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siztem 23/abr/2013 às 22:19
freezes, stuck ships, unbalanced AI (and other praises)
This is a really fun game*

*However, the freezing has got to get fixed. This machine plays most games on their highest settings, so it's very odd that I have to dumb-down the settings for an RTS. Although that worked at first, I'm now getting freezes every half hour while playing on 1600x900, windowed mode, on the "fastest" quality setting.

The AI on Easy shouldn't zerg swarm. (In my opinion, they shouldn't even swarm in Normal)

I found, just tonight, that pressing left shift (which happens to be the only key besides Tab that Steam uses) is what has been locking ships into place, for whatever reason. Whatever reason this serves in the game as well, I can't even fathom. But it worked. For a while. Ships and fleets still get stuck, no matter how many times I bash my face into the shift key.

This is a really fun game. But I'm putting it back on the shelf til these get sorted out.
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Endless Space is not a RTS, but a turn base game (apart from the combat!). :)

As for the freezing, I assume you performed the "usual" advice: installing VC redistributable 2010, make sure your latest drivers are installed, check for programs like RAPTR (their client seems to interfere with the game), and indeed, lowering the game settings (playing on a huge galaxy with lots of wormholes will probably cause more issues than on a smaller one).

Then, I'm sorry, I have never played Starcraft (!), though I think you are referring to the AI being aggressive and expanding fast? Colonising the most interesting systems in early game is a standard strategy - the better the planets, the better the expansion. You'll get resources, a happy population that will increase, and so on.

The "Shift" key in game is used to create waypoints. Thought we did change this morning this feature to "Alt" I believe (production schedules are tight and we are not a huge team, we never got the time to actually change this until now) - this should be available in our next update.

Ship movement may seem complicated at first, but when it's not the Steam overlay issue (shift + tab), it is usually a game design choice that isn't understood properly. Indeed, you may or may not move your ship in some cases:
- Enemy territory and you do not have any open border treaty or aren't at war with them.
- Wormholes: you need to acquire a technology to travel in them.
- Cold war, the default diplomatic state, that allows you to travel anywhere, but if your enemy blockades your fleet, the only way to move will be to declare war or ask for an open border treaty.

Hope this answers your questions!
siztem 24/abr/2013 às 2:45 
Forgive me; turn-based game. Dunno why I said RTS....

VC 2010, check (actually have more recent version)
Updated drivers, check
Don't even know what RAPTR is, but I know I don't have it - check
Lowered all graphics - check.

Game still freezes. It's a good thing I have two monitors - I can keep the game on one and task manager. When the game freezes, I can't alt-tab out nor access task manager normally. The only way to fix it is to do a hard restart.

As for colonizing, that's exactly what I do - look for the best planets. I like one of the latest updates with the auto-explore option, and the possibility to earn more explorers randomly. But even being picky about what planets I colonize, the AI still nabs 2 or 3 for every one I get. I could make smart choices down the list, but I'll still be outnumbered vastly. I don't know, maybe concentrating on a few systems would be an advantage in this game, but it's still very strange.

As for changing alt to shift, thank you!! That will save a lot of headaches. However, it still doesn't solve the fact that ships still get stuck, regardless of how many times I'll press shift and click something or any variation of the two. Not being able to travel through wormholes is a given - tech has to be researched. Not having an open border agreement makes sense as well. But I had ships stuck in *my* system, unable to leave, regardless of trying having disbanded them.

Like I said in the original post, this is a really fun game. But these couple of things really drive me nuts to the point that I almost don't want to play.
Old Ben 24/abr/2013 às 10:29 
Sorry to hear of your problems. I still use WinXP and have absolutely no issues playing this game. Did you try verifying you STEAM files ? You might also try setting you graphic card to a single monitor and see if the problem might be with the video setup.

In Easy mode I also notice the AI building a ton of ships, but my tech is usually so far ahead in that difficulty that they are no problem to me. Just keep upgrading your fleets as you advance your tech. I have held off over 200 CPs of enemy ships with only my fleet of 7 ships (CPs) because my tech was superior. There is some learning curve and if the game gives you some troubles, play in easiest difficulty as the AI is almost useless, and turn off the pirates. This will give you the time to play and enjoy the game while you are learning. Once you feel ready, then turn up the difficulty, turn on pirates if you want and get ready for a challenge. Also don't keep looking for the 'best' systems to colonize, as the AI will get ahead of you. Just grab any system that has planets you can colonize and as tech advances, you will be able to colonize more of the planets in that system.

