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Rachel 1 lutego 2013 o 23:22
Mage Can't Cast Anything, what did I do wrong?
So, I only put one skill point in my mage's skills and I think that might be my mistake. I try to cast something, but it just says the spell fizzled or she can't cast it. I found a few spell scrolls but can't use them, and then I found a wand, but that doesn't seem to do anything either. Am I missing something or did I mess up from the beginning? Should I start over? Thanks! -Rachel
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Ziel 2 lutego 2013 o 6:02 
You need the amount of ranks in the according magic skill that are mentioned on the scroll. The scrolls themselves can't do anything, they only tell you what spells there are, how you cast them and what skill level you need. Wands have no casting ability of their own either, they just give you a little mana boost. Better wands will require a couple ranks in Spellcraft.

It's best to pick one element and stick with, two at the most, you won't get enough skill points for them all. Fire is a solid choice for first time players, and save up a few points for Spellcraft.
Rachel 2 lutego 2013 o 8:36 
Thanks for the answer! Is there someway to know what each of the spell symbols are for? Do I need to first find the scrolls to be able to use specific spells?

It sounds like I need to start over. Are there any basic settings for the fighter and rouge that I need to know so I don't have a similar problem with them?

Rachel 2 lutego 2013 o 13:18 
I created a new party and now my mage is on fire! :) Thanks again!
Ziel 2 lutego 2013 o 14:36 
Pleasure :)

The scrolls are just for you to memorize the spells, you can cast any spell at any point if you know or guess the correct runes and have a high enough skill rank. And yes, there is indeed some info on the runes and their meaning in the game manual (check the sticky post for where it is), so you may be able to guess some of the spells even if you don't find the scrolls. Or you can look them up online but that's hardly fun.

As for the other characters, they should also pick 1-3 skills and focus on them. I like to have one character get the Armor skill up to 8 and put the rest into Swords for example.
Rachel 8 lutego 2013 o 20:09 
Thanks a ton! I appreciate it. I hadn't realized you select more than one rune to cast additional spells, I'll have to try that. :)
LD-SK 25 lutego 2013 o 5:38 
complete list of spells: Link to image[i.imgur.com]


Rachel 26 lutego 2013 o 19:32 
Thanks, Alcator, this is great!
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