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Chainmail Jan 25, 2013 @ 11:09am
Completely stumped
I'm not one to look at walkthroughs when the going gets tough, but at this point I am completely stuck at one point.

This is the point I'm talking about.

My PDA says to locate the entrance to the monorail station. I've already gotten through the part with all the toxic gas and taken the lift down to this area. I spot a staircase with the word "Monoral" on the wall at the bottom, and I think "jackpot!" Of course when I get to the staircase a random pipe crashes down from the ceiling and blocks off the entrance. Can't destroy it, can't crouch under, can't jump over, and there's no other entrance. Every single walkthrough I look up doesn't even mention this part.

Can someone help me?
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Chainmail Feb 23, 2013 @ 7:36pm 
Bumping because I'm still stuck on this one part.
Wolfwood (Banned) Feb 23, 2013 @ 7:44pm 
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Recycling - Sector 2

Utilize this computer to trigger a new sequence.

Main Objective: Locate the entrance to the monorail station.

The recycling plant is key to survival on Mars, processing waste products into useable resources. Sector 2 primarily refines and recycles chemical and biological waste.

Enter the pump station and the office on the right side. Snag some armor from the shelf and use the health station to mend wounds. Grab Jeffery Moen's PDA off of the console and read emails. Use the computer, which triggers a communications sequence. Defeat the four imps that arrive (one to the far right). Jump through the broken window. Use the rising cylinder to reach the upper catwalk. Maneuver to the door. Battle a couple imps ahead followed by some lost souls. Beware of the imp that materializes behind you.

This crate contains some valuable plasma ammunition.

Objective: Hazard Door Sealed. Reactivate Air Filtration System to gain access to the Monorail Station.

Turn right and spot the storage locker. You received the code on the last level: it's 483. Start down the only available route, which triggers an imp ahead and behind. Be cautious around the explosive barrels. The next room contains a couple imps, souls, and a revenant enters from behind. Maneuver into the storage hall. Gather supplies from the shelf.

Descend the stairs in pipe maintenance and be prepared for a fight. There's a revenant that patrols the bottom (try to kill him using the barrel) and a second that arrives from behind. An imp joins the second revenant. Move down the hall and turn around when you hear the imp. Search his alcove for ammo and health.

Vent the chamber using this computer.

Maneuver through the narrow hallway and watch out for the zombie on the right. Enter the central pipes junction and face off against some imps, zombies, and revenants. The path splits but connects at several points. Go to the left path and find a health station across from a hazard door.

Objective: Containment Chamber. Vent lethal gas.

Go to the right side now and into the storage room. Kill the revenant and imp inside (a grenade works well). Cross to the next door. Imps ambush you in the next hall. Enter hazardous material control. Battle a zombie to the left and grab the ammo behind him. There's also a health station to the right. Approach the controls on the left and vent the chamber. A trio of imps drops down to your right. Slice and dice the zombie to the left and return to the hazard door.

Dark hallways are usually bad news. Defeat these cherubs with bursts from your plasma gun.

Revenants ambush you inside the hazardous material room. Use explosive barrels to defeat the first then turn around and blast the second quickly. Exit through the opposite door. Face off against several cherubs in the next corridor. Just remain stationary and fire the plasma gun at them. Approach the next storage area and back up when you hear the imp. Shoot the barrels to eliminate the imp. Gather the supplies from the room and use the nearby health station.

Get to a pillar and use it as cover against the mancubus' weaponry.

Start up the staircase and defeat the imps that appear. A revenant joins you at the top. Crush him with your chain or plasma gun. Enter the lift area and proceed down. Shoot the cherubs that arrive to the right. In the next room, a cherub hides to the right. Proceed down the ramp and gather the armor behind you.

You'll battle several mancubuses in this underground cavern. Utilize the pillars as cover and avoid standing in front of them and taking the punishment from their projectiles. There are three total. Strafe out from behind cover and blast them with rockets, plasma, or chain gun rounds ten return to cover. Cherubs arrive once all three are dead. Gather health and ammo from room.

Cycle these three vents quickly. Your oxygen is running out!

Ascend ramp and battle some cherubs near a health station and supply rack. Use the lift. Toxins fill the next room. Quickly work across the catwalk and cycle each of the three vents. A revenant teleports in at the end of the path; you'll also find Scott Harding's PDA here. Go through the exit door and you're back near the monorail. Open the bay door to complete the level.

Chainmail Feb 23, 2013 @ 7:46pm 
Thanks for the quick reply. Just got to the monorail part.
Wolfwood (Banned) Feb 23, 2013 @ 7:51pm 
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