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phittte Apr 21, 2013 @ 3:32pm
Performance problems
I get pretty bad performance in the game, even though my computer exceeds the recommended requirements by far. I don't have the latest high end system, but still. My specs are Core2Duo e8400, ATI 4890 and 4GB ram. I turned down settings a lot already (shadows low, light quality medium, no AA, no post processing, no reflections - only texture res is high and resolution is 1080p), but the framerate doesn't get better. Even if there are not a lot of explosions around I get framerates of >30 while simply looking at the ship. It never reaches 60 fps, no matter where I am or what happens, usually it hovers somewhere between 15 and 40 fps.

This seems odd to me as the graphics aren't that awesome and since there is not much to display anyway (just my ship, sometimes a few other ships and a low detail environment).

One thing I noticed is that the sys requirements say minimum is Windows 7, I use xp though. Could that be the problem? Anyone who plays on a similar system (possibly also on xp) and could tell me how it works out for him?
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[THS] Sgt. Spoon Apr 22, 2013 @ 1:47pm 
Yeah, sadly they don't officially support XP, so it could possibly be this. We've had some people in the past that seem to have been able to play on XP's without mayor hickups, but at the same time there's been other players that have had problems on account of this.

On another hand, it might just be the optimizing of the game in general
[Muse] Bubbles  [developer] Apr 23, 2013 @ 7:04am 
@phittte, XP is a concern, as it is below min spec and is sensitive to video card drivers being out of date. One thing I would recommend is for you to make sure your video card driver is up to date. We use a lot of explosion, physics, and cloud rendering, and there is a demand on gpu and cpu to run the game. We're definitely always optimizing the game as well. If you would like, please feel free to send us your specs and issue to, and we can help you diagnose in more detail. Thanks a lot! Howard
phittte Apr 23, 2013 @ 12:02pm 
Thanks for the answers (and for the offer to help, nice to see devs who care)! I guess playing on an OS the game wasn't optimized for is not a good idea (I'm glad I can run it at all, only looked at the sys requirements after bying the game). Yet another reason to switch to Win 7...if switching OS only wouldn't be so much trouble.

Still would like to know from other players with a similar slightly dated mid range system how the game performs for them, XP or 7 doesn't matter (preferably both). Again, my specs are Core2Duo e8400, ATI 4890 1gb and 4gb ram (OCZ Reaper, was good back in its day)). Running Win XP 32bit.

The game is still playable, but the low framerate makes it not as much fun as it could be. If Win 7 has much better performance I may finally back up all my important files and switch (could also play Dawn of Fantasy then, which I got without looking at the sys requirements either...stupid me).
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MoonlitDNC Apr 30, 2013 @ 6:04pm 
Windows XP Pro x86 (SP3)
AMD Athalon 64x2 6000+ (3.1GHz)
4GBs of RAM
HIS Radeon 4870x2 (2GBs)

With the game in 1920x1080, windowed, and without Vsync or AA turned on, I can have all visual settings maxed out & the game looks beautiful & runs perfectly smooth so long as nothing is on fire while we're sitting in a dust cloud (then I notice some slight frame-dropping).

The latest patch actually made the client run a little faster for me and cleaned up the post processing effects (film grain filter - used to be a little buggy, but runs great now).

You seem to be running a similar system to me so either the CPU architecture on your Duo is just ~that~ different or your GFX card is just barely missing the requirements to run this well. Also, keep in mind that the absolute ~latest~ drivers for your card can sometimes actually give you worse performance - it takes a lot of testing, feedback, and sometimes even outright hacking to make sure the drivers for your card are running at their absolute max efficiency - make sure to research which ones will do the job for your specific hardware configuration & see if that makes a difference.
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