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Reed Aug 22, 2013 @ 12:27pm
Samsung 7 slate touch screen issue
Trying to play ibomber on my tablet. The issue I'm having is with the touch responsiveness within the game. The game appears to be running just fine, however, when trying to "touch"various elements on the screen, it can be very tricky to get my 'taps' to activate the UI items. With just the right finess, I can play the game, but its not very fun, at the moment.

Is anyone having this issue,or, is the game running fine on your touch screen tablet?

I understand this steam game is not represented as a "touch-screen' compatible game, but, I've read various posts around the net that people are playing it just fine on their win7 touch tablets.

So, im curious if its my 700t hardware, or, hopefully, im just missing something simple.