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Linux, please
I tried this on Linux (through wine) on the free weekend. It worked relatively well, although zooming in/out didn't work. I would definitely buy if it were released on Linux beta.
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Wow - anti-Linux windoze fan-boys. How boring. Maybe everyone isn't aware: there is a Steam-on-Linux beta test going on, or that Valve has released multiple statements citing Linux as a more viable future game platform than windows. It is our responsibility to make our wishes aware to game devs so they can decide if they think it's worth their time to release for Steam-on-Linux. My comment is useful: I'm letting someone know that a beta-tester likes their game. This game works relatively well in Linux via Wine. Sometimes that means a Linux client isn't far behind.
Umm, isn't the whole point of asking for it so the devs know there's a demand? Also, Steam is going to have a linux solution in place which means publishers will be releasing things that work natively in linux through opengl implementations....which again...means people need to be vocal to push for which games they want ported first.

*Edit: bitterblackale beat me to the point
最近の変更はmelrhombusが行いました; 2012年12月30日 20時49分
It has a nice Mac OS version so I doubt it's a big problem to release native Linux version. Correct me if I'm wrong.
d10sfan 2012年12月30日 21時25分 
Linux is a viable operating system, and has more and more games coming to it.

Anyways, it would be great to see a Linux version of the game. Sadly, it seems like the developers feel it is a low priority (http://forums.amplitude-studios.com/showthread.php?4459-Question-Linux-version&p=105538&viewfull=1#post105538).

The game is using Unity, but an older version (3.5 which dosen't support Linux). Hopefully they decide to move the game over to Unity 4
I know Linux is viable, I used it for a while back in the 90s and learned command line stuff in school as part of my networking program a few years ago. It's just not the easiest to configure for various hardware, etc. Plus only 0.57% of Steam users use an "other" OS.
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I join the cause!
It's probably safe to say that the reason only .57% of Steam users use an 'other' OS is that until now, a client for an 'other' OS that is capable of really advanced graphics has not been available from Steam. iOS, for example, can't really do much in terms of processor intensive animation like systems with dedicated graphics cards. Linux systems are used to create CGI for multi-million-dollar films, so the capability has already been demonstrated. The fact that there are now 41 games available to run natively in Linux (thanks to Steam) is a wonderful thing. It's still only in beta, but there are thousands -- 60,000 people applied for the closed beta, and thousands more than that have downloaded it since it went open beta this month. I think the future for Linux gaming is bright, and devs will jump in once people like myself speak up and say "Hey - I'm spending money on OTHER games because they run great on my OS." I've bought more games now that Steam is available than I typically do - just because I want to be part of this. It's cool if the makers of Endless Space aren't interested. I think it's a mistake, because this is exactly the sort of game a lot of Linux users might go in for. The game costs (normally) around $30. It would cost a few thousand dollars to port it. And they might sell 1000 downloads, (in which they would profit) or they might only sell 100, breaking even. There is a limited number of games available for linux right now, and none are quite like E.S. - Only 41 games and 60,000 Linux client users. I think they would sell at least 100, and the odds are good that they might push 1000 or more purchases JUST during the beta. It's only a small gamble, really. This might just fizzle out, or SfL may be extremely successful.
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Buxaroo 2012年12月31日 14時54分 
Agreed, would love to see this ported to Linux. I only run windows, like most gamers, for games...everything else can be done on Linux, if not better. Think about it: what do you do on windows that can't be done with Linux? Games is the only thing stopping Linux from taking off. If you think Linux is hard, your ignorant and basing your "opinion" on outdated information. I run Mint 13 and the only time I need to open a command line is to logon as SU. You do that much in Windows. Big deal. Installing Linux is a breeze that even a mentally deficient monkey can do now.

Windows has abandoned gaming on the PC, that's a fact. It's all about XBOX and the ability to run their games both on XBOX and Windows 8, anyone can see that. DX11....that was the last time Windows updated their system, and most games are still programmed utilizing DX9 (aka, to make it run on scrub 2005 year old tech called consoles).

Linux is far far more viable for gaming, it just needs a push, which Valve is doing, to get game devs to start programming using OpenGL (aka all PS3 games are using OpenGL, not to mention Android/iOS/etc/etc) instead of making their games to run on DirectX (aka Windows and XBOX) instead. It will take a few years, but it will happen. If Valve implements the Steam Box console, that means it will be Linux based, and that's a fact that anyone can google and verify for themselves.
Spydy 2013年1月1日 11時09分 
I actually had to install Windows after I couldn't get this working on Wine good enough, it worked well but occasional crashes ruined the fun for me. A native Linux port would be awesome.
+1 for linux version.
Would buy a Linux version.
+1 for linux version.
Juzz 2013年3月11日 23時43分 
+1 for Linux version
+1 For Linux, and also ignore the guy who writes off linux because he used it in the 90's and it was difficult for them. A lot has changed since then, and linux gaming is very viable. Look at every single Humble Bundle chart and stat released. Linux users are willing to pay more than OSX and Windows users. Oh, and steam usage is at 2% now on linux and increasing.
+1 for Linux version
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