Street Fighter X Tekken
An unhandled error occurred. (0xffffffff) FIX
1.Go to Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features

2.uninstall Microsoft games for windows - LIVE Redistributable
and Microsoft games for windows marketplace

3.Head on over to

4.Install Microsoft games for windows marketplace again

This should update Microsoft games for windows - LIVE Redistributable which should let the game load up and work properly
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I got this too, just needed to re-enable the Windows Live Sign-In Assistant which I had disabled
To be fair, this may fix most peoples issues with anything GFWL tagged onto it. This does not work for me (Win7) for either SFXTK or Dark Souls =/ Tried a few times.
I had not installed Microsoft games for windows - LIVE. I just installed this client and didnt work :( still getting crash when open game...
Автор останньої редакції: sMk record; 9 жов 2013 о 0:15
Make sure to uninstall everything related to GFWL from your "Programs and Features" section in the Control Panel. Installing the latest GFWL client somehow does not overwrite the old/broken one.

The stickied thread shows you a step-by-step of this process. It's primarily for Windows 8 users but it may also be applicable to Win7.
Автор останньої редакції: WBacon [capcom]; 9 жов 2013 о 14:22
So, i tried everything and it still doesnt work, im using windows 7. idk what to do :D
tried it and it didn't worked... amazing game
can U plz fix this game, it won#t work with any of this solutions I tried!
the reinstall of gfwl won't work, like the xlive.dll put in to the main folder ....

I bought this game and want a fix it sux that I have payed for a game that I can't play
1.Programs and Features

2.uninstall Microsoft games for windows - LIVE Redistributable

3.Head on over to

It really works again after all this time they have a new update we can play again even on windows 10 Happy days.

This solution doesn't work for me either. I am running Windows 10. I uninstalled both Games for Windows programs from the control panel, I downloaded and installed the client from the link and still I get the black screen with the unhandled error. Does anyone else have any ideas?
I fixed it. I had tried one of the fixes I read about by putting the xlive.dll in the games main directory. After performing the fix listed above, the game would still not load until I removed that dll from the main directory. Now all is working.
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