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Circuit Level - saw SeonR's video and learned what the bonus blocks do
SeonR, Ha! I was having a tough time with the Circuit level - I was getting to the 19th/20th wave and running out of real estate on the map. Played it several times in sortof charge/slow retreat fashion keeping my one little guy (usually mortar guy) moving all the time, but the last wave or two would kill me. It's was so hard to get enough money to buy any troops on this level. I figured there's gotta be a better way to play this level than running my 1 guy around constantly spamming mortars (back and forth kindof like Space Invaders).

So I pulled up this video

I saw you start and I was like "what is he doing" and "he's going to get over-run" and I saw you explode the whole map and I was like stunned. I had no idea what had happened. I had to rewind. I had no idea what the little cubes were or what they were for. I thought it was for bonus points or something similar. No idea they actually did something.
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SeonR  [ontwikkelaar] 25 jan 2013 om 14:41 
Lol, yeah, I suppose the bonus packages could be explained better. They are only in Defense games and not every level has them, but in 1.28, I am adding them in to all Defense levels, even User levels.
Hi SeonR, is there an explanation somewhere what the different colored cubes mean/how to use them? I've searched google but can't find right keywords. thanks,
SeonR  [ontwikkelaar] 25 jan 2013 om 18:25 
Red does damage to all enemies on the level. Blue slows down all enemies on the level (including slowing their fire rate) and Yellow heals all of your units on the level back to 100% health.

I left them un-documented kinda on purpose to encourage some experimentation by players.... Kinda... I wonder what that does? I might go get it and see.. etc...
LOL. I played 34 of the 35 levels and never knew they did anything! Just happily running around picking them up thinking it was something I was supposed to do.
SeonR  [ontwikkelaar] 25 jan 2013 om 20:42 
Did you not see them appear in the game HUD when you collected them? On the side on the right?
I'm kindof dumb I guess. I saw them light up - I thought it was just a bonus indicator keeping track of how many cubes I'd collected. I didn't know they were usable/clickable until I saw your video. Again - I'm kindof slow though :-)
SeonR  [ontwikkelaar] 25 jan 2013 om 23:31 
haha, no not slow, it's all good feedback for my next project :-)
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