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AnonOmis1000 14 lutego 2014 o 21:19
How is the community for Icarus?
Hey guys. The last few days I've been tossing around the idea of picking up this fun looking game. Ever since I watched the Yogscast battle I've been very interested in it. But I had a few questions. In general how are people who play the game? Are they civil or are there quite a few trolls and haters? Also how big is the community? Is it big and relatively easy to get into a game? Finally, how important is communication? Right now all I have is the mic built into my laptop, which for some reason the guys who built it decided to place near the fan and keybard, so it's not that good. I can talk via text chat, but obviously that will be slower than simply talking. I do plan on getting an actual gaming head set soon.

So let me know how worthy is this game of it's $15 price tag in your opinions.
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[TB] Byron 14 lutego 2014 o 21:56 
In general veryr friendly. Veteran players are usually willing to give advice and train, it tends to be the new players that turn on each on when things go wrong, but overall it's a small friendly community.
AnonOmis1000 14 lutego 2014 o 22:07 
Awesome. Thanks. I have no disallusions that it's not my fault I lose XP
The community in general is very friendly and helpful. Yes there are some ppl that you rather not have but every game has some of those. Sadly the novice games tend to have a harsher tone than the normal games.
Dependant on the lvl you play of communication gets more and more important.
You can play the game quite effective without using a microphone or typing alot. You can use a implemented command system with V to tell others what you do or what they should do.
As captain you can mark targets for your crew with b so they get a indication where to shoot at.
The only thing where you cant use sth besides voice or chat is to talk between captains on your side.
Regarding size its ok.
Yes its not the biggest community but even at the mornings and early afternoons (gmt times) you find at least a few servers with some slots open.
At the evenings there are alot of servers.
vyew 16 lutego 2014 o 9:28 
There are always a few servers up even in the minimum population hours, hooray/not hooray for timezones.

In terms of community, I find that it is mostly friendly. Trolls exist (yay internet), but they are (very) few. However, if a team loses HARD, there are always going to be people (generally new players) who get angry and frustrated and start trash talking, insulting and blaming each other, and generally being rude. Such is the nature of human beings :) Fortunately, these people are few, and they usually ragequit before bothering to type many lines of angry text into the chatbox or shouting into the mic, in which case they are promptly muted by everyone else.

About laptop mics: having played with people who use laptop mics, the only problem is that their voice comes through with some echo-still understandable though. Also, people with the TV blaring in the background really mess up the voice quality of the laptop mic. Other than that, laptop mic appears to be OK, and as long as you know what you are doing and you use the V command system to tell everyone where the enemies are and what needs repairing, you wont need to talk at all.
Keyvias 17 lutego 2014 o 10:22 
I'm going to be completely arrogant and say we have one of the best communities in online gaming.
As has been stated though this doesn't mean we don't have trolls. We are very aggressive on making sure these trolls are removed from play and no longer an issue. We have a bunch of volunteer players who go into games to help players learn mechanics and solve issues.

Plus we're very approachable. If you're having an issues with anything we love to help.
Alistair MacBain 17 lutego 2014 o 10:47 
Thats actually not to arrogant keyvias.
Thats kinda a fact. I never saw a similiar community in any pvp game.
AnonOmis1000 17 lutego 2014 o 14:04 
I have to say I agree. So far I haven't met anyone who was a prick. It's really easy to get into feeling like a team if you have good communication between crewmates. As far as the mechanics go, I pretty much had learned them from watching YouTube videos, in particular the Yogscast ones. They are pretty simple, but that makes them so great. It takes little to no time to become a master of the game mechanics once you know how they work.
Tysakasa 17 lutego 2014 o 21:36 
I've only played it for a few hours, and yeah, you aren't being arrogant about the community. They seem fairly nice. Yes there are asses out there that no one likes to have around, but little can be done. But when I was playing I had people pointing things out to me so I could do a better job as an engineer. When things were going bad, I wasn't getting blamed for not keeping up with the repairs, the Captain would actually sometimes take the heat since he's the one flying the thing and got a little in over his head. I even had one guy point out what loadout I should use (really just my special ammo type because he wanted me on his one gun when I wasn't repairing) just to make our ship better in combat and he wasn't snobby about it or anything.
Coasty 17 lutego 2014 o 23:01 
Początkowo opublikowane przez BST Anon Omis:
Awesome. Thanks. I have no disallusions that it's not my fault I lose XP
theres no xp, just achievements to unlock to level up in this game.
Ostatnio edytowany przez: Coasty; 17 lutego 2014 o 23:01
AnonOmis1000 18 lutego 2014 o 16:02 
Początkowo opublikowane przez Coasty:
Początkowo opublikowane przez BST Anon Omis:
Awesome. Thanks. I have no disallusions that it's not my fault I lose XP
theres no xp, just achievements to unlock to level up in this game.
I was making an emoticon. I know there isn't experience.
Coasty 18 lutego 2014 o 16:04 
np, i do talk to alot of ppl that dont know that. just trying to help :)
AnonOmis1000 18 lutego 2014 o 16:08 
Its ok. I already got the game a couple days ago.
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