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ferringb 18. Nov. 2012 um 16:52 Uhr
exploitable AI bug/stupidity in trading
From what I can tell, deals will auto-break (unsure if with penalty) if one side can no longer fullfill the terms.

What this means is that if you want something from the AI- say tech- all you have to do is ramp up the trade per turn they give you to the max, and ramp up the flat fee to the max. Then chuck whatever crap/spare resources you've got at 'em.

End result, you get the tech and the AI's cash; next turn, the deal goes away since they can't pay for it (or they break the deal- a valid complaint with this game is the opaqueness of certain things, this being one of 'em, there is no notification that the deal ended).

Either way, since the deal is now dead in the next turn, you can repeat it- it basically allows a human to extract one turn deals out of the AI w/out consequence. The bug/stupidity here is that presumably the AI is calculating the deal's worth based on long term income of that resource- and the player is intentionally trojanning the deal.

Via this, one can extract pretty much all tech out of an opponent, while ganking their funds. It's a strongly unbalanced way of beating up an AI- I do not know if the AI adjusts their tax rate to pay for it all, or what, but the per turn you still get, and their cash, and when your turn comes around they have basic savings again, so you can repeat the process. Via this, you can ♥♥♥♥♥ all the tech you want- and worse, you can seriously hold up an empire's development via repeatedly forcing them to max out their taxes.

One oddity of this- I've seen one deal get stuck/stick around in playing w/ this- it was a mixued trade of all of their fiscals, a couple of luxiries I needed, and some crappy strategic resources I sent their way. It still is on the books- and I'm still getting the resources- but the fiscal portion of it no longer is there (no longer getting cash per turn). Seems like a bug there- especially since I can't cancel the deal w/out penalty, but the terms no longer match what we'd agree to.
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