didn't like it, unistall it... :D
but it's a quite nice game, I recomend it.
Much better then Marvel Heroes which was very boring after many update
One more thing, there is quite many updates every year...so I unistalled it when my internet was slow. But I will install it again...
It's not meant to be the most modern of games, I love it though, also a great time killer if you actually read the lore and read what the quests are about. Too many people don't read quests these days and wonder why they get bored and confused quickly.

EXP is normal I'd say, you can level extremely fast if you want to, but if you just want to cruise, then you can. after level 30, you can choose to not level up at all or not too. Long story short; Not the most modern game but definately worth the play, even if it's just to pass time.
I played it for around an hour. I didn't like it at ALL, everything feels so clunky....
I'd rather play Jade dynasty, PWI or MapleStory if i ever feel the need to play an MMORPG.
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