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SnowPin 31. Juli 2013 um 17:04 Uhr
Getting past gas room?
It's right after the devil's corridor... I know I have to kill the big glowing guys to unlock the door at the end.. the problem I'm having is that I can't survive long enough to get there...

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Korzic 1. Aug. 2013 um 10:45 Uhr 
If you haven't already, give the Roo here a Roda Fruit, and it'll give you an item to help you get through.
I can't remember if it was in Hugo's or Yunica's route but one of them needs to destroy some pipes outside of the room to prevent the sound that kills you from playing.

edit: Yeah it's in Hugo's route. If you listen you can hear the sound of the music playing outside the room when you're close to the pipes.
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SnowPin 1. Aug. 2013 um 13:30 Uhr 
I figured it out, I had to use the hammer on a pipe.
Sejren 26. Feb. 2015 um 2:49 Uhr 
( playing as Hugo, in Devils Corridor)

i want to put some clearaty on that wage hint of "on a pipe" a point out the location.

first you have to run throuhg the room until you reach an exit,
its not that far and your char will manage to survive it. (right where the "glowing guys" are)
In that small room you will find an
"Roo" that give you a "hammer" once you fed him a "Roda Fruit"

(after you got the hammer)

If you teleport to "Gulty fire 2" and head TOWARDS in the direction of "Devils Corridor" you will reach a Hallway that leads up and connects the two Stages,
in that Corridor you`ll find the Pillars with the Pipes.
( you will hear the music of the "Devils corridor"
once you get close to the pipe you have to destroy)
Or you could head BACK, from Devils Corridor in the direction of
"Gultiy fire 2 until you reach the hallway".
Im writing this in a 2 year old Post, because i got to that point and all the Information i got was like, "over there" or " destroy a Pillar",
so i thought it would be helpfull to get an location where you suppoused to be headed.
And of course to give an information for others who might search for a solution.
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