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BETA Instructions
Hello everyone,

Here are general instructions on trying out the latest beta. Please post feedback/bugs on beta-release-specific threads.

To try it out, simply right-click Symphony in your Steam library then select "Properties". From that menu, select the "BETAS" tab and make sure "beta_loggin_f" is selected.

IF YOU RUN INTO ANY ISSUES (and that's kind of the point!):
PLEASE if you run into crashes, the beta build includes a splash screen that describes where to find the log file. It will be very useful for us if you can e-mail us that file (support at Empty Clip

IMPORTANT: Although we believe the game should be very stable, we highly recommend backing up your saved game folder if there is anything in there you wish to preserve. It is located in your Windows user folder/AppData/Roaming/Empty Clip Studios/Symphony (backup all sub-folders).

Thank you!
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Symphony > General Discussions > Topic Details
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