Football Manager 2013

Football Manager 2013

Neil Brock  [開發人員] 2013 年 1 月 28 日 上午 9:04
For users encountering Crash Dumps
A crash dump is a generic name for any type of crash you encounter when running the game. Contained within the file is information related to what kind of crash you have, which in some circumstances we will ask you to upload to the Sports Interactive FTP. Deleting this file will not solve your crash dump.

To get to the bottom of your issue, first up we’d ask you to remove any custom graphics/logos/skins etc you’ve added to your game to see if it was caused by them. If not, we’d then suggest the following:

Deleting your settings files as shown here -

Verifying your game cache as shown here -

Then try changing from GPU rendering as explained here -

If none of that works, create your OWN thread within our Tech Issues/Crashes sub-forum which can be found here –

Within this thread we’ll need you to tell us when exactly the game crashes for you. Is it always on the same date, or is it random? Have you used any type of editing tool? If so, what changes did you make? If your crash is always on the same date and the above steps haven’t helped, please upload your save game to our FTP and let us know the file name and date it crashes within your own thread. FTP details here –

If the crash is random, when does it occur? Is it during processing, when clicking a specific screen (say a players profile) or is it during or when going to a match?

We’d then ask you for technical information, such as if you’re running any kind of anti-virus and what type and to post your dxdiag details for us to look at. Details on how to access and post your dxdiag details can be found here -

Once this has been done, a member of our technical team will be able to reply to your thread and attempt to resolve your issue.