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The Problem with Subwoofers [Steam Forums]
Posted By Rultan on 08/07/2012:

First off i did not create this post but there is a massive problem with subwoofers and Matt posted on this that Francois would reply on subwoofers but this never happened and it seems to have gotten buried, but this is something that should really be tweaked because they dont generally work on tracks that they should, and that dissapoints me because the description for subwoofers when i first started playing were amazing then to find out that they werent working properly was pretty upsetting. if this needs to be removed at all i will as soon as i can no worries.

"I have had a lot of fun with this game so far however I have found the subwoofer very lackluster depending on the song. Most of my music is very bass heavy because I mostly listen to hardstyle. This genre has a constant kick drum that I expected to proc the subwoofer and cause it to fire, however the rate of fire seems very random and generally off beat. Out of the 25 songs I played with it I found that for 75% of the time it would fire every couple of seconds at a size comparable to the small ships. 25% on 3 of the songs it would sync up and shoot faster and about the size of one of the large bomb ships. I'm not sure what causes it to function this way or if this is how you have intended it to work but to me it seems like it isn't functioning properly, or i just have the wrong idea of how it's supposed to work. I hope you take a look at this and possibly explain why it functions this way or maybe some possible fixes to it. Some examples of the songs I was playing are:

The Pitcher - Mad Killer

Brennan Heart - Alternate Reality

Noisecontrollers - E=NC2
the last video is removed so i broke the link

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Wow, thanks for bringing that one back if it slipped through the cracks. ;)

The subwoofer was not quite named correctly due to the history of how we built weapons. Originally, we were going to have a subwoofer, a tweeter and a few other frequency-based weapons. Unfortunately as you might have seen, the behavior was not consistent enough to warrant splitting them off. (e.g. a big surge in energy in the audio data would trigger all frequencies together, regardless of which frequency band we were analyzing) So we only kept the subwoofer and assigned it to general energy surges in the song. In most cases we looked at it sync'ed up nicely with the beat.

Unfortunately, all this is very genre/era/mixing-specific, so the beat matching may not work very well in the cases you looked at.

The size of the bullet is dependent on the size of the energy spike. Once again, this is very dependent on the mixing. Some mixes are very nicely done, with a bunch of headroom, allowing for actual spikes in energy which show up nicely in the game (a.k.a. huge bullets!). But often, the song is "bricked" (mixed to the maximum energy level nearly all the time) and the energy spikes are not that big since everything is already at a high level, meaning smaller bullets. We COULD model the size of the bullets on the absolute value of the energy, but that would reduce the impact of big "hits" in a song, not to mention a lot of re-calibrating.

Anyhow, I hope this made some sense! By the way we DID think of renaming the subwoofer after realizing the confusion (to something like "sonic pulse cannon"), but we didn't want to confuse players by changing their gun names mid-stream.

Empty Clip Studios
Thanks for the Clarification, and i have noticed that it had been working a bit better but its generally like you said pretty heavy songs ive been having problems with, which is unfortunate. It was good to finnally get this one answered as ive been watching that post since probably december waiting XD
gaspuch62 Mar 22, 2014 @ 10:42pm 
I found that Beethoven can be dynamic enought to have some very powerful and consitant shots with the Subwoofer.
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