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Metacritic score is insulting
This is an amazing game, i just cannot understand how this game got such low scores... Sure, it is unpolished, but it is also one of the best (if not the best, not kidding) sandbox action games I have. I just feel bad when I realize gems like these arent apreciated because reviewers are lazy and/or hate their jobs. If you are going to review a game, review it for what it is, not for what it should be according to you. In all honesty, this game is unique, and its also the innovative, great kind of unique we all (PC gamers) love. Simply put, this game is showcased alongside other amazing indie games for a reason, dont let the score fool you, this is trully a masterpiece of design. Even if it is rough around the edges, it is not the "broken" kind of rough, but the "holy ♥♥♥♥, it took me a while to understand, but this is actually amazing" kind of rough ;) I just felt like I had to write this, seeing as how reviewers seem to have forgotten what pc gaming trully is about.
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well you also need to remember that this is an Indie game and no big AAA game with much hype and ♥♥♥♥. The thing is that most Magazines dont take the time to get into Indie games they mostly play about 1 hopur or 30 minutes and then quit an write the review and this is not the game to just play for 30 minutes to be able to write a review. Also sometimes i have the big felling that some magazins are bribed to write good reviews i mean how are Francises like CoD able to get 90+ scores on every game :/. Also for the Playerreviews you can also not realy trust those one because some are writen by guys that got a hate for data because they felled "ripped off" because he released an "unfinished" game on steam if you take a deeper look at this gamehub you will find some of those post and also see that most of them are just big crybabys that cant give good critizism to a dev
I agree. When I saw the score it almost kept me from buying it. However, when I did get it(not from buying though, a friend gave me a copy of the game a few days before the day I was going to buy it), I found that it is amazing. It gives you a level of freedom that most games don't give you nowadays. I mean, on how many games can you smash the enemy with the dropship that delievered you a few supplies? Or dismember the enemy with a good shot? Or heck, beat the crap out of him with a shovel!
Hmmm yes... honestly, I kinda don't get why do they have that score system anyways, I mean, games are not a kid's homework that can be done well or bad, simply because definition of good game is too broad to rate something acording to it, not to mention subjectivity.

Anyways, yea, altrough some criticism is pretty damn right (Having a complex game with a steep learning curve is totally alright, but, you know, then you should really provide a more detailed introduction to gameplay features in tutorial, not to mention menu interface needs some polishing and resolution / control settings / gameplay bugs may ruin the entire game for some folks), overall.. think those reviews are mostly so biased since at first moments the game seems extremely rough, and those technical issues, I mean ones like resolution bug, and hard for begineers interface ruin the whole begining and after that people have little intrest to learn more about the game.
I actually didn't find the game all that hard to learn to be honest. I watched no kind of videos or anything, I just did the tutorial and went to the campaign... Which was a bit hard to get the hang of at first, But once I figured out that auto did a better job at base building than me and how to actually attack stuff(took me longer than I would like to admit!) the game was a cakewalk.

Oh great. Now I feel like reading the reviews to have fun watching dumb people reviewing this game.
its really not insulting, the game has a lot of obivous flaws and its basically unfiinished even though its being sold as a full game
So? Like it deserves such low scores.
Yes it does, scores like that mean that some people might have fun but be warned a lot of people will not. Stop being a fan boy and see that there is some legitimacy to the other peoples claims
What. A game with such original mechanics does not deserve this kind of scores. The bugs and all are meaningless. Besides, even though this might not be fun for everybody doesn't mean it won't be fun now will it.
The game crippling bugs are meaningless? It has, several times now, completely bugged out so that I could not complete a scenario. It does not matter if it wil be good eventually when it is being sold as a full game now.
Well, then. I am sorry, for I have not experienced any bugs at all. I had no idea there actually were any game breaking bugs, guess that is my fault for not doing my research properly.
apology accepted.... So far I have had the game go slow mo for no reason at all and had the "buy" menu break completely so that I could not buy anything at all
Odd... Hm, well, I have not experienced such bugs. I mean, the game being slow, yeah, but that was when I ordered a dropbox with 50 crabs inside.
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apology accepted.... So far I have had the game go slow mo for no reason at all and had the "buy" menu break completely so that I could not buy anything at all
Hearing about the buy menu breaking for first time (Maybe you could describe what exactly you were doing and how it happened?), but game goes slow-mo all the time when there are many units or other objects present ingame at same time.
Why did an opinion get pinned?
I've played for about an hour and I must say the learning curve is steep but I'm going to really enjoy this game. Once I get better I can imagine playing this for hours on end. Did not run into any bugs for the hour I played.

the Metacritic scores don't give this game justice.
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