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Time Attack Scores :S
So I just absolutely worked my tail off (read: spammed rounds until I got random luck) to get 1:02:300 on Vagullion with Normal Yunica on Normal difficuly. I'm 7th. sdLDL has a better time than me because after my hours (literally, I tried this for hours) of spamming this boss and finally getting that magical round where everything came together, RIGHT AT THE END the *&#$ knocks me down. lol. My fault too, I mis-timed the Wind spell. So if I hadn't messed up, I could have been 6th.

That's not my problem. Here's my problem: why would I be 6th?! 6th!! For nearly sub-1min on Vagullion! It makes no sense. Maybe this topic has been beaten to death (I couldn't find any on these boards), but there is a guy with 5 seconds on Normal Yunica Normal difficulty Vagullion. 5 SECONDS. Can we please report times like this? Please? Even the time of 26 seconds after it... really? 26 seconds is not possible. At 26 seconds, Vagullion has:
- Sat there at the beginning and let me get a combo
- Turned into bats and reappeared, letting me get a couple more combos
- Turned into bats and reappeared, letting me get a couple more combos
THAT'S IT. At this point, if I've lowered his defense and attacked him masterfully, i have not yet taken half his health. HALF. Somebody is saying they have KILLED him this quickly?

Can we not exercise some reason for these leaderboards? Yeah BS calls are like souvenirs on the internet, everyone resorts to them when they think they're the best... I know I'm not the best. I'm talking about what you can do within the actual limitations of the game, lmao. It is simply not possible to kill Vagullion in 26 seconds... let alone FIVE.

Can we please report some hacked times here? I would love for the leaderboards to actually represent the best players. Does XSEED have the authorization to remove scores, or is that a Valve thing? Please listen to reason guys XD seriously, 5 seconds... I saw a time on another boss (I think it was on Epona 1) that was under 1 second. That is enough time to run up and attack the boss, literally. It is enough time to land a single attack.

Please condiser this.
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After some very careful
İlk olarak YukariZX tarafından gönderildi:
ation I have come to the conclusion that defeating a boss in 5 seconds can't be possible. At the very least it would have to be 8 seconds.
Which boss? :P

I could make the argument that you could defeat a boss as soon as you could hit it... if you had a cheat that set the boss's health to 1. That's... just not much of an argument.

Here's a little hypothetical exercise: choose any boss in the game to sit completely stationary while you beat the tar out of it with whatever you have. Could you possibly beat that boss in 8 seconds even if it is not moving or attacking at all? To sit there and beat the tar out of it relentlessly would still probably take you more than 8 seconds. And even if it took 8 seconds... we're assuming the boss is completely stationary! It won't be. The .9 seconds on Epona... seriously? Somebody walked up to Epona, attacked her... and she died? And this person didn't have any sort of cheats enabled?

I guess there's something I "just don't understand yet" about the game, right? :P
En son YukariZX tarafından düzenlendi; 17 Kas 2013 @ 14:30
On second thought, between somewhere between 9 and 10 seconds would be a more realistic minimum, at least for boss rush where the level is fixed.
No, 10 seconds is flat-out impossible for pretty much every YsO boss, if not all of them (at least via Time Attack/Boss Rush). People are using trainers or something of the sort to somehow get such low times, both here and in the other Ys titles on Steam (though Ys II seems pretty tame, at the moment). I have no affiliation with XSeed or Falcom, but this has been an ongoing problem for the Steam releases, so they probably figure it's just not worth it to constantly keep tabs on it (especially since there doesn't seem to be a lot of people that care all that much about TA).

Generally speaking, gaiachaos has the lowest legit times for here and YsF, or someone really close to it. For Ys I & II, times close to mine are the legit ones (though I know most of mine are realistically improvable, especially for Ys I).
I was thinking all Origin bosses would take longer, but I didn't want to toss the possibility without trying myself, since gaiachaos did a below 10 second Zirduros.
I'm just talking about Origins here. Felghana is a different beast.

