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Something that worked for me.. Fullscreen :)
I tried alot of things, to run this game fullscreen.
And playing this game in the tiny windowded mode, isnt really fun.

But something really easy worked for me...

- Launch the game, as admin.
- Go to settings.
- Change your ress to the one you want.
- close the game.
- Start it back up again.
( at this point, my game's screen is just black and is still in windowded mode.)
- Wait a while for the game to load. Just don't mess around. you can't see the loading screen
but you can guess when your main menu should be up.
- Hit Alt + Enter, your game should give show you the main menu again in fullscreen mode.
- Done.. atleast this helped for me..

I hope i helped some others with this, AAAALOT of people are having this issue. and there are tons of ideas to fix it. And on every pc there seems to be a different problem.

Greetings from,

Date Posted: Jan 9, 2013 @ 2:52pm
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