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S.T.A.R.S 4 Mai, 2013 às 15:53
Beware of playing any Perfect world game
Many people when they see free to play think Yes. But as everyone knows to be good in this game u have to buy zen. And even when u do buy zen many items that u buy has a chance to fail so u lose your money. In the game there is many things that fail. Perfect world finds more ways to rip people off. Example is they had a 15 percent bonus zen sale which i bought zen but didnt get that 15 percent more zen. They sent coupons instead, So the catch is you have to buy twice to get that 15 percent bonus zen. You lose your shirt on this game. Perfect world should have named themselves Perfect Corruption. Belive me they are scammers
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Rax Savvage 4 Jun, 2013 às 20:01 
i bought an entire deck of medals using ingame stuff... so suits ya right really for feeling the need to pay for stuff a bit time and effort would give you i still has my cash and the same gear grade as you.
S.T.A.R.S 18 Jun, 2013 às 20:24 
I have all legendary gear 115 and above to 120 and lv 4 gems just waiting for me.Ill be more powerful than u when im at 120 cause i didnt want to spend money buying lv 100-110 legendary gear cause then u would have to buy glow of athena which is expensive since u need alot of to tranfer. What i say is right. As for u not buying zen i dont give a rats butt. Simple thing is i do and u get ripped off when u do buy zen. I contribute to the games survival if u dont who cares.Most people even though its a free to play game buy items in the market cause they dont mind helping the makers of the game and dont want to grind all day and night cause we have lives.But when u get items that fail so much its like throwing money away and that is not right especially when u contribute to the game. And believe me the people who buy zen are more powerful than the ones that dont simple as that. As for your i bought a whole deck of medals using ingame stuff. What medals are u talking about? are u even commenting on war of the immortals. Funny how u think youll be more powerful than me. I not stupid in buying items that will be useless at the higher levels and wasting money. I have prepare 115-120 legendary gear and they have lv 4-5 gems waiting. This is the first Perfect World game i played and the last. I have played many a free to play games and at least with others when u buy from their market u dont lose zen and your money and get nothing in return. lol When im at 120 come find me Im Firekraken and it will be your death. :) good day
S.T.A.R.S 18 Jun, 2013 às 20:43 
Why do u think Milgard server is so empty? Cause people find out how so many things fail and they lose money hence why u dont see them anymore. If it wasnt for us regulars that keep this game afloat this game would have folded long time ago. Why do i stay if u ask? cause i already spent so much why should i just throw away the things i did aquire. But like i said last game i ever play from Perfect World
Danrazor 25 Jun, 2013 às 9:39 
I did not even use a single zen and still be as strong as ever.
Wow, your comments suck, Scobra. And yes, I know, you don't give a rat's butt... obviously.
S.T.A.R.S 3 Jul, 2013 às 0:29 
Thats why Milgard is empty. Please everything i said is true. People realize once they play. As for you attacking trolls who cares
Happy Monocle 2 Ago, 2013 às 9:15 
Not quite, you can become powerful and get quite far in this game with bonus point (earned when your inductee spends money in any store or shop), salary is also a useful way to aquire upgrades and items. I think you're thinking from a PVP point of view, because if you are, then ya, ZEN win in pvp, but you don't need ZEN exclusively to become sorta powerful. Also, if you open up a store, or buy things from other players stores you gain credits, which can buy some awesome♥♥♥♥♥♥

Honestly, more people should actually spend more time learning the games systems.

~Happy Monocle.
AimanMelodic 3 Set, 2013 às 17:25 
hahhhaha,,,still noob at this game maybe...i dont have to buy zen when i play BOI,, and i reached up to LVL50
Fifth Charpentier 26 Abr, 2014 às 3:53 
Have been a while since I were playing pwi, I don't suggest to pay for ingame items and stuff. I believe that the most of fun is based on playing with friends and riding ridiculously hard dungeons with bad geared team mates. Stuck on with cleric and seeker. ~Random.
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Kierilla 19 Jun, 2014 às 22:58 
Yea pretty much all perfect world games are crap. thats how they make money and i think we should leave them alone
Sinister Cupcake 23 Jul, 2014 às 23:31 
You know what all MMO with a store feature have in common?
someone ♥♥♥♥♥ing about it

~ The More You Know :medkit:
Lusk 24 Ago, 2014 às 8:37 
All mmo is P2W
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