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Guide in numbers
I'm trying to figure out how blessing and other stuff are working and now I'm testing game with stopwatch and calculator ^_^
All goods do the same thing on every difficulty,but I don't play on nm yet.

defence +1
[+2 to armor can reduce damage from 46 to 41, it's really not bad!]

+2)heal rate
heal you for 1/60 hp per tick
bless increase tick rate in 2 times only for balcony >_<
Healing you when staying idle on balcony(between floors) or with equipped spirit cape.
Balcony and cape are stacking and grants you double amount of healing.
[I think it usefull in hard and nm for only 1000 sp]

3)terrain damage
reduce damage from 6 to 5 (on hard)
some boots grants you certain terrain damage protection, it's reduce hit rate by half, not damage itself.
armor does not absorb terrain damage.
pike damage is not terrain, only lava and blood.
[don't test yet, no handy for me on hard, maybe on nm it's better]

+4)stun effect
rise the chance of stun, maybe duration...
[usefull on higher difficulty]
4)Eyes of Fact
I think eyes do more damage(about 3%). It's the side guns of Hugo, but it is not affect the main gun, don't test yet
[3%? Are you kidding me? I think it's crap]

5)SP gain
SP per kill increased by 25%
SP per kill multiplayer:
Very Easy 2x
Easy 1.5x
Normal 1x
Hard 1x
NM 0.01x? 0 SP for killing and 1 for every sp shard.
[about 15-20% to income, it's good. but I heard it's not working on nm]

+6)item drop rate
I think it's rise the drop rate of buffs and herbs
Not affect sp shards drops
[do nothing on bosses...]
最近の変更はLaikWQCが行いました; 2013年2月6日 4時59分
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+7)bad status duration
skill lvl: 0 1 2
lenght: 100% 80% 60%
also debuff lenght depends on difficulty.
[must have on later levels and last boss,it give you a chance to survive if you suck=)]

+8)effect of herb
skill lvl 0 1 2
effect 100% 125% 150%
[crap...actually, it can save your butt on higher difficulty]

+9)status resist
drops the debuff chance, don't know how strong
[more better than duration bless,give you real chance to survive ^_^]

+10)item effect
rise lifetime of buffs
lvl 0 - 30sec
lvl 1 - 34sec
lvl 2 - 38sec
[who knows...]

+11)boost recovery
depends on current HP
skill lvl: 0 1 2 3
with 100% hp : 8:20 6:15 5:00 4:10 min
with 75% hp : 1:10 0:50 0:40 0:35 min
with 50% hp: 0:37 0:28 0:22 0:19 min
(100% 75% 60% 50% charging time => 1st lvl of bless very usefull)
charging time the same for all difficulty
boost time 17sec on every difficulty(except nm - 6 sec)
[good if you have SP,needed for true last boss]

+12)skill recovery
lvl 0: 2.5sec for charging skill
lvl 1: 2.35sec for charging skill
lvl 2: 2.15sec for charging skill
lvl 3: 1.9sec for charging skill
(it's really hard to test...)
[much better than boost I supposed]

13)mp usage
like having 25% more mana (on skill lvl 3)
skill lvl 0 1 2 3
skill cost 100% 94% 88% 80%
skills cost +10 mana on nm (from 20% of your mana to 30% for example)
[I'm always trying to buy lvl 1 or 2]

+14)run speed/attack range
[Ah,it's realy great,but impossible without farming...]

+15)mana depletion time (depends on gems)
when you using skills, mana not deplete in one blow, need time for that. and only after that mana regen will be working:
0 gems: full mana is out in 5.4sec
1 gems: full mana is out in 4.5sec
2 gems: full mana is out in 4sec
3 gems: full mana is out in 3.5sec

+16)mana regen (depends on gems)
0 gems:mana full recovery time 14.5sec
1 gems:mana full recovery time 11sec
2 gems:mana full recovery time 9sec
3 gems:mana full recovery time 7.5sec

PS: "+" mean complete point
最近の変更はLaikWQCが行いました; 2013年2月6日 8時05分
  • A number of them you can't actually test as they are percentage chance based or the like.
  • In this game even a couple points one way or the other for defence or attack can make a noticeable difference so the armour upgrades are not useless.
  • The SP increase one adds 25% to the amount of SP you gain on a kill from a mob at that difficulty. In nightmare your SP gains from kills are 1% that of what they are in normal by design (verified on the XSeed forums by an XSeed staff member) so an extra 25% on very little is very very little.
Generally speaking all can be useful, you just need to spend what you have on what you feel you can afford and what would be useful to you. It's easy enough to get all the blessings in any difficulty level other than nightmare mode though.
Phoenix (yes, another one) の投稿を引用:
The SP increase one adds 25% to the amount of SP you gain on a kill from a mob at that difficulty.
Yeah,it's 25% for v.easy,normal and hard but for easy it's 33%
LaikWQC の投稿を引用:
Phoenix (yes, another one) の投稿を引用:
The SP increase one adds 25% to the amount of SP you gain on a kill from a mob at that difficulty.
Yeah,it's 25% for v.easy,normal and hard but for easy it's 33%
No it's not. In easy difficulty you get 150% the SP of normal difficulty (which is what is shown in the monster book) by default and an extra 25% with the bonus for 187.5% (150 x 1.25 = 187.5) of the SP as shown in the monster book. Fight a Fliogan for instance (which is one of those mobs in the last area that spin around and can cause you to be confused). Their base normal difficulty SP is 440 which when multiplied by 1.875 is exactly 825 and that's exactly the amount you get when you kill them. Fight other things and you'll find the same results.
ahh....you're right...I calculated sp drops about 4 months ago, maybe it's something like bugfix? Actually I don't know what all this fixes does..
Nice guide topic creator.
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