Legend of Grimrock

Legend of Grimrock

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Grimrock proper expansion?
As the title says when is it gonna hit steam store? I have money and will not haseitate to use it in case a quality new dungeon with new features is available. Bring us new monsters, riddles and scenery!
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Moltavis 31.10.2012 kello 8.49 
Amen to that. Although I only am at floor 10 of the Main Game, I wouldn´t hesitate to buy an "nicely sized" expansion.
Neikun 4.11.2012 kello 1.24 
The dungeon editor has been released. For the most part, I think expansion will be community based. There's a lot of community based work going on to create new scenery and monsters.
Post script: And it's all free. =D
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Shimpo1 4.11.2012 kello 3.05 
Community based content as it is now, is mostly useless as it lacks features of a proper, finished and polished product. I am not interested in some makeshift productions, better or worse, they are always lacking in many respects, I will not list those due to the shortage of time. Free = questionable value. On the other hand if there is some capable community group that, in cooperation with the devs, produces and releases their fully fledged expansion I will gladly pay for it. I hope this will be the case and Grimrock will have its version of Gunman Chronicles.
" Free = questionable value"
There are Mods with mods out there that are better/equal than the game they are based of.

Counter Strike or Dota are probably the most well known examples.

Shimpo1 22.11.2012 kello 5.44 
Yes, free is always of questionable value. You will get a pencil for free but no company will give away Parker pens...

I never stated that mods have to be inferior to the games they were based on, it would be illogical as mods should be evelotion of a game. Some are very successful, most are just garbage made by less talented fans. My mentioning of Gunman Chrinicles should have made that clear... I did not mean quality in relation to the vanilla release but overall quality as you demand from a digital product.

Your given away pencil is CS and my bought Parker pen is Battlefield 3. Hey, wait a minute, the last expansion to CS is premium, so confued now... This merely proves my point that in order to have a product with features that the gamers demand (certain quality level) you need to make it premium eventually. It does not matter if it started as a mod or not it has to be pumped with cash so that it is on an acceptable level.

Summing up, free mods may be superior to the games they are based on but will never have the features/quality of commercial products, thus be of questionable value...

D A PERHAM 24.11.2012 kello 10.25 
so what about OPEN OFFICE vs ms office. ones free, ones several hundred quid. Open office will never cost a penny. Both every bit as good as each other (IMHO)

I grant you that most mods r totaly crap, buggy, unballanced and just a me too, but sometimes u get a gem in there, its worth checking.

Also Paid for is not always what it seems, I have spent hundreds of pounds on games that I have clocked up about an hour, at best, on. Steam sell some real crap these days. With there no refund policy, all they have to do is make it look good from screen shots, dont give a demo. (always be wary of games with no demo) I read the game hub pages before I buy a game these days, saved me a lot of money.

Shimpo1 24.11.2012 kello 12.56 
Yes, this topic is a river I guess we are all somehow right about it. Cheers! :D
Since there is a sale going on right now, the chances are pretty good we will see an expansion at some point ;) (widen your audience before releasing expansion - good strategy)
Shimpo1 28.11.2012 kello 3.28 
Good point, I cannot wait for it!
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