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Saints Row IV PC General and Troubleshooting FAQ

1.1 DLC and AU Content

How do I access my DLC content in-game?
DLC is unlocked for use after completing the mission "The Real World/The Escape."
How the Saints Save Christmas DLC is unlocked after completing the mission "Ghost in the Machine."

What is included in the Season Pass?
The Season Pass includes two mission DLC packs at a discounted price: Enter the Dominatrix and How the Saints Save Christmas. Each of these mission packs are also available for individual purchase. The Season Pass includes the Rectifier weapon, but this weapon is not included in the censored Australian release.

I have the censored Australian version of SRIV, what is different?
Saints Row IV was initially refused a classification in Australia for two things: an optional mission that features drug use with positive effects and an extra weapon called the Rectifier. While this content has been removed in the Australian version, any rewards for completing the mission are still provided in this version of the game.

NOTE: The censored Australian release is not compatible in Co-Op with other regions due to the changes that were made.

1.2 Game Content

Where can I find the DLC guns in game?
Unique DLC weapons will appear in the player’s weapon cache. DLC costumes and skins are accessible through customizing a weapon in that slot (melee skins appear for melee weapons, et cetera).
    Commander-in-Chief Exclusive
  • The 'Merica is a unique Special class weapon.

    Season Pass Exclusive
  • The Rectifier Probe is a unique Melee class weapon, with two weapon skins available.

    Brady Games DLC Pack
  • The BG-40 is a unique Heavy SMG class weapon, with three weapon skins available.

    Dubstep DLC Remix Pack
  • The Dubstep Gun Remix is a Special class weapon, with four weapon skins available.

    Grass Roots DLC Pack
  • The Plunger Gun is a unique Explosives class weapon.
  • The Hillbilly SMG is a weapon costume for the Heavy SMG.
  • The Hillbilly Shotgun is a weapon costume for the Pump-Action Shotgun.

    GAT V DLC Pack
  • The Knifethrower is a unique Special class weapon.
  • The Reynolds .50 HMG is a weapon costume for the Thumpgun (shotgun class weapon).

    Wild West DLC Pack
  • The Tombstone Special is a weapon costume for the Quickshot Pistol.
  • The Deadwood Doc is a weapon costume for the Pump-Action Shotgun.

    Enter the Dominatrix
  • The Brute is a unique Special class weapon.
  • The Flamin’ Brute is a unique Special class weapon.
  • The GL G20 Multibomber is a unique Special class weapon.

    Thank You Pack (free)
  • The Oppressor Minigun is a weapon costume for the Lasergun Arm.
  • The Oppressor Minelayer is a weapon costume for the Minethrower Arm.

    Pirate’s Booty DLC Pack
  • The Flintlock is a weapon costume for the Sniper Rifle.
  • The Flintlock is a weapon costume for the Heavy Pistol.

    How the Saints Save Christmas
  • The XMAS BB Gun is a unique Rifle class weapon.
  • The North Pole is a weapon costume for the Baseball Bat.
  • The Christmas Dubstep Gun is a weapon costume for the Dubstep Gun.

    Anime DLC Pack
  • The Kaiju-XL is a weapon costume for the Disintegrator Rifle.
  • The Braver Sword is a weapon costume for the Energy Sword.

    Stone Age DLC Pack
  • The Giant Bone is a weapon costume for the Baseball Bat.
  • The Caveman Club is a weapon costume for the Tentacle Bat.

    Team Fortress 2 DLC
  • The Incinerator is a unique Special class weapon with two costumes.

1.3 Account and Code Issues

For any account related issues, email Deep Silver's Support team:
Please include your account name and describe the issue:
  • Were you trying to link your account to Steam?
  • Do you need to reset your account password?
  • Are you trying to retrieve an old account?
For DLC codes and issues requiring technical support, please email with your account name, platform, and a description of the issue. You can also contact Deep Silver’s online support at:

Why am I getting a message about age restrictions when trying to use community features?
If you are at least 20 years old and cannot access, clear your browser’s cookies and enter your correct date of birth when accessing the website. On Steam, your date of birth will need to be submitted when using or browsing certain content every time.


Minimum PC Specs:
OS: Windows Vista (x86 or x64)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 | AMD Athlon II x3
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 260 | AMD Radeon HD 5800 series
DirectX: Version 10
Hard Drive: 10 GB available space

Recommended PC Specs:
OS: Windows 7 (x86 or x64)
Processor: Intel i3 2100T | AMD Phenom II x4 or higher
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 560 | AMD Radeon HD 6800 series or higher
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 10 GB available space

This will re-download and fix any corrupt or missing files. You can do this by right clicking on Saints Row IV in your Library, choosing Properties, selecting the Local Files tab, and clicking the Verify Integrity of Game Cache button.

If you have any mods installed, they may have been broken with the latest official patch. To confirm, you'll need to navigate to the Saints Row IV install folder where the game exe is. By default the Steam client install location is found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row IV\
  • Check the above folder, and delete any files with the following extensions:
NOTE: The best way to remove all mods is by deleting all files in the Saints Row IV folder as noted above (leave the subfolders!) then verify integrity of the game cache. This will re-download about 20Mb of data.


Make sure to install SRIV an internal drive and not an external drive. Some players experiencing crashes have reported that installing the game on their C: drive fixed the issue.

SRIV only natively supports Xbox controllers. Unplug any additional controllers and USB devices: joystick, programmable keyboard, gamepad, keypad (Nostromo, Orbweaver), flight pedals, etc. Also disable controller emulation apps/processes like VJoy, MotionJoy, Joy2Key, x360ce, etc.

