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COD GHOST - Freezes when I'm choosing difficulty
Please help me
My laptop is fine, I have
8 gb ram
64-bit operative system
Windows 7

And COD Ghost work fine until I have to choose difficulty on campaign
when I click on "REGULAR" (which is the mode I want to play at) It just freezes nothing happens. I have waited 10 min and still nothing happens, the game doesn't start

allright then I thought of playing MULTIPLAYER and lol when I double click on multiplayer it just freezes (the same thing happens) :-/

Why does it freeze all of a sudden ?!

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man go to device manager and below the display adapters u will find ur graphic card.. right click it nd update its drivers... if u have 2 graphic cards set ur game as a high performance in this graphic exchange settings then go n play the game as administrator.... (Y)
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Сообщения 12 из 2
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