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Dev Blog: Endless Dungeon of the Space Legend
Taken from the Dev Blog[forums.amplitude-studios.com]:


I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the Vaulters in Endless Space, equipping Gork with the pink tutu in Dungeon of the Endless, or going through the game design documents of Endless Legend. We have several things on our minds to share with you that are related to our games and the GAMES2GETHER[g2g.amplitude-studios.com].


The Steam coupons for ES and the new Disharmony faction were offered to the early supporters of Dungeon of the Endless, amongst other community perks included in the Founder Pack. It was a good way for us to welcome new players who were about to dive into the Endless universe.

Some of our community members seem to be confused about the Vaulters and their availability. We would like to inform you, as mentioned previously in the DotE FAQ, that the Vaulters will be available as a free DLC when DotE is released (no exact date yet unfortunately!) so everybody can enjoy them!


It's coming...soon. I hate to tease you like that (no really, I do) but it is still work in progress and we'd rather not reveal anything to disappoint you but since we're all back from our holidays, we should focus on the development of the game and provide updates regularly.

As for this next update, please make sure that you finish your current game:

Game saves will unfortunately not be compatible with the new version.

So tell your friends, family and pugs in case they miss the message. Keep in mind that we are in Alpha and many changes are likely to be made so don't get too attached to your current crew members, you'll find more of them if you explore the dungeon.

We have the results of the G2G votes for our mid and long term priorities for DotE: Advanced Events and the Multiplayer won! Before you worry about the other choices, please understand that we will eventually add all the items listed on this G2G votes, as they are on our list of improvements but the G2G votes allow us to set priorities.

We have also asked you for event ideas for the game and have been loving your submissions. In the G2G vote[g2g.amplitude-studios.com] of this week, we will ask you to choose between the ones we thought were more likely to be added soon. More details on our decision here[forums.amplitude-studios.com] but congrats already to all of those who contributed to the thread.

You can vote on the GAMES2GETHER[g2g.amplitude-studios.com] page but don't forget to redeem your CD keys before doing so.

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Mr. Stimpson Jan 9, 2014 @ 4:21pm 
Thanks for the heads-up.
B.Snow Jul 25, 2014 @ 3:18am 
Getting a little sick of waiting for the Vaulters, DotE shows a release date of Dec 2013 or something - I'm not buying that game just to get them IDK why we need to wait for it to "be released" = aka you stop call it "early access", or "beta release", (or whatever)...
All the "waiting" is just p*ss*ng me off, Endless Legends looks like something I may play, but needlessly waiting on the Vaulters isn't exactly generating goodwill with me.

It's obvious that y'all are trying to get people to buy DotE = to get the Vaulters. And, you know full well - that (many) people will "cave" & buy the whole damn game & likely never even play it.

Rather than indefinately waiting on you to stop the obvious milking of the "completionists" in the community for CA$H.
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alex_dt83 Jul 28, 2014 @ 12:20pm 
Grieving Sparrow Aug 27, 2014 @ 4:30pm 
I will get DOTE and Endless Legends when their Mac versions come out, but until then I am sorry but you are out of luck there. I know you all have mentioned several times there will be a mac version for both games probably after their full version is released in due time.

That is fine and all but I still can not go buying a game on a promise like that ahead of time because what if you never do or something happens and you are not able to get a reasonably working mac version or you do get the mac version and release it and it turns out, my old school mac can not run it?

Then I wound up buying a game for nothing but an extra race in Endless Space. That would just be stupid from a consumer standpoint. I believe in what you all are doing and I have no doubts you will keep your promises. I can even wait on the Vaulters, as honestly, it is not a huge deal to me and I love Endless Space already as it is.

Still, do think about that stuff, as I am only trying to give you a glimpse into what some people might be thinking outside of the obvious ones who are irked about having to wait for patches etc. for potentially game breaking bugs.

On another note though, I have played this game mostly offline, for much longer than my total time suggests and I wanted you all to know, I love Endless Space and it is truly one of the best 4x space strategy games I have ever played!

Keep up the amazing work!

Cheers! ^_^
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