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Good Player Jan 19, 2013 @ 11:34pm
Well, I beat all of it!!
It took 81 hours of gameplay, using my first party. That was including searching every corner, picking up everything I could get away with, and completing every quest in my journal (except for bugs and the deliver iron and arnea fangs - I did manage to finish the mushroom meal one with an extra 33 bags). I also ended with 30,000 (the limit it seems) gold and 45 (max?) reputation. I still didn't manage to dig up all 40 cache spots though

I played on Casual difficulty FWIW:D Like I mentioned elsewhere I've been playing these games for ~10 years. This was my first playthrough of Escape from the Pit, though I still remembered most of the plot from playing Avernum 1 (which was my first Spiderweb game).

My party was:
Shaman (mostly priest spells)
Rogue (mostly range)

Completing the third grand quest was ... ridiculous. I couldn't imagine what it would be like just on Normal.

Now that I've finished the game, I have to say that it only crashed on me once during the whole 81 hours of playing (on Windows 8 64-bit). That was the only memorable bug I encoutered except for the two of the Pyrog's papers quests staying in my journal after I delivered it to someone else.

This was a great remake of a great game. I think I'll wait for the Avernum 2 remake to be released before I tackle another Spiderweb game but it was great fun.

Good luck everyone else!
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Ecohorror Jan 20, 2013 @ 6:08am 
It was pretty great wasn't it!
55 hours I logged, on normal.

Yea, the third grand quest was pretty tough, it took a couple of tries. Though I found the road to it more difficult than the actual battle, until I figured out how to do it. Invulnurability potions definitly helped :)

I don't think I've ever had a crash in one of Jeffs games and I've played A4-6, A:EFTP and G1,3 and 5 (mac versions).

Replaying A4 now, and I'm very much looking forward to the remake of A2!
Waypoint Jan 20, 2013 @ 5:21pm 
I've done it on Torment.

The main difference is your hit chance, damage, and defenses get directly and very heavily penalized for being even slightly underleveled (as in, that lone slith wandering the first area will hit you for 3x your HP bar, but just a few levels later is totally reasonable even though your stats didn't change much), so you have to bounce all over the map partially completing dungeons to level up -- but the monsters cap at level 30 and so the difficulty drops off because your main brick wall very suddenly ceases to exist.

Beyond that, it was mostly having optimized stat distributions planned out ahead of time to burn down bigger HP bars, surviving until you could get Adrenaline Rush and Fireblast on your mage to blitz down most packs of enemies for free XP, and being willing to explore around for untapped questlines.

The last grand quest is more tedious than anything, because you can just barely kill stuff fast enough to outpace their respawns, and then the final boss is an anticlimax because it pretty much mandates chugging invulnerability potions while you blitz him down in a few turns. Grah-hoth was rather more satisfying, though his last wave of minions can die in a fire.
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Darth Mopsy Mar 23, 2013 @ 7:20pm 
I just finished my first play thru y'day with the ready-made party on Normal with all the cheeves :D. It was a blast! I bought Exile 3 in the mid-90s and recognised the company name when they were being promo'd on Steam sale so I thought I'd give it a go - not a big outlay if it wasn't good.

And it was great fun, and well worth it! Only a few minor pathing hiccups. Ran perfectly on Win 8 Pro. I will happily shell out for the next installment!

Now starting with a custom party on hard :D

Re: 3rd grand quest. I found the trick was to keep moving and advancing thru the spiral even if not able to exit combat. I didn't search any rooms and completely avoided the Garden on the way.
Pengchon Sep 16, 2013 @ 2:24pm 
I have archer in my group, where do I get the best bow? name and location please.
AkumulatoR Sep 30, 2013 @ 6:13am 
Done it on Torment too. And let me tell you, the final grand quest was tormenting me indeed. I nearly gave up. Fortunately I managed to skip all fights with my mage blinking through the tower with all other guys dead, and resurrecting them just before the emperor with a scroll. After that it was so easy. Invulnerability + adrenaline rush + divine retribution level 3 and in like 7-8 turns the emperor was no more. I'm happy I didn't turn down the difficulty. Another perfect game for me :)
Crud Bonemeal Oct 20, 2013 @ 7:01am 
Took like 80 hours on Hard. So now I'm only missing the Torment achievement, and I don't really wanna put in another 80 hours for it...
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