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Endless Space - Troubleshooting
What to do?
Report your issue on the official technical support forums[forums.amplitude-studios.com]; we will unfortunately not be able to help all of our players on several forums but we will do our best!

You should start by searching for your issue on the forums and make sure it hasn't been already reported/solved before posting your own thread. Here are the information we will need:
  • Specs
  • Output log (PC: Steam > Steamapps > Common > Endless Space > Endless Space data. Mac: Library > Log > Unity)
  • A save (you can zip it and attach it to a post): Documents > Endless Space > Save (Vanilla version) / Disharmony (expansion pack) > Save
  • Game version: you can find this at the bottom left corner, in the game menu
  • A screenshot: F12 on Steam by default > exit the game > Screnshot uploader > upload the relevant ones and post a direct link on the forum
  • Anything relevant (example: playing with a mod)

Please, check out the Community Wiki[endlessspace.wikia.com] or the official forums[forums.amplitude-studios.com] for more information.

Ship movement:
  • Blockaded on enemy territory: your first Diplomatic status with other factions in game will be the "cold war". This means you will be able to travel in their territory or influence zone without declaring war or an open border. Your enemy, or yourself, will be able to blockade any ship entering their, or your own, territory. You will have to go to the Diplomacy panel and request an open border/peace/war to be able to move your fleet stuck in some enemy territory.
  • Wormholes: you need "Applied Casimir Effect" technology to travel through these wormholes.

On a PC
  • Steam attempts to install everytime: inside the game folder located in Steam (Steam/Steamapps/Common/Endlessspace), you need to delete the .vdf files.
  • Game Won't Start - CTD (Crash to Desktop): Visual C++ Redistributable 2010 is not properly installed on your system. To insure that it is, you need to first uninstall your existing 2010 VC++ Redist from the Windows Control Panel. Once this is done, you need to go to the following location: .../steam/steamapps/common/endless space/components
    Then, use the “vcredist_x86.exe” you find to reinstall that component. It is important that you restart your computer.
  • No menu after the logo screens: make sure your firewall adds Endless Space as an exception. If you are using Comodo, make sure you have enabled “Game Mode”.
  • Video issues: try launching the game with the Steam command "-novideo" (right click on the game > Properties > Set Launch Options).
  • RAPTR client: some players found they could not run the two programs at the same time, without getting a crash. Temporarily disabling it should do the trick.
  • Crashes: check for overheating issues. Update your graphics card drivers, or try to lower the game's graphic settings. Vsync is worth checking too.
  • Asian setup: some players seems to get CTDs you might have to change your keyboard language to English for instance and see if it works.
  • Avast 8: the antivirus seems to make the game crash - try disabling it when playing.

On a Mac
You will sometimes need to edit your registry.xml file. It can be found in your user library. Please follow this link[osxdaily.com] if you don't know how to find this folder.

  • Graphics issues: gfxCardStatus[forums.amplitude-studios.com]
  • Resolution: you may be able to run the game in a window - In your user Library, ~/Library/Application Support/Endless Space/Registry.xml change this line: <Fullscreen>False</Fullscreen>
  • Resolution too small: once again, change it manually in your Registry.xml file.
  • Crash on start: try to disable the Steam overlay.
  • Multiple monitors: try to unplug one of your monitors temporarily, or run the game in a window.
  • Clean User Account: creating a clean user account[forums.amplitude-studios.com] on your Mac may sometimes allow you to run the game without any issue.
  • Moving your fleet: it is a right click on PC. On a Mac, it is anything you set to respond to this behaviour; usually a "double tap" (but it depends on your settings / mouse).
  • Crash on launch/cannot launch the game: http://forums.amplitude-studios.com/showthread.php?18383-Crash-on-launch-MAC-Help-us-help-you!-WORKAROUNDS-FOUND


Please, check out these links:

List of workarounds:
  • De-synchronisation: You may observe from time to time synchronisation issues. Please note that our team is working on fixing those issues, step by step. We can however advise you to save and re-host from time to time:
  • VPN programs: Many players have reported that the Hamachi freeware VPN server interferes with multiplayer. If you are running Hamachi, please temporarily try uninstalling it.
  • Server disconnections: Related to Steam. Check for Server downtime here.
  • Firewall and NAT - Steam ports: Try opening a few ports: please check out this link.
  • Steam voice chat: Some players have reported that using the Steam voice chat feature during a MP game caused several desynchronisation issues. It seems to interfere with the game.


  • Steam CD keys: you can find them when right clicking on Endless Space in your Library and copy to clipboard. Register and redeem these keys on our website for the GAMES2GETHER. The dev team proposes art and game design choices for Endless Space here: [url=The dev team proposes art and game design choices for Endless Space here: http://endless-space.amplitude-studios.com/Games2gether. The winning choices will be implemented in-game in upcoming game updates. The more points you have, the more your vote will count. The winning choices will be implemented in-game in upcoming game updates. The more points you have, the more your vote will count.
  • Soundtrack: you will be able to find it here -> Steam > Steamapps > Common > Endless Space > Soundtrack. Here's a link to the artist's Bandcamp page, FlyByNo[gameaudiofactory.bandcamp.com].

If you have any question, don't hesitate to email us[www.amplitude-studios.com] (for customer support only! Visit the official forums for Technical Support[forums.amplitude-studios.com]).
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