DOOM 3: BFG Edition

DOOM 3: BFG Edition

Sharkfood 2013年7月14日下午3:18
RADEON (ATI/AMD) graphic card users crashing? Look in here for solution!
The problem is the AMD OpenGL driver crashes the game right after loading a single-player campaign level, or even with newer drivers it can cause blurry textures or even a crash when looking at access terminals in the game.

There is an easy fix that will do nothing to the rest of your system except patch Doom 3 BFG Edition. It is as simple as copying an older AMD OpenGL driver into the game's directory so only Doom3 will use this older driver.

You can do this in one of two ways:

A) Download the older OpenGL driver file I've expanded for you:
Download the following file:

Unzip this file and within you will find 64-bit and 32-bit directories. This specifies whether you have 64-bit or 32-bit Windows 7 or 8.

Copy the appropriate "atioglxx.dll" file for your operating system into the game directory where Doom3BFG.exe is located.

Launch and run the game normally (no need for anything else)

B) Do it yourself from the AMD drivers
* Obtain the older 13.1 Catalyst drivers for your system. Go to the AMD Graphics Driver site for your videocard and operating system, then click the "Previous Drivers and Software" link on the bottom RIGHT side of the main driver page... then look for the 13.1 drivers. Download this driver set.
* Run the 13.1 installer and CANCEL on the first window after it uncompresses the drivers.
* Go to the C:\AMD\Support\13-1_vista_win7_xxxx_xxxx_dd_ccc_whql appropriate to your system
* Inside that directory, traverse into Packages\Drivers\Display\W86A_INF\B151068 and look for the file: atioglxx.dl_
* Create a writable directory somewhere (for example, C:\Expand) and copy this file to that new directory.
* Open a command window (On the start menu, type "cmd.exe" in the search box, you should see "cmd.exe" appear at the top search results. Click on this to run it)
* You should now be in a DOS prompt/DOS box command shell. CD to the directory where you copied the atioglxx.dl_ file (type CD \EXPAND and hit enter, for example)
* Type at the command prompt: EXPAND ATIOGLXX.DL_ ATIOGLXX.DLL
* It should say the file has inflated or expanded like 127% or similar factor.
* You may close the command prompt now and navigate to the directory (C:\EXPAND) and see both files now: ATIOGLXX.DL_ and the new ATIOGLXX.DLL
* Copy the newly expanded file (ATIOGLXX.DLL) directly into the Doom3 CFG Edition directory in the same place as the Doom3BFG.exe file.
* Launch and run the game normally (no need for Administrator or compat mode).

REMEMBER you have this file in the game directory! In later Catalyst drivers, try removing this file, launching the game and seeing if it's been fixed. This file may NOT be compatible with later drivers after the latest 13.4's so REMEMBER this kludge should the game stop working after updating your drivers down the road.

NOTE: This mainly effects 7000 series and older Radeons. R7/R9 users should get the latest 14.9 Catalyst drivers and while these do work, they may have slightly blurrier textures. Unfortunately, the 13.1 OpenGL file/fix is not compatible with R7/R9.

Good luck!
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Justin 2013年7月14日下午3:48 
Thank you very much. The 13.1 DLL works woderfully.
I have a AMD 5850 on Win7x64 and everything else I tried to start the game failed.
Kerrald 2013年7月14日下午3:55 
Thanks, I'll give this a shot. Was crashing after load on my 5770 with up to date drivers.
Kerrald 2013年7月14日下午4:05 
Your file worked perfectly. Thanks!
jcduke133 2013年7月14日下午4:09 
thanks! This trick works with my HD 7950!
I hope that AMD will fix the openGL driver soon!
最后由 jcduke133 编辑于; 2013年7月14日下午4:10
NOTINUSE 2013年7月14日下午4:31 
Thanks... I still think it's bunk as hell to go through all this trouble. One thing consoles can be good for, lol.
Eibwolf 2013年7月14日下午5:54 
For anyone wondering, that file you upped for win7 64 also works on vista 64. Thanks a lot for the fix btw.
skeletonsquid 2013年7月14日下午6:27 
im stuck on this...

* Copy this file to a convenient, writable directory
* Open a command window (start menu, type cmd.exe, run it), cd to that directory and run: EXPAND ATIOGLXX.DL_ ATIOGLXX.DLL

can anyone break this down for someone who feels ripped off?
Sharkfood 2013年7月14日下午6:54 
I'll try to simplify it for you skeletonsquid:
1) Create a directory on C: drive, call it like "expand"
2) Copy the atioglxx.dl_ to this C:\expand folder you created.
3) On your Start menu, type in the search box: cmd.exe
4) It (cmd.exe) will appear at the top of the search, click on it to launch a black and white dos command prompt
5) At the prompt, type: CD \EXPAND and press enter
7) It should list that it was completed and grew like 127% or similar..
8) You may type EXIT to close the command prompt.

Now you can navigate to the C:\Expand folder and you'll see both files.. The ATIOGLXX.DL_ and the new ATIOGLXX.DLL. You want the ATIOGLX.DLL file and copy this to the directory where Doom3BFG.exe is located so it's side-by-side with this executable.

You should now be able to launch Steam and play the game normally. BUT remember you did this as future ATI drivers may not be compatible with this older OpenGL driver. ONLY Doom3 will be effected as well since it's using this older one instead of the system one.
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wt7 2013年7月14日下午7:30 
引用自 Sharkfood
The solution is to place an older (13.1) OpenGL file into the game directory.
(For Windows 7 64-bit users) Download the file from my system:
I've uploaded the file directly for Windows 7 64-bit here:

TAG 2013年7月14日下午7:38 
引用自 Sharkfood
I'll try to simplify it for you

Thanks for explaining it in detail! I got stuck at the same point since I've only used the command prompt a handful of times before. The game works flawlessly now, kudos!
Keldorn 2013年7月14日下午7:53 
Dude, you just redeemed my evening. Thank you so much!
Sharkfood 2013年7月14日下午8:07 
引用自 Eibwolf
For anyone wondering, that file you upped for win7 64 also works on vista 64. Thanks a lot for the fix btw.

Thanks! I updated the main post with that tidbit. Glad to hear it. :-)
Wojna12 2013年7月14日下午8:58 
I have followed the steps outlined above - downloaded the dll file and copy/pasted it into the folder where the Doom3BFG.exe is. But now when i start the game it just crashes 'Stopped Working'.... please help
Sharkfood 2013年7月14日下午9:03 
Hi Wojna-
Can you provide more information about your system? What operating system, 32 or 64 bit, what kind of Radeon, etc. etc.?

Is there any more details in the error message? Maybe a faulting module, etc. etc.?
Noctis 2013年7月14日下午10:43 
Please help i beg you. I did the EXPAND ATIOGLXX.DL_ATIOGLXX.DLL but it tells me no destination specified. Please help
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