Indie Game: The Movie

Indie Game: The Movie

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Mishums 19. mar 2014 kl. 11:00
Steam: The New Netflix?
So I loved this when I saw it on Netflix, and I think it's awesome that fans can now buy it and show their appreciation, but I don't really need another movie provider.... If it's not on Netlfix, I get it on Redbox is pretty much my mantra. And if I ever wanted to purchase a movie, I wouldn't buy the digital rights to it (like I could on Amazon), I would buy the bluray disk, like I also can on Amazon.

I sincerely hope that Steam doesn't try to compete with the other providers in the streaming movie market. If they do release more movies for Steam I hope they are part of DLC packages as the "making of" certain games, or that they stick with indie movies that otherwise wouldn't get play on the other providers.... it would be really cool to see "green-lit" self-published films on Steam.

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Izziee 19. mar 2014 kl. 11:33 
I don't know, I'm a huge subscriber to digital distrobution and frankly, love it. I think it's a great answer to piracy too, and everyone is a win / win. I subscribe to Love film (now prime), Netflix and Now TV. I also have a fair bit on blinkbox, while having a spotify premium and sometimes using deezer. I've loved steam since the day it was released and it's only gotten better, and while my biggest grip is wanting to move my old account to this one so everything is in one place, there's nothing else I could really wish for.

With the new Steam box's on it's way, it may become a big part of it. I like choices, and having quite literally 10's of 1000's of things to choose from to watch, and millions to listen to, and steam being steam? It could even link all of the things together so I have netflix + lovefilm all in one app (don't think that would happen though).

That said, I really did not like Indie game: the movie after watching it on netflix andit pretty much turned me off those games and their self rightous developers instantly, so I think it's a bit weird this is on steam, but that is just my opinion.

I sincerely hope steam do try to compete, because they have a lot of experience in the digital world as well as an already huge subscriber base. They could do it right - so long as it would be capable of being played on my HD3D Smart TV (Not through HDMI cos I can already do that, but as a seperate app like netflix and the rest do)
Mishums 19. mar 2014 kl. 12:01 
I just worry that Steam will lose focus on video games, and put too much energy into movie distribution if they try to go that route. I'm not sure how much say they having in the actual quality assurance of the games they sell, but I have had quite a few games from Steam not work on my PC and it's extremely frustrating. The most frustrating of which being Bioshock Infinite which I eventually just went ahead and bought again for Xbox. This has not deterred me from buying games from Steam but it makes me worry that they will stretch themselves too thin with movies, and have even less time to fix the things that need fixing in the games community.

Like you, I like having everything organized. I pretty much don't buy digital games unless the DRM is on Steam because frankly, I forget I own them if I do. I like having my library all in one place. I don't want to have to switch between multiple apps for movies and television and such. I like everything having it's place so that it's easily accessible (and so that I remember I own it).

All that being said it would be AMAZING if they had a games app on Playstation or Xbox. Though since that would cut into their respective sales, that is not likely to happen, but it would still be nice if there were more of like what they did with Portal 2 where you bought the ps3 game and received a free copy for Steam. I will more than likely buy a steam box when they go for sale, if they aren't ridiculously priced, and once my wallet recover from the expense of the latest new consoles.

As for the movie? I liked it because it was a look into who is actually making these indie games that we are playing, not so much because I liked the guys. It would be absolutely infuriating to work with those whiny people but it seemed like they were being portrayed honestly and that made for a good documentary. I just watched Elephant in the Living Room, and I hated almost every person in that documentary, but it was still a good film and well done (even though I wanted to knock out that idiots few remaining teeth at the end).

Buying this supports the director and film crew as well, so I am glad for that. I still hope that Steam releases more "making of" documentaries, even if it's just handi-cam footage taken by game developers, but stays away from the garbage movies that litter Netflix. I could see them catering to a niche market that way.
greenraven22 19. mar 2014 kl. 12:02 
There's a movie on the main page about the "hardships" of being a DoTA player. Yup, Steam is the new Netflix, but with a gaming edge.
Panda Shiro 19. mar 2014 kl. 12:19 
next thing you would know, owning a new movie scores you an ingame hat in TF2 or smth
Mishums 19. mar 2014 kl. 12:28 
Don't give them ideas! :P
Angst_and_rancor 19. mar 2014 kl. 13:05 
I don't mind the movies, I just don't want to lose a daily deal to them, That. Is. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t.
Mishums 19. mar 2014 kl. 13:11 
Yea I kind of felt gypped. I understand that it was a cheap way to promote the fact that they had the film in the first place, but if they are going to have movies, they need a separate deal for them or something. Like a Friday Night/Movie Night deal or something.

I miss the option that netflix used to have where you could watch a streaming movie with one of your friends in a different city. It would be cool if they did something like that with Steam since it is gamer oriented... like instant chat in movie or something.
Princess Fiona 19. mar 2014 kl. 14:22 
off course valve will start making movies,that is how HL3 will come out it will be a (3 part) movie
SKaREO 19. mar 2014 kl. 15:27 
I don't pay for anything I don't need to. If you can make a need, I will give you my money. Until then I'll continue to download my content for absolutely free.
Blastuurd™ 19. mar 2014 kl. 15:41 
I would be thrilled if they got inot the movie market, But I would want it separate from the game site. Same wallet different Client.
tim_pkmn89 19. mar 2014 kl. 16:49 
Oprindeligt skrevet af SKaREO:
I don't pay for anything I don't need to. If you can make a need, I will give you my money. Until then I'll continue to download my content for absolutely free.
Then how'd you end up with Civ V and Hotline Miami?
tim_pkmn89 19. mar 2014 kl. 16:51 
This isn't anything new, and they have a variety of products on Steam you might not be aware of. Hell, they sold a controller through Steam before, as well as digital strategy guides, soundtracks, and other documentaries.
Taggme 19. mar 2014 kl. 17:45 
It would be more along the lines of Vuhdo I believe.. (Purchase individual copies compared to Sub fee)
MrGoodVibes 19. mar 2014 kl. 20:34 
obviously wont go netflix, only things that have a heavy relation to games
MrGoodVibes 19. mar 2014 kl. 20:36 
Oprindeligt skrevet af SKaREO:
I don't pay for anything I don't need to. If you can make a need, I will give you my money. Until then I'll continue to download my content for absolutely free.
You deserve your VAC ban
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