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CiLK Jul 19, 2014 @ 7:10pm
What did you all think of this game?
I loved it. I remember hearing people saying the boss fights sucked but I loved them. I was so concentrated during them and thought they were a lot of fun. Overall, I know there wasn't really anything new in this game but it was still really good!

If anyone's interested you can check out the final part of my highlights-only playthrough here:

So what did you guys think?
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Sgt. Pepper Jul 19, 2014 @ 9:10pm 
It's grown on me; I def rank it above Arkham City. Asylum is very spooky and original feeling though...... and of course Mark Hammil killed it!
MAjesty Jul 19, 2014 @ 9:33pm 
I am currently in a love / hate relationship with this game.

What bothers me the most is how much potential the game could have had. To put it simply, I would vastly prefer no multiplayer so there could be more focus on the single player. Having played multiplayer, it is very polished. And I believe that the wax could've been used on a different pair of shoes.

As a Catwoman, Deathstroke, and Harley Quinn fan, I would've loved to see more of the them. While I adore Catwoman, I believe the focus of this game should have been on Deathstroke. Who did they advertise the most? Who was hyped to hell and back? I don't even call him being there an appearance. He was a cameo.

Challenge mode...only three playable characters. They all play unfortunately similar. Where is Robin? Nightwing? Catwoman? Joker? Absent. There is no good reason not to have them, and the only conclusion I have come up with is the time spent polishing Multiplayer.

To finish it free roam with Deathstroke. :flamen:
had the game installed since march and my first impression was that it was worst than arkham city. strangely enough back then the game also ran horrible for me back then too, but now i can play it on max settings and smoothly. the combat felt same old, same old. the city just feels empty. the game use a poor excuse as to why civilians arent on the street. i just thought when i got the game, the city was actually going to be

im so far warming up to the game more, to where i feel like i can sit and play the game for hours without feeling the need to turn it off, like i previously did a lot when i played the game, the first time i got it. right now i think the game is holding up pretty well for me. when i complete it ill decide if its better than arkham city. i can hands down say that the enemies in arkham city is just down right better looking compared to the bland enemies in origin.
Groovebox Jul 19, 2014 @ 11:23pm 
I feel like the enemies are tougher. I had originally bought the game for PS3 when it first came out. I don't remember why I traded it in so quickly, but I it was soon after you get to crawl the city and had to do a predator mission. I'm thinking something else came out and I want to spend more time with that.

I now have a decent PC and I can run it! So I have been craving a new batman story. I know this one can't be that bad.

All that to say that I really like it, but the enemies feel tougher to me. lol
predator307 Jul 20, 2014 @ 4:35am 
My first game was Batman Arkham City and I really fell in love with it. After AC I bought Arkham Asylum and I noticed that theyre compareable to each other. so I mean you have a kind of instinct whats coming next in the story, you know the "system" of the story, the way the game works. And so in Batman Arkham Origins - the third game - I was sometimes really bored even if they were some new gadgets and something else. But the bossfights were without any exception great. Most of all I loved the ending and the finally bossfight with Bane. The side stories were okay.
Jarcaddy Jul 20, 2014 @ 11:12am 
I really enjoyed it. I think it's got the best story of the bunch.
ktmwoodsrider Jul 21, 2014 @ 4:13pm 
Originally posted by Yummier:
IAs a Catwoman, Deathstroke, and Harley Quinn fan, I would've loved to see more of the them. While I adore Catwoman, I believe the focus of this game should have been on Deathstroke. Who did they advertise the most? Who was hyped to hell and back? I don't even call him being there an appearance. He was a cameo.

To me it felt like most of the villians were cameo appearances, like they were tacked on for bragging rights. They should have had maybe 2 main villians and really focused on their "story".
Im not familiar with the Arkham universe except through these 3 games and was often wondering to myself; "why am I fighting this guy?", most of the many villians in this game had no story, they showed up briefly and were forgotten.
Joel Jul 21, 2014 @ 10:44pm 
I think someone else said it best in another thread they tried to hard to make Joker the main villain in this game again & that vastly took away from the game. Had this game been at least as polished as Asylum & City, dropped the multiplayer & focused on more interactions from the assassins throughout the whole game it probably would have beem a grate game.
Dan_the_pest Jul 23, 2014 @ 6:28am 

I wanted to love it. I really did. I was hyped as all hell when I saw the trailers and interviews. Was excited to see guys like Deathstroke, Deadshot, Black Mask and the other non "mainstream" villains getting a chance to shine. I was excited for the supposed plot of Batman being hunted down by 8 assassins while he still has to deal with the likes of Joker, Anarky, perhaps Calendar Man (since its Christmas and all). Was looking forward to hearing a Christmas rendition the Arkham theme.

