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Dibzahab Feb 12, 2013 @ 5:12am
Things I'd like to see, maybe in ES2.
This is a list of things that I wish were changed in Endless Space. Some could be added as options, some would fundamentally change the game. I'm sure not everyone would welcome the same changes that I would, but I nonetheless present my ES wishlist:

  • BIGGER TEXT. There are many examples throughout the game of text that is just too darn small. I play at 1440x900, and I can only imagine the amount of squinting the guys playing at really high resolutions must need to do. Seriously.
  • I'd like the sound effects in general to be shifted down a couple of registers. With a high quality system, all the menu clicks and so forth have high pitched, grating sounds. The music is great, but the sound effects need some work.
  • High quality cinematics. The brief intro videos for each race are a great start, but I'd really like to see something more. The game could use something that really pops.
  • Some kind of visual indicator demarcating visited systems. When playing amoeba, especially, it can be hard to keep track of which planets have or have not been scouted. I've missed a couple of gold wonder bonuses as a result.
  • General UI improvements. When I double-click the system name to rename it, the edit field should be focused and highlighted, ready for my input. Having to click the field, then click replace existing text is cumbersome. People have a pretty good idea of what to expect in a UI when coming into the game, and the many oddities like this are a distraction.
  • When a popup event occurs, it would be nice to be able to focus the map on it. If I've got 20 fleets scouting the universe, seeing a message that System Omnivex II Prime has a wonder resource is a lot less useful than being shown a system on the map with a golden ring around the planet in question.
  • The tech tree needs serious work. I'm absolutely OK with simplifying the tech tree or restructuring it so that every node has exactly one parent if it means that it can be presented in a more reasonable fashion. I'd like to be able to fully see at least one third of the tree (with "being able to see" defined as being able to see both the structure of the tree and the individual tech bonuses for each item). If nothing else, split the research into four independent sections and adjust the layout accordingly. Right now, even zooming all the way out, it takes way too many clicks to select an entire tree; I'm not saying this is a common need, just that it illustrates how poor the research interface currently is.
  • Hero abilities are presented in a terrible fashion. There exists a chart, but it's just a static image. Why not show a proper skill tree to allow me to make reasoned choices concerning talent upgrade paths?
  • This is minor, but I would prefer the production conversion items to be boosted to at least 50%. There should never, in my humble opinion, be a case where industry is wasted with no option to profit in any way.
  • The requirement that a player be on neutral terms with other civilizations for an extended time before being able to trade or function diplomatically in any way should be removed, ASAP. If nothing else, give us caravan units, embassies, or something to manually force open new trading routes.
  • I'd personally like to see more options for fast movement. Relative to the size of a huge map, even end-game ships take a long time to move from one location to another. The wormhole concept is great, but not always practical on any given map. Perhaps offer up some sort of system upgrade that allows wormholes to be built.
  • Give us some sort of way to queue up multiple planet-level improvements. Having to revisit each system each turn to check on terraforming/colonization/exploitation/etc options is annoying.
  • As an extension of the last point, give advanced users some way of "programming" their own AI for system automation. I'd like to be able to set some specific, explicit parameters, like "make all these planets into ocean planets with food exploitation, and buyout any improvement that takes more than 3 turns and costs less than X% of my treasury."
  • It would be nice if the colored dots for ship travel paths were more highly visible. It can be very difficult to see where a ship is going to end up at any given turn or how many turns will be required to reach a destination. Give us marching ants, a ruler, a numeric indicator... anything.
  • It's nice that you can view all your systems/fleets/etc in a tabular fashion using the overview screens, but it would also be useful to be able to center the map on a system or unit by name. I very often find myself panning around the universe trying to locate a planet of a particular name, and it is frustrating.

Quite a list, I know. Although I'm sure that there will be those who argue that the suggestions are terrible, game-ruining, etc, I think that these are the kinds of features that are going to help ES become the Civilization of 4X space games.

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Aphala Mar 19, 2013 @ 2:47pm 
Being able to reserch multiple things in the 4 different sections, *if it's not already possible* because at first I was but I am assuming you need greater science to be able to be able ot research into multiple areas.
Zaratoth Mar 19, 2013 @ 3:36pm 
Why not posting them in the official game forums? The developers are open to suggestions.
Dibzahab Mar 20, 2013 @ 6:03am 
The official forums are overly moderated by miserable sycophants. If I posted such a list there, they'd probably either try to tell me why I'm wrong for wanting such things or complain that the same thread has been posted in some form or another sometime in the last decade.
Originally posted by ;810919691019487741:
The official forums are overly moderated by miserable sycophants. If I posted such a list there, they'd probably either try to tell me why I'm wrong for wanting such things or complain that the same thread has been posted in some form or another sometime in the last decade.

There is actually a similar thread[forums.amplitude-studios.com] on the forums at the moment. We do not necessarily reply to everything, but do take a look at this kind of threads!
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