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SaberCaliburn May 4, 2013 @ 5:59am
Hey check out some of the match I've done.

This is just me making a video and trying to talk more, so this video of me talking isn't that great. I kept hesitating here and there and saying uhs and ums. The first link is just my thoughts on ArcheBlade and some of the weird things I've encounter and also Gaspars cheapness. Also the video is 50+ min long so I got to work on length. If you think you can watch me play and here me talk at the same time then go for it, but I think I need to work on talking better and also length XD.

This other link was for a friend but it was made while playing ArcheBlade so I'm giving the link XD

These are just matches I've done without talking I think one is just talking but while skyping.

My Channel:

Don't ask about the residentevilSOS XD i was little when I made this channel it's very old XD.

Yes I know Steam Canal is my favorite mode XD and yes I have a lot more but thought i should share my experience and hope people can learn from them or not idk.

I hope it helps and well I do have complaints about the character, but in all fairness the game is still in beta so that's why I pretty much don't complain. I might have in the 50min long video but it's pretty much just telling what would have happened if certain characters are together or talking about their skills and the consumption of rp they need to get the skill to work in perticular the Q. I know some of you have some disagreements or agreements so what are your thoughts on certain characters?

Hope you find my videos helpful.
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Devolth May 4, 2013 @ 7:14am 
f renny could use more combos than the basic LRR ~> LLL. Other than that it was alright :D
SaberCaliburn May 4, 2013 @ 7:38am 
I agree, i don't know if you experience this but I have noticed F Renny's combo sometimes phases through people. I don't know why and more harder to land even when landing the tornado. Sometimes though. When I play as Ice Renny it's more easier. XD idk I just noticed that, but yeah people complain about Fire renny too much but mostly the tornado, however that's all she can do really. I mean if her combos were more better and able to catch other characters then maybe people wouldn't use or spam the tornado as much as others complain they are. Plus she only has about two combos you can learn and yeah they are strong but again that's all she has. XD

Fire Renny is also my main but it's so hard to play as her in a match where team members die XD and I'm the only one.

But in all fairness it's still in the beta so all we can do is feedbacks
SaberCaliburn May 4, 2013 @ 7:41am 
I'm just a little impatient for the new character also XD I wonder how will she/he play.
Devolth May 4, 2013 @ 9:31am 
Well there are many combos you can chain with her without ever using the tornado.
For instance: R ~> J-L-L-L-R ~> L-R-R-L-L-L ~> reset
Shift + R ~> R+R ~> J-L-L-L-R ~> L-R-R-L-L-L-R
Okay the second one uses the tornado but hell it helps with the juggling. Note these dont work on the dwarves. As they dont get launch high enough most of the time.

Now her attacks do phase through people alot and I do mean alot. But usually I consider them graphical glitches as you are not where the game is showing you the entire time you are trying to fight. Often times I just block and hope that eventually it will fix itself. Usually during Nethervale it'll glitch at least 1 every 3 deaths

SaberCaliburn May 4, 2013 @ 10:13am 
Sounds like the same glitch I have. Though I don't really play netherdale much just steam canal mostly though. as for the Shift + R for F Renny, I seem to be having this weird lag but it's not lagging that's the strange part. I don't know if you experienced it where when I do the Shift + R She does it in the same area shes in but lags to where she's suppose to be. For instance I'm sure in one of my videos it will show you F Renny doing the Shift + R when i do it I'm in the same spot as if I didn't move then 2 seconds later I'm in where I suppose to be. Now I do however catch them because the attacks hit them as it's suppose to, however sometimes when it does that glitch or lag I tend to get off track with my combo because I thought I didn't hit them when I did so I don't continue thinking I didn't hit them.

My whole concern is Fire Renny. She has I believe less combos then most characters and Renoah really is a sniper type though she does have this one combo with her R when you empty her bullets then L-R-R-L basically kick-bomb-then snipe people say it's very effective and I just recently found out it is but sometimes risky because of how close you have to be to them, but I feel and sometimes with fire renny they have to fix her fire kick because it's like a little weird to me. When I do kick it's even more hard to land and I get it's powerful and stuff but what I mean is when use the fire kick, I use it to a point where the kick should have landed but it's like it misses so pretty much I just use it as a escape mechanism or like a dodge.

To be honest I've learned that Elrath is very weak than most people think. I just recently thought of this too and i didn't address it in the video I made recently. Elrath has sucky health. Her health can literally be dominished by a single F Renny's combo. I get where people comes from though that she's OP because of her sythe, but she's somewhat a balanced character, however I will say that her sythe throw or R is a bit too strong than it needs to be. They nerf the speed of it, but still hard to dodge. 2 hits and you're left with 25 percent of your health. I think it's not the speed that should get nerf but the power of that move. The one thing I find a bit off is when she teleports because she teleports and hits you with R then teleports and R and continues it's like how can you catch something that's hard to get it's like cat and mouse.

Taic and Valle I pretty much can say are a bit too op and the only recent why I have a problem with those two is because of their Q. Literally their Q consumption is lacking. I feel like their Q should consume more than just 2 rp bars if not the whole thing. It's annoying to fight a Taic with full RP because of the Q. He's already strong himself and to make it troubling his Q makes him go into super armor. So technically super armor and super brute force (not part of the Q just saying how strong he is). Valle her Q makes her go invincible and I guess you have to hit her couple of times to bring it down or let her run out. It's just annoying plus she can heal with her F. :/ so a tank that can heal and go invinclible. also she can gain the rp back while in Q and F by attacking you or getting rp points. It's just eh.