And then I played the game. The bugs, the glitches, it was awful. I expeirenced a glitch during the start of the game where I could only counter but not punch and had to restart the game just to finish the first area. Then there's Batman doing summersaults in the air while gliding, mooks getting stuck in walls, not being interrogatable even though they should be, mooks still hitting you even though you timed your counter correctly, the ♥♥♥♥ing Riddler tower you couldn't enter because you'd clip through the vent ever so slightly and get stuck in limbo for eternity. The game was so unpolished, so buggy and glitchy it really soured my experience of it to begin with.

And then I saw the story...I will never understand how people can say this game had a good story while saying Arkham Cities' was a big mess. Over half the cast (particularly any villain who isn't named Joker or Bane) seemed like a throwaway and really added very little to the plot, which becomes an issue when they promised that they didn't choose characters just for the sake of having them or because they thought "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we had X in this?"...which is exactly what they did.

Loeb gets killed off before his character is even established. While people who've read the comics or seen the Year One movie know who he is, most of the playerbase won't. They find out what type of character he is via the Enigma data packs (and that's if they can be arsed with getting them all).

Calendar Man literally shows up for like 7 seconds when Black Mask frees him and then never shows up again even though this would've been the perfect opportunity to have him commit a crime and have Batman solve it.

Penguin? Batman just gives up on him after the Deathstoke fight, almost as if saying "nah, I'll get him tomorrow". I wouldn't mind if you eventually got back to him and properly finished his little sub plot, but no. He locks himself with his two henchwenches and that's him done for the rest of the game.

What purpose did Alberto Falcone serve? Aside from just being there to get poked at by Penguin, that is. Hell, they even teased his Holiday Killer personality in the data packs and did nothing with it. Easily could've had a subplot of Calendar Man and the Holiday Killer trying to outdo each other with their murder spree and Batman has to catch them before it gets completely out of control. Something, ANYTHING, to make his appearance actually mean something.

The assassins? Inconsequential. Three literally just show up for their one boss fight and then bugger off for the rest of the game (Copperhead, Deathstroke, Firefly), two are optional side missions (Deadshot, Lady Shiva), one is a joke (Electrocutioner), another you beat at the very start of the game before Batman even finds out about the assassin (Killer Croc). They had absolutely no presence in the game. You never felt one could jump you at any moment or that you were being hunted. You, much like Batman in the game, just go "I'll deal with them when I feel like it". They added very, very, VERY little to the plot.

And then there's Black Mask...the fact that SPOILERT ALERT Joker has been disguised as him since the start of the game and Sionis being demoted to a side mission was where the whole game left a serious bad taste in my mouth. Joker was well done. He looked great, he sounded great, his talk with Harley was a cool bit of fanservice, but they promised us that Joker would have a small role in the story. Well he didn't. He took over the damn thing. I like Joker as much as the next guy, but I wanted them to give other villains a chance, to introduce the "superficial" Batman fans to villains besides the Joker, Two-Face or Penguin. Plus, we've had him as the main villain for the two previous games. He shouldn't have been the main villain for a third time.

For a game titled "origins" I was expecting Batman to make at least a few mistakes here and there or have trouble with a villain or two or have him actually start and build his relationship with characters like the Gordons. And no, Barbara just "knowing" he's a good guy and helping him out & having him and Jim being all "maybe we could work together" towards the end doesn't count. That's how you START it, not finish it. Batman is never really compromised, even when Bane attacks Alfred and the Batcave. There's no sense of Batman really screweing up or anything. He's just a bit more forceful.

There are a few nitpicky things about the game i don't like, such as how it contradicts certain things established in AA and AC (how Harley met Joker, how long the Asylum has actually been open etc.), or how the Arkham theme was missing and we were treated to the standard Christopher Drake score which 8 times outta 10 isn't very memorable outside of maybe two or three musical pieces. But these things do not affect my overall opinion of the game.

It this was its own Batman game, or literally the first Arkham game and had been more polished and bug free, I'm sure I and mayn others would've loved it, but I've been spoiled by AA and AC and Rocksteady keeping most -if not all- promises they make.

So yeah, overall, I didn't like Arkham Origins.
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