A Virus Named TOM
Cheat my way through a couple of the levels!
I found a way to cheat through certain levels because of something that I think was overlooked when making the game. The example level I will use is 6-1. There are 3 drones and one of them has the virus in it. The tiles are played out so that the virus will spread to one half of the level. How I solve it and I'm assuming this isn't the way it was designed to be solved is by spreading the virus to the left half then spinning one tile in a circle so that the virus won't fade away. I continue this until the virus drone respawns and then I quickly set a glitch on the right side of the level and then go back to spinning the tile to keep my first virus spread going. The virus drone spreads the virus on the right side and I finish the level. I did this on a previous level as well and a co-op level.

Ways this can be solved:

1) Don't have a virus last forever when it loses or gains a new tile. (though this mechanic may be in the game for a reason.)

2) Don't have a virus drone respawn until the virus it created is gone.

So far I got about 5 hours into the game and I'm having a lot of fun. I just thought I would bring this work around to everyones attention. Hopefully I explained myself well enough if not I guess I could make a video showing you what I mean.
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Niban  [developer] Oct 26, 2013 @ 4:09pm 
As long as you are turning a tile, (it doesn't matter which one) the virus stays alive. It does this in case you are adding a connection to an already infected circuit and "resets" the timer so to speak. Another way to fix this level would be to swap the position of the green drone with one of the other drones. That way the green drone can't access both sides of the level.

I've asked the developers about it, and they said that it's not something they plan to fix since it would require rewriting a bunch of code, so they are considering it a feature. So it's a legit strategy. Obviously, it is best to try and beat a puzzle the way it was intended, but they are okay with it.
Misfits Attic  [developer] Oct 28, 2013 @ 4:30pm 
So that's a "feature" that's been in the game since the early development. We decided not to remove it because when I saw people beat levels this way I found it novel and wanted to keep it in. I'm generally in favor of alternate solutions to problems, especially those I didn't intend the player to have in the first place :)

This also happened in 4.08 (SP) where I thought I had designed the puzzle in such that you had to disconnect the circuit before starting the infection, but by accident you could kill the drones in a way that you didn't have to. I left the drones there because I thought that was a happy accident that I hadn't noticed the loop hole.

Lemme know of others that you find, I think they're rad :happyTom:
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