Korzic: I'm glad you're generally speaking, since the Vagullion time I told the story about in my first post beats gaiachaos's by like 7 seconds or something :S

About my "there's something I don't understand yet" joke: sometimes I get what I think is an absolutely ridiculous time. I've perfectly executed the fastest strategy I can think of. I look at the leaderboards, and a number of people are beating me. Like, too many to have all cheated. And by a lot too. I think "what the heck". But then I look at some of my own times on Arena, like my Normal Yunica Normal Demonic Core, and I'm 1st place. And I'm beating second place by 30 seconds. I'm literally the only sub-4min time on the leaderboard, rofl. The time looks incredulous, but I know I didn't cheat, and so I wouldn't want to accuse others of cheating just because their times seem out of reach even given everything I know about the game. Which, by the way, is quite a bit, I've been playing Ys games for about 4 years now, I had a 1 hour 34 min clear on Very Easy in Felghana back in the day. So I don't want to say that anybody with a really good time looks like a cheater.

But anything in single-digit seconds guys... I may not know everything about the game, but I'm also not naive, lmfao.

So you don't think XSEED will bother with this? Of course, I hadn't suspected they would, but I have to admit it's disappointing nonetheless.
Who knows. The Castle Crashers boards have thousands of hacked places. However, Starg of Beat Hazard has regularly deleted ludicrous leaderboard times when reported on the forums.
Even if XSeed wants to do something about this, they're a small company, so I can't imagine this being high on their priority list. Although, I think they did monitor the YsF times when they released it to Steam; not so sure about now, though.
Well, if you work at XSEED, and you are reading this: pleeeeease :D Your 8 or so hardcore Time Attack players would love you even more.
I know there's some crazy jump combo you can do with Yunica's longsword that puts out way the hell more dps than her regular attacks. So if you're getting beaten by a large but conceivable amount, that's a thing.
En son Waypoint tarafından düzenlendi; 21 Kas 2013 @ 13:39
Yeah, combos like that do exist. Can't say I know exactly what the combos are, like how to do them, but I know that people have found combos like that. People also find all these crazy strategies, ways to beat boss in half the amount of "turns" as usual and stuff. Those types of things account for why I get beat by a significant amount even when I have a perfect run on a boss. None of those scores bother me. It's the ones that are something along the lines of Epona 1 in 0.9 seconds.
the steam leaderboards are rife with cheaters. I did a few top 10 times but they made it pretty pointless.
Honestly for XSEED it ends up being a damned if you do and damned if you don't sort of situation. I remember seeing something that they did try and do something about cheaters in Oath, but all they really can do is wipe out all the scores and that made a lot of honest players mad as well and the cheaters just did the same thing.

I just am glad that XSEED was smart and didn't put in any achievements for placement on the leaderboards and all that is rrequired to 100% this game is to finish the boss rush. That sort of achievement is definitely crap when cheaters exist.
Happy New Year :3

So they can't just remove individual times? If not, then that's a whole different scenario entirely. I'm thinking maybe you're remembering the Istersiva bug, where everyone's scores were cleared just to make sure nobody had taken advantage of the glitch, but I could be wrong. If individual scores can't be cleared, then there's not much anybody can do.
İlk olarak YukariZX tarafından gönderildi:
Happy New Year :3

So they can't just remove individual times? If not, then that's a whole different scenario entirely. I'm thinking maybe you're remembering the Istersiva bug, where everyone's scores were cleared just to make sure nobody had taken advantage of the glitch, but I could be wrong. If individual scores can't be cleared, then there's not much anybody can do.

Even if they can remove individual times, it's still a tricky beast because how do you determine who is a cheater and who is not? A lot of people may look at gaiachaos' times and think he cheats when he doesn't. We know he doesn't because we've seen the videos to go with those times. Can't expect everyone to prove they aren't a cheater by uploading a video because sometimes a good time is sheer luck and also don't even know how to get videos (I sure don't).

The other consideration is time. While it may not take much time to remove scores that are obviously cheating, if they can't ban the players from recording a score, it will have to be repeated Also you then have to deal with the cheaters complaining about how it was unfair and the fact that someone who played honestly may well get caught in it. Honestly, I'd rather see XSEED spend the time bringing us more games.
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