Having Japanese set as the default language in IME can crash the game on startup. You can find your IME setting in Control Panel - Regional and Language.


NOTE: Before attempting any of these solutions, make sure you have first gone through the basic troubleshooting steps, as outlined in the previous section.

3.1 Game Issues

My Save Files are gone or missing. What can I do?
This a common issue with Steam cloud sync. Usually restarting the Steam client will correct it.

I receive the following error when trying to start the game: "Failed to start the game. App is already running." How can I fix this?
This is a general error that can be the result of quite a few different problems, so here are a few things to try:
  • Exit your Steam client and then restart it with elevated privileges. You can do this by right clicking on the Steam client icon and then selecting "Run as Administrator".
  • If you recently updated to Windows 8.1 you'll want to try going into game properties and verifying the integrity of the game cache. This has resolved the 8.1 update crash many users are experiencing.
  • If you use Asus Xonar sound drivers, check your running processes in task manager and look for the presence of either HsMgr.exe or HsMgr64.exe. If either process is running, end them and try running the game. Additional info can be found in these threads:
  • Some users have reported that this issue is fixed by running in windowed mode instead of fullscreen. This setting can be changed outside of the game in display.ini located in your Saints Row IV install folder:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row IV\display.ini

    Open display.ini in notepad and change the value for Fullscreen to false (it should be the 4th option at the top of the file): Fullscreen = false

    If you do not see it you can just write "fullscreen = false" into the display file.

    You can also change the Borderless value in display.ini to true if you want to eliminate the windows title bar and borders. This should make the game look fullscreen if you are running it at your native resolution.
  • Some users have reported that FRAPS (screenshot and movie capture software) can cause this issue if it is running while trying to launch the game. Make sure to check your system tray and confirm that FRAPS is not actually running.

The audio is too low for certain sound fx or voices!
Pestis has created a guide compiling all known fixes for this issue:

3.2 Mission and DLC Issues

A number of issues are caused by having a low framerate. If your PC meets the minimum specs required to play SRIV, try these steps to improve framerate:
  • Lower your resolution.
  • Turn off post processing.
  • Lower Video/Graphic settings. You may need to go into the Custom menu to use the lowest settings, rather than using the default Low setting.
  • Close out of any other applications running in the background (Raptr, Norton, etc.) Raptr is a common culprit for bad framerates in SRIV, even on high-end hardware.
  • Make sure your PC isn’t overheating, remove dust build-up on fans, etc.
This issue appears to be linked to the use of alien weapons and alien skins during certain missions: The Boss Goes to Washington, The Girl Who Hates the 50s, and the final Enter the Dominatrix mission.

If you experience an infinite load during a mission, try equipping only human weapons with default weapon skins before starting that mission. Do not use alien weapons or skins.

NOTE: After completing that mission, you may then reselect alien weapons and skins.

* In CO-OP for The Boss Goes to Washington: the Client (the player that joined the game) needs to select the default weapon skin for the RPG before starting the mission.
1.Go to any Friendly Fire store in the simulation
3.Back out of Friendly Fire store menu
An alternative solution is to complete The Boss Goes to Washington in Single Player (the issue only occurs in CO-OP) then resume playing CO-OP afterwards.

How do I get past the closing doors in the mission The Real World/The Escape? They close too fast before I can fly through them!
This issue is usually caused by framerate problems, most often on PCs that are having difficulty keeping the framerate above 20fps. There are a couple of solutions you can try:
  • Try the Framerate steps listed above.
  • In Options – Controls – Buttons – Airplane, assign keys for Roll Left and Roll Right if they’re blank.
  • Use an Xbox controller. This issue occurs predominantly with a keyboard/mouse combination.
  • You can grab a save after The Real World/The Escape here:
  • You can use the Cheat “fastforward” – NOTE: using cheats will disable achievements.

I’m trying to disable the shield generators in Keymaster/Batteries Not Included, The Girl who Hates the 50s, and/or the Grand Finale, but the progress bar never completes. Is there any way past this?
This bug is most often caused by framerate issues below 14fps. Try the Framerate steps listed above.

How do I complete the free fall section in the final mission in Co-Op? We both die almost immediately without hitting anything!
Some users may experience synchronization issues in this mission due to connection issues or disparate hardware specs. An easy workaround is to simply pause the mission once it starts and select Retry from Checkpoint. This should reset the synchronization state and correctly spawn the client player ahead of the host during the freefall.

3.3 Inauguration Station and Online Issues

The Inauguration Station is a free Character Customization interface that anyone can use. It is available with or without owning Saints Row IV.

Inauguration Station: Cannot upload characters.
Having the maximum number of characters in queue is causing an issue with uploads. Try removing several of them from queue and try again.

Inauguration Station: Clothing items in the IS are unavailable in game.
Several items in the Inauguration Station were removed due to technical issues.

Stats are not appearing or syncing to the community site.
If you changed your primary platform/console, you’ll need to update the platform you’re currently playing on to your account. Once you link your Steam account to your account, you’ll need to use the community feature in SRIV to sync your accounts.

Where can I find the Digital Manual?
Go to and select your platform and SRIV as the game. Select the appropriate PDF for your country.

For information regarding PC patch notes:
If you are still experiencing problems after attempting the steps outlined in this FAQ, please create a new thread on the forum with detailed information on your issue and your PC specs. While Volition is committed to providing the best possible bug-free experience to our players, please keep in mind that we are prioritizing bug fixes based on the impact they have.

Another support option is to stop by the SRIV Community Hub group chat. Many members of the Volition support group are in chat to help with questions or problems. You can find the link to chat on the main page of the Saints Row Community Hub on the top right. It should show the number of people in Group Chat with an underlined link you can click to join.
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