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Quint the Robot Girl 2013년 9월 10일 오전 1시 24분
DId you play Hugo or Yunica first?
On your first playthrough, did you pick Yunica or Hugo?

And feel free to share why if you want to.
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Sol21 2013년 9월 10일 오전 3시 21분 
I pick Yunica since she is very cute girl and I like how strong she is
74 2013년 9월 10일 오후 8시 58분 
I picked Yunica first because her moveset/controls seemed similar to Adol's from Oath in Felghana, which I had played before. The up close melee style also felt waaay more satisfying than Hugo's ranged/bullet attacks, though IMO the boss fights were easier with Hugo.
DPB 2013년 9월 11일 오후 12시 02분 
Hugo, for the opposite reasons to 74. I first played it not long after finishing Oath, and I thought I'd be less likely to get bored with the game if I went for a different style of character to Adol.
Jerk Daniels 2013년 9월 25일 오전 6시 36분 
I played Hugo first on normal, then Toal on hard, and now I am playing Yunica on nightmare. This was my first Ys game, so I had no expectations on how the previous games played. I did play Oath in Felghana after my Hugo play-through and before my Toal play-through. I feel like normal on Oath was about as hard as nightmare is so far in Origins; it seems like the boss mechanics have to be factored in a lot more.
Mr. Wonderful 2013년 10월 1일 오전 3시 24분 
I find that playing as Yunica first adds quite a lot of weight to how Hugo acquires his third power.
Quint the Robot Girl 2013년 10월 1일 오전 10시 26분 
Well, Yunica got her fire ability through a spoilery development too.

And I played Yunica first. Probably because she's cute. And hey, the story was worth it.
Castles Made of Sancho 2013년 10월 1일 오후 5시 26분 
I played Yunica first because she was the first on the list...
Quint the Robot Girl 2013년 10월 2일 오전 1시 07분 
Oh, that too.
MrLips 2013년 10월 4일 오후 1시 48분 
Love Yunica shes more fun to play.
little bitch 2013년 10월 4일 오후 4시 07분 
you guys beat this game? im playing yunica and im stuck on the 17th floor fighting that plant thing. you guys play on hard or normal. cause hard is seriously imposible on that part
Kovaelin 2013년 10월 5일 오전 9시 49분 
I played Yunica first, because that's what the game seemed to want me to do.
Lightmx 2013년 10월 7일 오전 1시 03분 
I played as Hugo Fact on Normal mode first because I wanted to play with different moveset than Adol. Recently I started the game again as Toal on Hard mode and for the future, my plans are beat the game with Yunica on Nightmare mode.
erassi 2013년 10월 7일 오전 3시 13분 
at first played yunica, I felt that yunica was very slower than adol.
Quint the Robot Girl 2013년 10월 7일 오후 12시 40분 
^^ I'm having so much difficulty with Kishgal on Nightmare mode as Yunica right now. Just the boss rush. Well I guess in the game I could overlevel...
The Real Me 2013년 10월 8일 오전 9시 14분 
I chose hugo more fitting for my type of game skills. But toal kicks ♥♥♥. He's the first unlockable person. I heard rumors theres more people to unlock but not sure with the steam version.
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