Gaspar they should nerf the amount of mines that can be placed in a match and the consumption of the rp let it be 2 rp bar rather than just one. as for ♥♥♥♥ it's really more his shutgun or shooting that should get a bit nerfed. It's hard to catch this guy when he glides/flys away. Dan. M (I forgot his full name) is more like his Q same as Valle and Taic.

Elka or Elika (completely forgot her name XD) well her Q needs to cost a lot more because of how strong that move is and also annoying that it can attack everyone that's around her. Players really abuse that Q and it's so annoying to go around it. As well as one of her combo relates to her Q, but a less version of it just a weak and less time version, however still strong. Players really abuse the Q too much and I feel in my opinion that it should cost more if it's going to stay that strong.

Ice Renny well I really don't have anything bad to say because she slows you down and you can actually kill her quick and she freezes you with her Q well other than her Q that players love to abuse, I really don't have anything to say about her that's off, maybe that she's a bit spammy with one of her combos you can just continue 2 times but she's really not that op.

Fire Renny well I already talked about her and her Q pretty descent just like Ice Renny and her F I really find useless but that's just me. I think they should change the F to like a burning radius where everything around her is fire and it burns the player a bit since she's ffire or like an ignite effect. That's just my opinion. If they do add that move then there'd be a lot of nerfing to do for her since it would just increase how strong she would be XD, but It's not a bad idea in my opinion I mean it makes sense since she's fire, she burns them just like Ice with the freezing more so they're frozen in place Fire renny should be able to burn them or hurt them with ike a similar move only with fire instead of a lame RP zone XD but that's just my opinion I mean people might disagree with me or not, but F renny is not that op than most people think. They only judge her because of her Tornado mostly. That's just my opinion.

Renoah eh she's balanced. No one can say otherwise. Her sniper should take out the damage it's taking out her Q should take all of her RP. she shoots just like she should and has a kick and combo when you have no bullets. I feel mostly like her F is just ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ though. Think about it an F that finds enemy location well Steam canal is a small map, netherdale has 14 people that respawns and pretty much the other maps are the same small or respawn.

It would make sense if they added a mode similar to halo or other games where one is infected or it and there's 7, 13 people you have to haunt, once you kill them they're are on your side. You have 5 min to kill someone or they win or escape and when you kill someone the time restarts or goes back to 5min. Now what would be interesting is you can play as anyone to be it and being it is random. Kind of like tag or infected from Halo or something else but putting more fun into the experience where you're running from your life and seeing people dying one by one as you run. Of course this is where I would say her F would come into play because if Renoah is it then she can haunt them use her F but I think limit everyone from using their Q. Also I believe all the ones who are not it are left with health only and the one who's it should be with Sheild or since it's technically a 1v7 or 1v13 that the one who's it should be invincible that you have to run away from. When the one who's it kills them then you can kill the servants or the ones she killed because they're not the main one who was it. So it would be fun and awesome but that's jsut my idea. What I mean is the victims that the player killed aren't invincible since they are not the ones who were it originally at the start of the match.

Anyways that's pretty much everything I can say other than minor glitches in some of the maps. one of them are the teleporter in steam canal not working as it should or like yesterday where one of the player D/C but the character was still there and we couldn't kill it so everyone had to leave for the match to end.

Some more but I think I've wrote too much
SaberCaliburn May 4, 2013 @ 10:13am 
I wrote too much XD
Devolth May 4, 2013 @ 11:17am 
That's alot true. Anyway, Tiac and Valle have to be nearly similiar. Tiac is slow and his shield is the only way he's going to hurt you. Valle is much faster but you can burn her shield faster and outside of her jump L, she's slow.

Elrath + Renoah - Unless my aim is good, I'm stuck dodging like a boss. However outside of that its usually random how the fight going. (nothing hard here. Just hope you hit with R when you get a chance.

Both Renny are similar. You wait until they commit to an attack and punish mistakes. Again its all about hoping you dont have the graphical glitch again.

Elika is tricky. You have to attack immediately after her 4 attack aoe combo. And also counter attack her after her slide kick armor breaker. Those are basically the only 2 combos you'll get to knock her up and juggle her as you'll never get time to do anything.

And the other stuff I have no comment on. But the video is good. I have to check the other stuff but really was curious on other players using f renny.
Geminosity May 4, 2013 @ 1:54pm 
I'm always keen to observe fellow Frenny players as any tips are useful :3

The most impressive usage I've seen of Renny's normal attack is a player who used the sidestep portion of it to go around my guard and back-attack me. After working out the view angle and position needed to pull it off in trainingI've been using it for that at every available opportunity if someone stops to block now :D
SaberCaliburn May 4, 2013 @ 5:38pm 
wow sounds interesting, I wish I can play as Fire Renny well but it's like I still need practice with her. Sometimes I blame the issues I stated earlier with her and others just eh blame myself.
Geminosity May 5, 2013 @ 8:52am 
Heh, ultimately that's the real problem with either Renny though specifically fire: you often find yourself wondering if it's you or lag that's messing up when your combos fall through or you fail to hit someone. With Renoah I don't get that so much and I know when it's me fluffing up (aka most of the time :P) rather than lag related issues/bugs.

Oh and congrats on voicing your vids for the first time. A bit of 'umming' going on but everyone gets that. I once did a live commentary on a soul calibur tournament match and it made me realise how difficult it can be to think up witty comments on what's happening, especially before they're already 5 seconds past XD
SaberCaliburn May 5, 2013 @ 9:18am 
thanks :3 still working on it and cool sounds awesome... and yeah I have to work on the ums and uhs XD it's been a little irritating since I just do it by instrinct. Well I hope I can do one without saying uhs and ums might do sonic.exe and might try my best to avoid saying ums and uhs.
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