Good luck fixing your computer problem.
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siztem 24/abr/2013 às 18:35 
Yup, verified the files and the only problem found was that one file was missing (the file recommended to be deleted by the dev's so that steam stops trying to install the game every time you run it).

Hmmm.....could be the dual monitor set up, since that's the latest variable. I played this game when it first came out and didn't have this freezing problem then (nor did I have dual monitors). I'll give that a shot.

As for planets, I ended up making a custom race with the Amoeba affiliation so that I start off with the whole map visible. Almost unfair if you ask me, but it definitely helps a lot early-game, knowing where all the good planets are and knowing where the AI is
siztem 24/abr/2013 às 20:52 
Alright, well, I deactivated that monitor and kept all the other settings just as they were.

Except instead of getting maybe an hours' worth of play, I now got about 20 minutes before it froze up.

Steph'nie, I hear you guys are working on an update that will be released soon. And I appreciate all the hard work you guys put into this game. But please, include something in that update that fixes this. New content is great, but it doesn't mean anything if people can't play your game.
Thanter 24/abr/2013 às 22:35 
Get a utility to check your temps and voltages, preferably one that charts them. If you are adding components your power supply might need to be upgraded. If it's been a while, you may need to clean the dust out.

Even if it is the game crashing, which it never has done to me, your PC will thank you, and you'll have piece of mind that something isn't about to burn up in your machine.
siztem 24/abr/2013 às 23:02 
Have an on-board temp - everything's fine. No new components, and blew out all the dust just two weeks ago. When I'm playing a more demanding game, I can hear the fans ramp up. Doesn't happen with Endless Space, and I have a monitor that guages how much memory the game uses. Everything there is in the green as well.
Thanter 25/abr/2013 às 9:17 
Why I like two monitora so much, can play in fullscreen and have utilities open on second monitor so I can see whats going on inside the box. Sounds like you are on top of it.

I can't imagine that ES would put much demand on a GPU, I only suggested it because the sympton you describe is exactly what happened to me several times when things got dusty or GPUs needed new heat paste.

Good luck to you.
siztem 25/abr/2013 às 14:16 
That's exactly what I ended up doing. Usually when playing a less-demanding game, I would have the game up in front and something like facebook or youtube up on the other. But come the constant freezes, I kept a memory utilities / task manager up instead to see how much was being drawn. Even on high graphics settings, I was still in the green. Games like Battlefield 3 run on high settings with ease and without any problems or hangups. But I can still hear the fans speed up when there's significant load on them; it's not the case with ES. And unless there's some sort of software conflict between ES and the drivers for my GPU fans, I doubt it's a hardware problem.
siztem 26/abr/2013 às 14:35 
Just throwing it out there,

Where once the freezes would happen between 1.5 - 2 hours, they're now happening 15 minutes into playing.

This has gone from an annoyance to unplayable. Suffice it to say, this game is going back on the shelf.
Unholydonuts86 27/abr/2013 às 1:32 
I am also having the problem with the freezes. Its the only game that freezes on my Computer and it happens after about 20-30 Minutes.
Unholydonuts86 27/abr/2013 às 6:59 
My game is running stable again. But only if i run it on 1024 x 768. Worked for a few hours no without Problems.
siztem 27/abr/2013 às 16:01 
only on 1024x768? man that sucks... but hey, if it works, it works. still though, a proper fix would be nice
Old Ben 28/abr/2013 às 18:58 
I run at 1440 x 900 with WinXP, I5-2500 quad core cpu, GFX550TI GPU.. Absolutely no problems, never even had a crash of any type and have played at least a dozen games completly through. All I can suggest is the normal troubleshooting...check drivers, make sure no background programs are running other then essential Window stuff, defrag your drives, crank display options down to minimum to start, check sound drivers and perhaps set to simple 2 channel. Try to find a stable place where you can then turn things up to find out what you computer problems are. Good luck..
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siztem 29/abr/2013 às 0:50 
Drivers - up to date, check
background programs - tried playing the game after a fresh boot up, still crashes
defrag - windows and third-party programs both say fragmentation is in the 1%
display options - minimum helps, but crashes persist

sound drivers......actually, haven't tried that. i'll give that a shot in the morning. and thank you
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