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Silk 24/jul/2013 às 10:18
Lost my monster info
I've just started playing yesterday and today when I loaded today all of the monster entries have gone back to ??? apart from the last hours worth or so.

Anyone had this happen - any idea how to rpevent it happening again cos that was a hour of grinding..
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Silk 24/jul/2013 às 10:20 
Aaaand my boss entries are gone too. Now I guess that means I can't get 100% completion without restarting.. wtf :/
Democlis 24/jul/2013 às 11:45 
Same problem here. Lost all the journal entrys , Monsters AND Characters... Its getting anoying since i already completed all the monsters up till #23, in Nightmare, TWICE....

Forgot to mention, EVERY TIME i restart the game both journals are wiped clean (don't know why)
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SkyniteZero 24/jul/2013 às 13:53 
ill take the third spot cause its happening to me as well. and it is annoying wish there is a way to fix this.
X ツ 24/jul/2013 às 14:12 
Same, everything gone :(
Silk 24/jul/2013 às 14:47 
I had a 5 hour session, got half way up the tower.. quit out via the in game menu.. launched it again, and I have an empty book again. This sucks.
lostsomething 24/jul/2013 às 14:47 
Yeah, something's definitely messed up here - lost my arena info. Kept ex character unlocks but all the arenas are missing their information and showing up back in the store to repurchace.
MaverickHL 24/jul/2013 às 16:08 
just had that happen to me as well :p

Basically, after loading current saves the monster and character lists are wiped out. After collecting some monster data, saving and then exiting the game. When you re-load the game another time the list is still empty and all the extra work trying to restore what was gone previously goes down the drain as well.
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SkyniteZero 24/jul/2013 às 16:20 
isnt there something that can be done about this cause this is crazy. i am a achievement hunter and having one of the acheievements be that of collecting data that disappears cuase major headaches.
MaverickHL 24/jul/2013 às 16:24 
Well, its a bit loo late technically unless Sara is willing to provide a full unlock list of the data. Sara will need to correct me, but the record.tp and record.ta2 files in the save directory may house the data for the time attack and monster records, since multiple saves from different playthrough contribute to the total monster/character data list.

There is always finding a trainer to also unlock the said database if you are an achievement hunter.
Sara  [desenvolvedor(a)] 24/jul/2013 às 17:19 
Eeeergh! This is awful, but I'll have a fix for it shortly. I'm so sorry, guys...
Escrito originalmente por Sara:
Eeeergh! This is awful, but I'll have a fix for it shortly. I'm so sorry, guys...
Stuff like this is why I'm always willing to throw my money at XSeed.
SkyniteZero 24/jul/2013 às 18:10 
Escrito originalmente por Sara:
Eeeergh! This is awful, but I'll have a fix for it shortly. I'm so sorry, guys...
its better to find out and get it fixed. thank you Sara for looking into it.
Sara  [desenvolvedor(a)] 24/jul/2013 às 18:20 
Patch is up.
Escrito originalmente por Sara:
Patch is up.

Hi Sara,

Thank you for your work on patching this issue quickly. The fix seems to work after testing that the Arena info and Monster entries are saving after quitting. However, is there any way to restore what we've lost due to this issue? My monster books are now all blank, and the Arena levels require unlocking again.
Sara  [desenvolvedor(a)] 24/jul/2013 às 19:08 
Unfortunately there isn't any way to easily restore them. I'll try to think of something, but I can't make any promises. Steam does know when you have the 'all entries' achievements and such in these games, but it has no clue about individual details... Using someone else's save files for the records will work, though.
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